You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1669 - A New Beginning (9)

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Chapter 1669: A New Beginning (9)

How had she gotten in and out?

Lu Nanze narrowed his eyes and waved at the butler to leave.

The butler retreated.

Lu Nanze looked around. If Traceless hadn’t left, then it was possible that she was still in the house.

At this thought, he got on his feet and dashed upstairs.

He went alone stealthily to the study on the third floor, without alerting anyone.

He looked around the third floor, ensuring that there was nowhere for hiding, and then entered the study. He approached the drawers and opened one of them, confirming that the bracelet had indeed disappeared.

He walked to the window again and looked down.

The villa was comparatively higher than average, even the third floor was about four meters from the ground. How could she possibly not get hurt?

It was impossible for her to jump directly on the ground. So she had to still be in the house!

At this thought, he immediately became alert.

His sharp gaze swept the room, ensuring that everything was in place on the third floor, before he went to the second floor.

His bedroom was on the second floor and the housekeepers would normally not go there.

With a frow, he inspected every room briefly before going to the first floor.

Could it be that Traceless was among his housekeepers?

The possibility was very small.

However, he suddenly heard a movement in the room. Spinning around, he asked, “Who’s there?”

Upon uttering these words, he saw a petit, frail and almost pitiful female figure step out of the shadows. It was Qiao Yiyi.

She looked at Lu Nanze timidly, biting her lip, almost too frightened to hold his gaze for too long. She lowered her head and stared at her toes with awkward coyness.

Lu Nanz frowned and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Qiao Yiyi quickly explained, “I- I just got back. I- I wanted to go upstairs.”

She pointed at the bedroom upstairs after she said this.

Indeed, this was the way to her bedroom.

Lu Nanze looked at her curiously. “When did you get back?”

Qiao Yiyi answered at once, “About half an hour ago, I was eating in the kitchen.”

After saying this, she looked down again and even cleaned her nails. There was a shiny film on it, probably grease.

This Qiao Yiyi was really something, getting her fingers greasy from having a meal.

Lu Nanze frowned when he thought how unpresentable she was, even when it came to her hand hygiene. He impatiently waved at her to leave and said, “Go up then.”

She nodded at once.

As he stared at her timid posture, she made her way up the stairs. He frowned again.

He turned to continue with his hunt for Traceless, but he spun around again suddenly, as though recalling something. “Hang on!” he yelled.

Qiao Yiyi, who was on her way up, immediately halted.

With her back to the man, she narrowed her eyes and tightened her fists.

She raised an eyebrow and couldn’t help thinking, “Have I given something away?”

She retraced the day in her head. She didn’t think she had left any loopholes, there was no way he would know her identity.

She slowly turned around at this thought and looked at him.

He stared at her, taking in a good measure of what he saw. She looked cautious.

Just as she thought that the man had figured out who she was, he said, “Are you alright?”

She was stunned.

He continued, “I misunderstood what you were trying to do earlier at the wedding. I’ll get the family physician to come in and take a look tomorrow.”

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