Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress - Chapter 709 - Then There's Nothing to Talk About  

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Chapter 709: Then There’s Nothing to Talk About

He only knew that Liang Han had offended someone for some reason. An opportunity had suddenly fallen into his hands. Furthermore, Qin Fanya was very generous to him this time. She agreed to all his investment conditions without hesitation.

All of this must have been thanks to Liang Han.

He had to ask about the situation in case he offended Qin Fanya too.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Liang Han did not want to discuss this with him.

“I was just chatting.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

Zeng Guangzhi said solemnly, “Liang Han, this is why you don’t know what’s good for you. Miss Qin invested in me this time. I still wanted to pull you along with me to work in my production team. In that case, forget it. I’ll find someone else to work with.”

“Zeng Guangzhi, didn’t you pull me along to use me to film a movie for you? Stop talking nonsense. Don’t think that this is the first time I’ve known you.”

Zeng Guangzhi was a little angry that his true purpose had been exposed. “Alright, then there’s nothing to talk about. I was still thinking of putting in a good word for you in front of Miss Qin. Haha, just stay here and wait! I’m going to change to the hotel Miss Qin arranged now. Continue to wait in this lousy hotel.”

Liang Han returned to his room and did not turn on the lights. For a moment, he could not decide if he should leave Hong Kong immediately.

This agreement dragged him into a dilemma. If he left now, Qin Fanya would sue him for breaking the agreement first. If he did not leave, everything would be far away.

All the initiative was in the hands of Qin Fanya, who had absolute authority.

Liang Han was dejected as he sat in the shadows of the room.

Until the sudden ringing of a phone woke him up.

He reached for his phone and opened it weakly.

A formal and gentle voice sounded from the other end of the line. “Director Liang? I’m Yao Jiahong, the project manager of Time TV. I have something to discuss with you about investment.”

“It’s me, it’s me!” Liang Han stood up from the shadows. The neon light from the window cast on his shoulder.


At the Fu residence.

The morning sun illuminated the entire courtyard.

The lighting in the hall was also very good. Light shone in from all directions through the heat-resistant glass, covering the entire living room with bright light.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan sat on the sofa. Both of them were wearing light-colored home clothes. They leaned against each other in the sunlight, making for a pleasing sight.

Butler Kang brought the tea set up, filled it with water, and plugged it in.

Shi Jin took out the tea leaves and skillfully placed them in the tea set. She rinsed the tea leaves and made tea.

She handed the first cup to Fu Xiuyuan. “Try this.”

“The artistic conception is remote, like an afternoon filled with rocks. The aftertaste is like the rolling of the waves.” Fu Xiuyuan finished his cup and commented softly, “So this is the tea from the past with the special plant of Hong Kong, the black chrysanthemum?”

“You’re right. The black chrysanthemum lives around the sea, so it will make you feel as if you’re tasting waves. How is the taste?”

“Slightly bitter, with a sweet aftertaste. There’s peace in the noise and a sense of collision.”

Shi Jin smiled slightly. Every word of Fu Xiuyuan’s evaluation was the same as her state of mind when she concocted this tea.

It was said that tea was like a person. What kind of person concocted what kind of tea? Actually, weren’t those who drank tea the same?

Only by understanding tea could one understand the deeper meaning behind this.

“What’s good? I’ll try it too.” Old Master Fu walked over with a smile and came to their side.

Shi Jin handed a cup of freshly brewed tea to Old Master Fu. “Grandpa, try it.”

Old Master Fu took it and took a sip. There was a hint of confusion on his face as he took two more sips seriously.

“This tea… has a faint sense of familiarity. It’s a little better than the one I drank before, but it has its own merits. Thinking about it carefully, yours is still the best.”

“Where did you drink it before, Grandpa?” Shi Jin asked.

“It’s… Forget it, don’t mention it.” Old Master Fu did not want to mention Qin Fanya’s name.

After a few consecutive things, he did not even have that little friendship from before. He treated Qin Fanya as an ordinary person and no longer an important junior of his family.

“Did Miss Qin treat Grandpa to tea?” Shi Jin asked directly.

Old Master Fu nodded. “Shi Jin, it doesn’t matter if she’s good or not. That’s all in the past. She can’t be compared to you at all.”

“That’s true,” Shi Jin said with a nod and continued to brew tea.

After saying this, Old Master Fu suddenly remembered that he had not drunk the tea Shi Jin had given him previously. He turned around and got Butler Kang to send it to someone else. It seemed to have been given to Qin Fanya.

Later on, the tea Qin Fanya sent to him increased by a few levels.

Could it be that… the tea leaves Qin Fanya had given him were actually from Shi Jin?

He did not know why this thought suddenly appeared in his mind, but once it appeared, he could not suppress it.

He asked, “Shi Jin, do you still have the tea leaves you gave me in the past?”

“Yes.” Shi Jin took some out from his side. “Grandpa, do you want to try it?”

“Yes. Quickly brew some and I’ll try it.”

Shi Jin slowly and skillfully brewed the tea leaves. She handed a cup to Old Master Fu and another to Fu Xiuyuan.

Old Master Fu drank it in one gulp and immediately understood. The tea leaves that Qin Fanya had given him and whom he had praised greatly had really been made by Shi Jin!

He could not help but smile bitterly. So he had been proud that he had never been judged people wrongly all his life. What a joke. How many times had he been wrong?

If not for Shi Jin shining under the suppression time and time again, even he would have been deceived by these people outside. Fortunately, he was not completely deceived.

“Grandpa, is this tea not good?” Shi Jin asked softly.

Looking into Shi Jin’s slightly cold eyes, Old Master Fu felt that this girl looked innocent and harmless, but she knew everything. She understood everything and was more clear-headed than anyone.

Old Master Fu put down his teacup. “It’s not bad, it’s very good. The heavens also dote on me and let our Fu family have such a good granddaughter-in-law like you.”

Shi Jin smiled. “These boxes of tea are all for you, Grandpa. When I’m not around in the future, I’ll get Butler Kang to brew them for you.”

“You’re leaving?”

“Yes, Xiuyuan and I have been here for long enough and plan to return to the capital. It just so happens that after Xiuyuan returned, he almost finished dealing with the things in the Fu family.”

Old Master Fu was really unwilling, but he knew that this was the inevitable outcome.

Shi Jin handed over the tea leaves and took out another box. “This is the essential oil I developed. It’s most effective for calming the mind. Grandpa, keep it.”

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