What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? - Chapter 776 - Stop Moaning And Just Eat Please

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Since we're guests at a Goddess's domain, I felt it would be nice if I were to be the one to cook for everyone this time.

I saw that the air was quite tense when I returned and remembering how making cookies for those three administrator gods solved the conflict, I thought by volunteering to cook will help ease tensions here a bit.

I was a little confused by Iris's question though, isn't decay and disease also part of the cycle of life? And it's also kind of under her domain since it's also bringing an End to life?

Hmm… Maybe she was jealous?

'Ara, ara? I was most certainly not jealous, Master~'

Right, I need to remember she can hear that. So any reason why you asked me that question?

'Ara? I already said so, Master. There was no reason~'

Sure it was…

Anyway, it looks like the announcement I made about me cooking lunch for everyone made them all riled up. I don't mean to brag but I believe my cooking skills are still top notch.

Eris is still an exceptional chef no doubt, but she's not a master yet. Also, now I know why her flavours are always so unique since it's literally four different people cooking.

I brought out my utensils from my storage ring and got to work. Eris and the other servants offered to help me which I gladly accepted, putting them to work on ingredient preparations and setting up the table.

The rest waited patiently at the table, all of them watching me with anticipation.

With the help of Origin, preparation time could be cut short dramatically and ingredients that were not possible to prepare in such a short time could be prepared here.

Soup stock that needed to be simmered for hours could be done instantly if I were to change the Origin time of when they started to simmer. Meat that needed a long time to grill could also be prepared with this method too. It feels so cheaty using this.

Yes, I'm using the power that can create and destroy universes to cook, got a problem with that?

'Ara? Why not Master just will the food into existence? Wouldn't that be the same?'

Well… A cookie that I made by hand or a cookie that I simply willed into existence, which one would you choose if you could only pick one?

'Ara, ara? I see, I see~ How interesting.'

Or more like I just think preparing the food by my own hands would give everyone a much warmer feeling when they eat it as compared to if I simply made them appear.

'Ufufufu~ Master truly is kind~'

I don't think this is a matter of being kind or not but ok.

With Eris and the four youkai girls helping me, lunch was quickly prepared and a feast was laid out on the table.

My disciples were already used to this sight so they were simply waiting for me to take the first bite before they took theirs.

Our escorts and the goddess on the other hand… They just continued to stare at the food in front of them even when we had already started to dig in.

"Um… Is it not to your palate?" I asked, a little worried the food I prepared might somehow be unsuitable for them to eat.

Alpha quickly shook her head, "No! No! Not at all, Master! It's just… Forgive us… We have never seen nor smelt food this divine before…"

"Oh you're exaggerating," I chuckled. "But I'll accept the compliments. What about you, Archlis?"

"Fueh? Ah! Umm… Is it really ok for me to eat this? Much less at the same table as All Creator?"

"Of course, now don't be shy girls, dig in."

Alpha picked up her chopsticks and picked up a grain of rice with shaky hands. Ever so slowly, she brought that single grain of rice up and pushed it past her trembling lips.

Her entire body including her tail and ears went completely rigid while she sucked in a deep breath.

I was going to ask if she was alright when she let out a rather suggestive moan of pleasure.

"Shooooo gooooood~" The wolf girl moaned. Her tail started wagging at a speed similar to when I was giving her head pats, something I knew was a weakness.

Her comrades saw this and immediately followed suit, the result was three more girls moaning out in pleasure just from tasting a single grain of rice.

Err… It's just rice… And a single grain at that… Please don't forget the rest of the food on the table too.

Also, I would have thought they were exaggerating if not for my disciples also doing those same moans with each mouthful of food they were shovelling into their mouth. Well I got used to it so I didn't comment on their actions.

A few of them were even shedding tears while they ate.

That left Archlis who was looking at her own bowl of rice with a conflicted expression.

Oh, I know how to deal with this.

"Go on Archlis, you have my permission to eat."

"Eh?! Ye… I mean… Understood, All Creator!!" She squeaked.

Unlike the youkai girls, she picked up a good mouthful of rice and shoved it into her mouth. Good, that should deal with her hesitation in eating the food.

Hmm? Archlis stopped moving.

Er… Did her eyes just roll back and… Oh. She fainted.

I thought gods weren't capable of fainting…

'Ufufufu~ Master's food is just that divine after all~'

I turned to the cosmic being sitting beside me, noting that she had also not touched the food in front of her.

"What about you? Are you not eating?" I asked.

Iris giggled, "Ara? I do not need to eat Master."

"Neither do I, but you can still taste right? I highly doubt you belong to the 'eat to live' faction."

"I just find the concept of eating unnecessary for me, Master."

I chuckled, "Oh don't be like that, I made your share too. Come on, I'll even feed you."

Picking up one of the spoons, I scooped up some of the rice in her bowl and offered it to her. I of course did not miss the glint in my disciples' eyes when they saw my actions, guess I'll have to take turns feeding them after this as well.

"Ufufufu~ There's no way I can reject Master after all~" She giggled before sliding her veil to the side and opening her perfect pair of lips, swallowing up the food I offered in a single bite.

"Good isn't it?" I asked.

She did not answer.

In an instant, I found myself facing the sky and something pressing down on top of me.

That something turned out to be Iris with half crazed eyes fervently pulling at my slime clothes and trying to get it off.

I was just marvelling at how Xun Guan managed to stay whole despite a cosmic being trying to rip her apart before several bonk hammers descended on top of Iris's head.

But instead of returning to her senses, she growled at them and pushed my disciples back with a blast of wind.

No, no. Bad Iris.

I chopped her on the head with my hand, imbuing my own hand with the same properties as the bonk hammer. The shock of that finally brought Iris back to her senses and she slowly got off of me.

Ok… So apparently eating my food was also enough to send Iris into a frenzy too… I don't know what else I should do anymore…

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