Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? - Chapter 5 - Mrs. Mo, You Are Playing with Fire

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Chapter 5: Mrs. Mo, You Are Playing with Fire

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Not long after, Ji Nuan brought out two bowls of piping hot noodle soup. Glancing back, Mo Jingshen appeared to be answering his phone.

When Mo Jingshen ended his phone call, he turned around to see Ji Nuan sitting by the table, her wide eyes staring at him.

This was Ji Nuan’s first time cooking for him in both her past and current life. Although she seemed calm on the outside, her heart could not help but be a little nervous.

The two bowls of noodles on the table were especially fragrant. Mo Jingshen walked over.

All of the helpers had already gone to sleep. Earlier on there was only Ji Nuan in the kitchen. It seemed like she really made these noodles.

Mo Jingshen glanced at it. “When did you learn to cook?”

“From a long time ago. You just didn’t know!” Ji Nuan blinked her eyes. “I promised to let you come home for dinner. Even if it’s just a bowl of noodles, I didn’t lie!”

Mo Jingshen did not ask any more questions. Seeing her eyes full of anticipation, he took the chopsticks she passed over and tasted it.

Even the way this man ate was so naturally graceful. Ji Nuan could barely take her eyes off of him.

In the past, she never looked closely at Mo Jingshen. But right now, the more she looked at him, the more she felt her heart warm up. Her heartbeat also tended to speed up…

If Meng Ran had not created trouble, causing their relationship to sour, perhaps she would have fallen in love with him a long time ago, wouldn’t she?

Ji Nuan stared at him for almost half a day. Mo Jingshen glanced at her. “What are you looking at? Something on my face?”

Ji Nuan sighed. She felt somewhat unhappy about ending this day with this bowl of noodle.

“Why don’t you move your things back to the main room…” Ji Nuan spoke with her face slightly red.

Mo Jingshen finished the noodles, placing down the chopsticks and spoke with a low voice, “I’ll be in the study tonight. I have work to finish. You rest early.”

After speaking, the man stood up, turning around to walk away.

Ji Nuan: “…”

Could it be that he had misunderstood her?

She was not planning on offering her body; using methods of seduction to coax him into agreeing to divorce her!

She wanted to live well with him!

Ji Nuan immediately stood up but saw that Mo Jingshen was on the phone with his secretary. It seemed like the company did have significant work left to be finished.

She could only rub her chin and sit back down, watching Mo Jingshen walk further away.

She had initially thought that today’s first battle was going to be a victory, but she only ended up with a swollen bump on her head…

She should have known that Mo Jingshen could not be dealt with so easily…


Late at night, Ji Nuan could not fall asleep. She got up from the bed and went downstairs to pour herself a cup of milk. She thought to pour one for Mo Jingshen too.

But, she got the impression that Mo Jingshen did not enjoy drinking this sort of thing.

She paused her movements, then turned to go upstairs and walked towards the study room door.

Pressing her ear against the door, she could not hear any sounds.

It was the first night of spring. The hallway was slightly cold.

Time slowly passed. At three in the morning, the door suddenly opened.

“Ji Nuan?” Mo Jingshen walked out only to see Ji Nuan kneeling by the door asleep.

Ji Nuan raised her head in a daze. “You’ve finished working, ah…”

Mo Jingshen’s face was upset as he pulled her up. “Don’t you know what time it is? What are you doing sleeping here?”

Ji Nuan did not make a sound. Mo Jingshen brought her into the study room, allowing her to survey the room he often stayed in whenever he returned to the Yu Garden.

Just like his office, it was clean and neat. There were some documents placed on the desk as well as two computers displaying the company’s data.

Mo Jingshen glanced at her thin sleeping gown and felt her ice-cold hands. Pushing her to sit down on the sofa, he brought a coat over to cover her before standing in front of her, staring at her.

“Ji Nuan, how old are you?”


“Are you a child? Don’t you know that if you sleep in the hallway in this weather, you will catch a cold?”

“I just wanted to wait for you to finish working so I could chat with you. But before I knew it, I was already asleep…”

“It’s already late. Whatever you want to say, save it for tomorrow.” Mo Jingshen stared at her face that was already pale from the cold.

As she did not rest much last night, there was some bruising beneath her eyes. Right now, there was nothing more important than letting her sleep.

Ji Nuan still wanted to speak but was directly brought out of the room by him. He held her hands in his warm palm. With no opportunity to disagree, he brought her back to the main bedroom. With a bang, the door was closed.


Mo Jingshen returned to his room, closing the computer and the files laid out, before heading to the other main bedroom to shower.

He had just laid down when he heard the room door being opened. Ji Nuan who had just docilely returned to her room ran in. Without hesitation, she pulled open his blanket and climbed on the bed.

Mo Jingshen: “…”

“Ji Nuan.” He sighed. “Regardless if you are moving backward for the sake of moving forward or vice versa, there is no way we will divorce. Quickly go back and sleep, en?”

Ji Nuan buried her face in the blanket by his side, gloomily speaking, “That is great! Mo Jingshen, remember the words that you said today. In the future no matter what, we will not divorce!”

It was as though Mo Jingshen did not hear her words. He pulled her up by her shoulders, wondering if her brain was damaged today.

Ji Nuan was about to speak but was surprised by Mo Jingshen’s hand suddenly pressing against her head.

She let him touch as he pleased, his warm hands avoiding the swollen area on her forehead.

“There’s no fever.” After touching her forehead, he calmly spoke.


“It doesn’t seem like you ate the wrong medicine either.”


Ji Nuan did not speak, her two hands tightly holding onto his blanket.

She had a stubborn expression on, looking as though even if she died, she would still refuse to move off his bed. However, her two feet poking out of the blanket revealed her nervousness and embarrassment. Her little toes were curled up, causing her to seem adorable in a way that was difficult to put into words.

Mo Jingshen glanced at her, before quietly covering her up properly with the blanket, preventing her from catching a cold.

Even though it was just a simple action, Ji Nuan’s heart warmed up. She pulled her feet into the blanket, unintentionally rubbing against his thigh.

“Don’t move about as you please,” Mo Jingshen warned with a low voice.

“I didn’t mean to…”

Seeing his eyes darken, she rushed to pull her leg back. But because the action was too rushed, she accidentally moved up and touched an area she should not have touched!

Even through the fabric of his pants, she still felt burned by that area.

Her body stiffened, the air becoming suspiciously quiet.

Ji Nuan consciously licked her lips, feeling her mouth and throat suddenly become especially dry and uncomfortable.

“Mo… Ah—”

Mo Jingshen suddenly flipped over, pressing her beneath him. Ji Nuan’s voice abruptly became stuck in her throat.

“Do you know what is playing with fire?” Mo Jingshen’s low voice landed right next to her ear, concealing an infinite amount of desire.

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