You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1791 - Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (21)

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Chapter 1791: Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (21)

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She didn’t have a retort for that.

Qiao Yiyi suddenly felt like she had shot herself in the foot.

She opened and shut her mouth like a goldfish, instantly speechless.

But she could only suppress her dissatisfaction and stand up. She walked over to Lu Nanze.

The man didn’t really want Qiao Yiyi to help him go to the toilet.

Because of Traceless, he now had no feelings for anyone else.

But his bladder was bursting and it was becoming too difficult to bear.


After getting out of bed to open the window for Traceless, the pain in his wound had intensified.

He had injured a major artery and should not even be moving around. To relieve his bladder, the only way was to lie in bed and empty it with someone’s help.

Unfortunately, this person was Qiao Yiyi.

How could he possibly get her to help him with such a task?

Hence, he could only ask her to take him to the toilet.

However, what was that look of displease on her face, as though he was poisonous?

Hadn’t she said liked him? Yet she was unwilling to help him to the toilet?! Lu Nanze was livid. The more she tried to avoid it, the more he insisted that she did it.

He wasn’t giving her a choice.

It was now a situation where Lu Nanze really did not wish for Qiao Yiyi to look after him; and the girl, on the other hand, had no desire to do so either.

As she helped and supported Lu Nanze towards the toilet, she pondered what sort of excuse she could use.

After all, watching a man relieve himself was a first for her.

Lu Nanze, on the other hand, was pondering what reason he could give to push the girl away.

Letting her watch him relieve himself was a first for him.

Each of them with their own thoughts, they arrived at the bethroom and entered it.

The man stood next to the urinal and coughed slightly.

Qiao Yiyi did the same.

She started, “Mr- Mr. Lu, would you like me to remove your clothes”

Lu Nanze: …

He replied, “No, I’ll do it myself.”


He was wearing a set of baggy pajamas.

There was a bandage around his thigh, so the pajama trousers clung around it, making them difficult to remove.

Lu Nanze: …

Qiao Yiyi: …

Qiao Yiyi stared for some time as the man struggled with it and failed to make progress. Finally, the girl could not stand to watch it any longer and said, “Mr. Lu, let me help you.”

Lu Nanze: …!!

He stubbornly said, “No, there’s no need.”

As she watched him, she couldn’t help adding teasingly, “It’s okay, Mr. Lu. I like you and I’m willing to do these things for you.”

The man blushed and said, “No, it’s fine.”

“Mr. Lu, you don’t have to be this shy. I’m just helping you to remove your pants, it’s not like I’ll do anything else.”

“No need.”

“Mr. Lu, do you despise me?”

Lu Nanze turned and threw Qiao Yiyi a glance.

She hung her head and put on a sad expression.

Lu Nanze: …

Lu Nanze snorted icily and said again, “There’s no need.”

On that note, he forcefully removed his pants and said in a commanding tone to the girl, “What are you looking at?!”

There was exasperation in his tone.

Qiao Yiyi suddenly realized that unconsciously, her eyes had wandered to where they shouldn’t have.

She quickly turned away and, at the same time, tried to hold Lu Nanze so that he wouldn’t fall.

At once, she heard the sound of water dropping.

The man had been holding the pressure in his bladder for more than an hour until he finally found relief.

Right in this moment, he suddenly heard the girl say, “Mr. Lu.”

“What is it?”

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