Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 2488 - Chu Tianxu’s New Mission

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Chapter 2488: Chu Tianxu’s New Mission

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At a secret chamber in Heavenly Palace, Chu Tianxu stood quietly outside the door.

After taking a deep breath, he knocked gently on the stone door.


The stone door of the secret chamber opened at the rumble, and Zi Xiao was seen sitting cross-legged on the floor.

“What is it?” Zi Xiao asked with his eyes shut. Apparently, he did not know that Chu Tianxu had been captured as Heavenly Palace did not inform him about it.

“Palace Master, I have been captured by Ultimate Supreme Being Palace Master today,” Chu Tianxu said as he walked into the secret chamber.

“What?” Zi Xiao opened his eyes and a sharp ray of light flashed across them when he heard what Chu Tianxu had said.

“He planted a Death Seal in my head to get me to lure you out of Heavenly Palace!” Chu Tianxu continued. He did not hide it from Zi Xiao and he told Zi Xiao what had happened to him, including Su Mo.

Although he had betrayed the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace, he would not betray Zi Xiao as Zi Xiao was his Teacher.

“Death Seal?” Zi Xiao muttered to himself and his face darkened. He knew about the Ultimate Supreme Being’s Death Seal.

“Teacher, it doesn’t matter if I die. Your safety is more important to me!” Chu Tianxu said respectfully to Zi Xiao as he knelt down on one knee.

Chu Tianxu knew that the Ultimate Supreme Being would kill him even if he managed to lure Zi Xiao out.

If he wanted to survive, he had to remain loyal to Zi Xiao.

“Don’t worry. I will not let you die!” Zi Xiao said. He immediately stood up and walked out, saying, “Come, let’s go and look for Tian Junhe!”

Zi Xiao brought Chu Tianxu to look for the Palace Master of Heavenly Palace, Tian Junhe.

Both of them were led to the Conference Hall by a servant.

There were several other people in the Conference Hall other than Tian Junhe. Di Yihun, Tian Chenyu, and the upper echelons like Tian Ganglei, and Tian Huang Supreme Being were in the Hall as well.

“Greetings, Palace Master and elders!” Zi Xiao walked into the Hall and bowed at Tian Junhe and the elders of Heavenly Palace.

All of them fixed their gazes on Chu Tianxu as they knew what had taken place. They were surprised to see Chu Tianxu.

“Zi Xiao, you have come at the right time!”

Tian Junhe nodded and said, “Chu Tian has been captured by the Ultimate Supreme Being and we were just discussing how we can rescue him. I’m surprised to see him back here.”

“Thank you, Palace Master!” Zi Xiao cupped his fist to thank the Palace Master but he was secretly smiling wryly to himself. Rescue Chu Tianxu? They must be discussing how they should deal with Su Mo!

After pausing for a while, Zi Xiao said, “Ultimate Supreme Being planted a Death Seal on Chu Tian before he released him. He wants to make use of Chu Tian to harm me. Do you have a way to break the Death Seal, Palace Master?”

“Death Seal?” Everyone was taken by surprise. The Death Seal was a vicious skill and it was impossible to break it, especially if the Ultimate Supreme Being had been the one to plant it.

All of a sudden, everyone went silent. They were unable to help.

“Gentlemen, we are in the same boat and Su Mo is our common enemy. You must help me!” Zi Xiao said grimly. He had groomed Chu Tianxu and Chu Tianxu had been loyal to him. On top of that, Chu Tianxu possessed great talent and he was comparable to a Favored One. Thus, Zi Xiao would do his best to save him.

“Zi Xiao, we would like to help but it is not within our abilities to do so. You should know that it is difficult to break the Death Seal!” Tian Junhe replied with a sigh.

When Chu Tianxu heard what Tian Junhe had said, he looked despondent. Is there no way to break the Seal? He would not accept it if he were to lose his life.

“I can save him!” Suddenly, a voice was heard in the quiet Hall.

Everyone turned their head and looked at the person who had spoken. It was Di Yihun, who was sitting below, to the side of Tian Junhe.

Chu Tianxu was excited when he heard the statement and he immediately turned to look at Di Yihun.

“Brother Di, are you able to break the Seal?” Zi Xiao asked as he looked at Di Yihun in amazement. He had wanted Heavenly Palace to help him and he had not expected Di Yihun to have the solution to his problem.

