You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1435 - He Is My Son 8

Chapter 1435: He Is My Son (8)

It was clearly indicated in the report that she and Mo Xicheng were biologically mother and son.

Biologically mother and son.

She clenched her fists tightly. She couldn’t wait to go to the hospital with those results.

All she wanted right now was to embrace Mo Xicheng and tell him that she was his mother.

Without a second thought, she quickly got into her car and drove to the hospital.

After she parked in the parking lot, she went to his ward.

However, when she arrived at Mo Xicheng’s ward, she found that the man was gone.

The nurse explained, “Mr. Mo is not the usual patient after all. The doctor felt that even if he stayed, it would just be for doing checkups, so he might as well rest at home. He just needs to come here to get tested. For this reason, Mr. Mo has been discharged.”

Li Shu paused with surprise and quickly said, “You just let him go because he wanted to? This is really irresponsible of the hospital. Aren’t his injuries very serious?”

The nurse nodded, somewhat embarrassed. “But if he insists on being discharged, we can’t stop him.”

Li Shu took in a deep breath and nodded.

She lowered her head and looked at the thermos.

Inside was some chicken soup that she had taken the pains to boil for a few hours. She had prepared it for Mo Xicheng.

But now…

She sighed. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly halted and turned back to look at the nurse, asking, “What about Mo Zhi?”

The nurse informed, “Mr. Mo Zhi is still in the hospital.”

The woman nodded and slowly walked to Mo Zhi’s ward with the food container.

Although Mo Zhi wasn’t her real son, she had raised him for many years.

Even though she knew she hadn’t been a good mother, she would always think of Mo Zhi when she wasn’t home, wondering how he was doing.

Besides, ever since she had found out about Mo Zhi and Yao Lili’s relationship, she had started to feel an internal conflict.

Her feelings towards Mo Zhi now were complex and slightly troubled. In that instant, she couldn’t help herself from walking towards his ward.

She took a few more steps and found herself outside Mo Zhi’s ward. Through the small glass pane, she could see Yao Lili in the room taking care of Mo Zhi.

Li Shu froze and, in a flash, hid herself behind the room door. She pressed an ear up against the door, trying to hear the conversation inside.

The swellings on Mo Zhi’s body had subsided by now.

He was sitting with one leg crossed over the other, eating fruits. As he ate, he spoke to Yao Lili, “Mom, look, that old woman Li Shu hasn’t come to visit me for a few days. Is she angry for real? Or does she suspect something?”

Yao Lili replied as she peeled an apple for him, “It’s probably not that she knows something, but rather that she’s just being angry at you. Let me tell you one thing. Li Shu has a strong personality and values justice. She acts really prim and proper so she likely doesn’t agree with our way of doing things. But so what? Ha, she still got played by us.”

Mo Zhi twitched his mouth upon hearing this. “Why do I get the feeling that she’s not the one being played out by us, but the other way round? If it weren’t for her, how would Mo Xicheng have ended up with 20 percent of the company shares? Mo Hai holds 40 percent and I hold the other 40 percent. He even made Mo Xicheng the CEO. No matter which way I look at it, it looks like he’s taking what belongs to me.”

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