What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? - Chapter 777 - You Feeling Lucky?

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"Ara, ara, how unbecoming of me. I had not expected the combination of being fed by Master and tasting Master's food would be enough to send me over the edge like that~" Iris giggled, acting as though she hadn't tried to rape me.

Kudos to my disciples for acting so quickly though, I think Iris was just about to End Xun Guan's existence just to get to me.

By the way, the four youkai girls were stuck in their bliss of tasting my food while the goddess was still out cold when that happened so they don't even recall me being pushed down by Iris.

Which, I suppose, is for the best.

The rest of dinner proceeded as normal as an event like this would. The four youkai girls were basically moaning in ecstasy with every bite of their meal but at least they managed to finish their share of food and not try to rape me.

Archlis also managed to stop fainting after a few times and only just blanked out before returning to her senses. She also, thankfully, did not try to rape me.

'Ara, ara? Master is being mean to me. Ufufufufu~ But I don't hate this~'

Ok, no. The last thing I want is for you to become a masochist or else you're going to End this universe just to get a spank.

'Ara? That sounds like a splendid idea, Master~'

Don't you dare!

'Ufufufu~ I was joking, Master. If I wanted Master to spank me, I would simply ask, that would still get me one, wouldn't it?'

I suppose I'll take that.

Anyway, the dishes were left to the servants to clean and normally we would be preparing to move off again. But we decided to delay our plans since Archlis suggested we spend the night here as her guest.

For some reason, she was kind of desperately begging us to stay, so I eventually accepted her offer.

I gave my disciples the instruction to set up camp for the night but Archlis told us there was no need to and we could just stay inside her temple.

She brought all of us including the carriage to the edge of the lake and waved her hand, causing a cloud of smoke to rise up from the lake's surface.

The smoke covered the area in front of her before dispersing to reveal a portal of some sort that led to what looks like a cavern of some sort. There was even a gentle slope downwards that allowed our carriage to come along as well.

I was fine with just walking but everyone vehemently rejected the idea and had me board the carriage instead. Curiously, my disciples had also decided to stay on foot as well, meaning it was only Cai Hong, Iris and myself inside the carriage.

Even Archlis was quite insistent that I be inside the carriage while she led the way on foot.

It was only now did I realised Archlis was walking around barefooted. I'm not sure if she chose to dress like a vagrant because of the domain she was in charge of or it was just a personal preference.

Well, I'm not going to judge a goddess's fashion sense and since no one else was commenting on it, I'm not going to either.

We followed Archlis into the portal and it closed up silently behind us. 

I peeked out of the carriage window and was surprised to see that the temple at the far end of the cavern was built in an ancient Greek style with its tall marble columns and marble floors.

How curious…

We stopped in front of the temple and I got off the carriage. It was such a short ride that I felt just walking would have been fine but I kept my mouth shut.

Archlis then gave Delta the directions to the stables, something I was also surprised to know existed here. Oh well, maybe she had some godly horses or something.

I took the chance to look around and it looked like we were in some sort of underwater cavern of some sort. Except the cavern's ceiling was so high a fully grown dragon could stride in here easily and the temple itself reached the roof of the cavern.

The sound of water dripping from the stalactites overhead echoed throughout the cavern, which was what gave me the idea that this place was underwater. I idly wondered if this temple had a normal entrance that mortals could have wandered into or if the portal was the only way in since I found no other possible entrances in here.

Then again, any mortal that came into contact with the lake would have simply died so I doubt there would be any normal people wandering in here.

"This way, All Creator. I know my humble abode is most certainly not deserving of your Divine presence, but I am greatly honoured you have considered stepping foot in it."

Err… I mean the place is already looking quite grand to me… I don't see how this place can even be considered 'humble'.

Of course I couldn't say that out loud and merely nodded at her words, prompting her to lead us further inside her temple.

I was just wondering how this place was even built when the sound of footsteps came echoing down from the other end of the hall.

"Sister Arch! We came to play~"

"Play! Play!"

"Stop running you two! You're being… Eh?"

I turned to the direction of the voices to see three girls with identical features running towards us. Not too unlike Archlis who wore a tattered, hooded cloak, the three of them were wearing a similar looking red dress that had holes and tears in several places.

So she has siblings? Oh wait, I guess all the gods are actually siblings since they came from the same Origin.

The three of them came to a stop when they saw us, their expressions turning from glee to confusion to shock and fear in a span of a second.

They turned their gaze towards Archlis who looked like she was gesturing quite frantically with her hands as discreetly as possible, something that I'll pretend I did not see.

The three goddesses quickly rushed in front of me and dropped to their knees.

"Keris, World Goddess of Death humbly greets the All Creator!"

Huh… Singular 'goddess' and they all spoke together… I don't understand what's going on with this one…

Also… What were the odds of me meeting with more than one god in a single day?

Ok that happened before but that time with Sylphy doesn't count…

Am I lucky or unlucky?

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