You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1526 - He Is My Son (99)

Chapter 1526: He Is My Son (99)

Si Jingyu immediately said, “Sure, it’s late. Drive safe.”

Mo Xicheng nodded and was about to speak when Shi Jinyan sprang onto his feet. He glanced at Mo Xicheng through narrowed eyes and, with a smirk, he said, “You’re leaving just like that?”

Mo Xicheng paused.

The older man cast his gaze down to look at the things Mo Xicheng had bought and suddenly grew distant. He said, “We don’t lack these things in our home. Take them back with you.”

Things had been going well a moment ago, when they were chatting, but now it seemed like the man had suddenly turned hostile.

Mo Xicheng couldn’t help feeling that he must have done something to offend Shi Jinyan, but the latter did not say anything else apart from looking at him through narrowed eyes and that smirk. He instructed the butler, “Butler, accompany our guest out! And take away all these things that he brought.”

Then without another word, he went upstairs.

Mo Xicheng stood frozen on the spot, wondering what was going on.

Everyone in the living room was puzzled too.

Shi Nianyao approached Si Jingyu, tugged at her sleeves and asked, “Mom, what’s the matter with Dad?”

Stunned herself, Si Jingyu replied, “I- I really have no idea.”

Things had been going along fine just then, why had the man suddenly turned moody the moment Mo Xicheng had said he was leaving?

Even the butler was puzzled as he came up to them and said, “Madam, so these bags here…”

Si Jingyu lifted her head to glance upstairs.

Shi Nianyao tugged at her mother’s sleeve again and said with annoyance, “Mom, he’s made the effort to buy all of these things. It would be embarrassing for him to have to take it all back.”

Si Jingyu sighed upon hearing this and glanced at the presents. She smiled and said, “Of course he’s not taking them back. Alright, Mo Xicheng, if there’s nothing else, be on your way now.”

The young man nodded.

Shi Nianyao quickly said, “Let me see you off.”

Si Jingyu threw a look at the girl and said calmly, “Hurry then, let’s not anger your Dad more. He’s already displeased.”

She nodded.

Shi Nianyao accompanied Mo Xicheng as they walked to the car in the courtyard. She quickly told him, “I’m not sure why Dad went all cranky today, but don’t worry about it. He was quite fond of you initially though. Perhaps we said something that upset him.”

Mo Xicheng felt somewhat disturbed hearing this.

After all, this was his father-in-law, an important person.

He frowned and looked at Shi Nianyao. He told her, “Once you’ve found out why he’s upset, you must tell me.”

The girl nodded and then said reluctantly, “Are you leaving just like that?”

The normally chirpy girl stood there now, with her head lowered and looking at her feet, twisting her fingers like an upset child. His heart melted.

He looked at her and couldn’t stop himself from smiling. He walked up to her and took her hands. Then he looked around before he whispered, “I missed you loads today.”

Her eyes lit up at once as she raised her chin to look at him and replied, “Me too.”

Mo Xicheng continued, “Did you feel sick in any way today?”

She instantly turned a bright scarlet, like a shiny apple, at that question.

Biting her lip, she said shyly, “Oh, I just remembered something that I have to do. Be on your way now then.”

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