“Yes. I can easily break it!” Di Yihun replied with a calm look. The Death Seal was like an ordinary Super Power to him and he could easily break it.

Not only Zi Xiao, but all the top powers in Heavenly Palace were amazed by what Di Yihun had said.

“Elder, I will be grateful to you if you can help me!” Chu Tianxu immediately cupped his fist respectfully at Di Yihun. He did not doubt Di Yihun’s word as Di Yihun was a reincarnated body. His means were higher than an ordinary Supreme Being’s.

“Chu Tian, I will help you break away from the Death Seal if you promise to do one thing for me,” Di Yihun said as he looked sharply at Chu Tianxu.

“Elder, please let me know what it is,” Chu Tianxu said grimly. As long as Di Yihun could break the Seal from him, he was willing to do 10 things for Di Yihun, let alone one.

“Since Zi Xiao thinks highly of you, I believe you must possess great talent and strength. I will let you take part in the Thousand Selection Fight. Your main task will be to capture Su Mo or kill him,” Di Yihun said indifferently.

Everybody’s eyes lit up when they heard what Di Yihun had said. They knew that Chu Tian was not a simple person. If he could represent Heavenly Palace by participating in the Thousand Selection Fight, it would increase their chances of winning.

“Elder, don’t worry. I will definitely accomplish my task!” Chu Tianxu cupped his fist and assured Di Yihun. He had to get the Death Seal out of him quickly and accomplishing the task was secondary.

As for Su Mo, even if Di Yihun had not put forth the request, he would not show him any mercy.

“Great! I will save you!” Di Yihun nodded.

“Hoho! Brother Di, you are indeed amazing. I owe you one!” Zi Xiao said and smiled broadly.

“Brother Zi Xiao, don’t mention it. What you’ve said is true. We have a common enemy!” Di Yihun replied with a smile. He stood up and said, “Chu Tian, come with me!”

Having said that, Di Yihun turned around and walked out. Although he had made it sound easy, he still had to spend some time working on it before he could break the Death Seal.

Very quickly, Chu Tianxu left with Di Yihun, leaving the rest of the people in the Hall.

“Zi Xiao, take a seat!” Tian Junhe said as he waved his hand to signal to Zi Xiao to take a seat. He continued and said, “It is strange to see the Ultimate Supreme Being with Su Mo. What do you think of it?”

“Since they have come together, one of them must have compromised!” Zi Xiao replied with a grim look. He had been wondering earlier why Su Mo was with the Ultimate Supreme Being. It did not make any sense.

Could Su Mo have handed the Ultimate Holy Sword and the Ultimate Sword Art to the Ultimate Supreme Being? However, Su Mo has the Dragon Tribe to back him up. It is impossible for him to compromise.

Moreover, even if Su Mo has compromised, why is the Ultimate Supreme Being with him? Have they formed some kind of agreement?

“I guess so!”

Tian Junhe nodded and said, “In this case, Su Mo is more powerful now. He has the Dragon Tribe and the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace to back him up. It will be more difficult to deal with him.”

“Palace Master, Su Mo is currently not in Dragon City but Reincarnation Holy Court. Are you not dealing with him?” Zi Xiao asked with a frown. It was a great opportunity for them to deal with Su Mo.

“We have been talking about that and we have come to a decision not to take any action for the time being!” Tian Junhe replied.

“Why?” Zi Xiao was puzzled. It was a great opportunity but they were letting it slip.

“Su Mo is a cautious person. Since he has the guts to return to Reincarnation Holy Court and has shown up, he must be well-prepared. Moreover, we believe he has already left. Let’s wait for the Thousand Selection Fight and settle this matter once and for all!” Tian Junhe replied. He knew Su Mo’s character well. It would have been impossible for them to find Su Mo at that moment.

“That’s true. Let’s deal with him at the Thousand Selection Fight!” Zi Xiao nodded. He knew that Di Yihun had gained the support of many big forces. Su Mo would be doomed at the Thousand Selection Fight.

Although Su Mo might not have had the Ultimate Holy Sword with him, he still knew about the Ultimate Sword Art.

If they were to capture Su Mo at the Thousand Selection Fight, Zi Xiao would still have the opportunity to get hold of the Ultimate Sword Art.

Shortly, they started to discuss the Thousand Selection Fight before they left for their respective destinations.

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