You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1668 - A New Beginning (8)

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Chapter 1668: A New Beginning (8)

Lu Nanze narrowed his eyes immediately.

Traceless was exceptionally fast and hard to follow. Before jumping, she had even had the time to turn around and tease him. Besides, under the glow of the moonlight, Lu Nanze had seen that evil and arrogant smile that she had given him.

As though she was mocking him!

He quickly stepped on the window and looked down.

This was the third floor. No matter how highly-skilled she was, there was no way she could have jumped down without getting injured. So how had she gotten away?

Could she be injured now?

At this thought, he immediately picked up his cell phone and instructed the guards at the door, “A thief has broken in. Seal every entrance! We must find Traceless!”


His residence was in the center of the property. Even if Traceless had wings, there was no way she could escape his property in such a short time.

Hence, it would be impossible for Traceless to escape him tonight.

Lu Nanze’s interest was piqued in a rare moment. It had been years since anyone had gotten him this interested.

Furthermore, why on earth had Traceless wanted to steal that bracelet?

Qiao Lian had given him that bracelet when they were young and it was quite worthless. Apart from the memories attached to it, it held no other meaning to anyone else.

Hence, who could be so bored and senseless to hire Traceless to steal it?

At this thought, Shen Liangchuan suddenly came to his mind.

It had to be him.

He had paid too much attention to Qiao Lian at the wedding, so Shen Liangchuan was jealous?

To think that he had seemed magnanimous at the hospital. Who would have thought that underneath that front he was actually this petty?

At this thought, he felt suffocated. He headed downstairs, prepared to hunt Traceless down himself and get his bracelet back. At the same time, this would serve to discourage Shen Liangchuan.

Sending someone to his home to steal. He could keep dreaming!

Lu Nanze’s eyes clouded over. When he got downstairs, the butler had already heard about this and had brought a few men over.

Lu Nanze asked as he unbuttoned his shirt, “How did it go?”

The butler spoke, “We haven’t been able to track her down yet.”

Lu Nanze narrowed his eyes and instructed, “Continue to search! She has to leave and all the entrances are sealed. She can’t get out. Go through all the surveillance videos, find her!”


“Also, tell a few men to search the places she could be hiding in.”


Lu Nanze sat down on the sofa in the living room after giving these instructions. He crossed one leg over the other, sitting like he had control over the whole world, as he waited for his butler to report back.

The butler returned after ten minutes.

Lu Nanze asked, “Where’s the intruder?”

The butler’s expression looked slightly odd.

Lu Nanze glanced at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The butler replied, “Sir, we looked through all the surveillance cameras and did not see this person appear.”

Lu Nanze frowned. “What?”

The butler gulped and said, “There really wasn’t anyone. Could it be… you were seeing things? We really did not hear anything or notice anything out of place.”

Lu Nanze did not lose his temper at the butler for saying that.

If not even the butler could find any evidence, Traceless was really too clever. Indeed it was as rumored, she came and went without leaving a trace.

But he also had much confidence in the security facilities in his home. How had this happened?

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