Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 1925 - : The Fairy Maiden From The Mus

Chapter 1925: The Fairy Maiden From The Mus

Su Mo and Mu Li walked together on the street of Wood City and headed toward the Mu Mansion.

“Look! It’s the Fairy Maiden from the Mus!”

“It has been a long time since Mu Li last came back! I am surprised to see her”

“I heard that Mu Li has been betrothed to Qin Xing!”

“Who is the youth beside her? Is he her admirer from Shenwu Academy?”

When Mu Li arrived, she attracted the attention of the people on the street.

Mu Li was well-known in Wood City. The people called her the Fairy Maiden of the Mus and all the young people admired her.

The Mus were a powerful force in Wood City and Mu Li was the most talented person among the younger generation in the Mus. On top of that, she was beautiful and her fame traveled far and wide.

Mu Li was indifferent to the stares from the people. She increased her pace and headed home.

Su Mo was shocked that Instructor Mu Li was so well-known in the place.

Soon, the two of them came to a large mansion at the central region of Wood City.

The scale of the mansion was bigger than Firmament Palace and it occupied one quarter land area of the city. The walls were tall and it had a huge garden. The mansion was made of gold and copper tiles and it looked majestic.

“Miss is back!”

“Greetings, Miss!”

There were four guards who were at the Martial King Realm at the gate of Mu Mansion. When they saw Mu Li, they immediately bowed to her.

“Is my father at home?” Mu Li asked the guards.

“Master and Young Master have gone to the Qins to discuss the betrothal,” one of the guards replied respectfully.

“Alright!” Mu Li nodded. She then looked at Su Mo and signaled for him to go into the mansion.

The mansion was huge. Several of the Mu family members and servants watched the two of them along the way as Mu Li led Su Mo through a few small paths before they came to a courtyard.

The courtyard was huge. It had a pond, pavilion, booth, and a wide bed of flowers and plants.

Mu Li then arranged a large guest room for Su Mo to rest.

“You Tianhan, you can take a rest in this room. My father should be back soon!” Mu Li told Su Mo.


Su Mo nodded and did not say another word. He walked into the room and saw that it was huge. It was clean and nicely decorated.

After Mu Li left, Su Mo was alone in the room.

He then sat cross-legged on the bed. The Mus were a large family. Su Mo wondered what ranks their top powers were at.

He used his spiritual senses and looked around the entire Mu Mansion.

Su Mo nodded when he saw that there were several Martial Honored Realm martial artists around. There were around 100 of them and the one with the highest cultivation level was a Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm elderly man.

No one in the Mus noticed Su Mo checking on them as he had very powerful mental strength which was comparable to that of an End Realm Martial Sage.

Su Mo then took a deep breath and started to think of his cultivation path, since there was nothing for him to do.

The True Demon Hunting Order would only be lifted up after three years and Su Mo should not waste the three years.

Firstly, he was weak in the aspect of Ultimacy. He had to make use of these three years to enhance his Ultimacy power.

Moreover, he wanted to study other Ultimacies as well. Ever since he had seen Xu Wushen’s Space Ultimacy, he had known how profound an Ultimacy could be.

The Devouring Ultimacy could only increase the strength of his devouring power and it had no other use.

“Space Ultimacy!” Su Mo muttered. Frankly speaking, he was interested in that Ultimacy, but he was not familiar with it and he did not know where to start.

Other than the Space Ultimacy, there were many other Ultimacies around but Su Mo did not know which one was suitable for him.

He had tried to study the Immortal Ultimacy, but it was only on a superficial level. If he could have had a deeper understanding of the Immortal Ultimacy, it would be a unique strength to him as well. It possessed the trait of immortality.

However, Su Mo was not interested in understanding that kind of Ultimacy. He felt that was not what he needed.

“Forget it. During this period of time, I will just continue to study the Devouring Ultimacy!” Su Mo sighed. If he had the opportunity in the future, he would try to understand some other more powerful Ultimacy.

After he was back to Myriad Worlds Mountain, he would ask Bai Tiannan more about the Ultimacies.

Su Mo then calmed himself down and continued to study deeper into the Devouring Ultimacy.

Time passed quickly. In the twinkle of an eye, several hours had passed and footstep sounds were heard outside the door.

“You Tianhan!” Mu Li’s voice resounded.

When Su Mo heard it, he opened the door and walked out. Mu Li was dressed in white and she was standing outside the guest room.

“Instructor Mu Li!” Su Mo called out with a smile.

“You Tianhan, my father and brother are back. They would like to meet you!” Mu Li said.

“Alright. Let’s go!” Su Mo nodded and walked out.

“Wait!” When Mu Li saw Su Mo walking out, she immediately shouted out to him.

“You Tianhan, my father and brother may make things difficult for you. I hope you will not be angry with them!” Mu Li warned Su Mo with a grave look.

“No worries!” Su Mo shook his head and did not seem bothered by it.

When Mu Li saw his response, she bit her lip and said in an annoyed tone, “You Tianhan, can you be more serious? This is a serious matter. You have to make my father change his mind about the marriage!”

When Su Mo heard what Mu Li had said, he smiled wryly and said, “Instructor Mu Li, don’t worry! Since I have promised to help you, I will definitely do my best!”

“Alright!” Mu Li nodded her head when she heard what Su Mo had said.

The two of them then left the courtyard. Soon, they came to a big hall.

That was a Conference Hall about five-feet high and it looked majestic.

A burly, austere middle-aged man in a purple robe was sitting on the main seat.

On his lower right was a youth in a yellow shirt.

The youth in a yellow shirt was of a big build and he was good-looking. He and Mu Li resembled each other.

When Su Mo walked into the hall, the two of them looked at him and sized him up.

Su Mo looked at the two of them as well. At a glance, he knew their cultivation levels. The middle-aged man was a Sage-to-be and the youth’s cultivation level was at Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm.

“Greetings, uncle!” When Su Mo came to the center of the hall, he cupped his fist and bowed to the middle-aged man. Since the man was Mu Li’s father, it was only right for Su Mo to address him as uncle.

“Are you You Tianhan, whom my sister mentioned?”

The good-looking man asked instead of Mu Li’s father. He sized Su Mo up and gave him a derisive look.

The man whom his sister likes is only a Rank 6 Martial Honored Realm martial artist. He cannot not be compared to Qin Xing!

The middle-aged man looked indifferent as he stared quietly at Su Mo.

“Yes, I am!”

Su Mo nodded. He knew that the good-looking youth was Mu Li’s brother and his name was Mu Chu. Mu Li’s father was Mu Hua. Mu Li had told Su Mo about them while they were on their way.

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