Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1524 - Sky Bones Body

Chapter 1524: Sky Bones Body

As the martial artists in the crowd saw Su Mo and Yang Tianwei rushing up to the sky, they took off as well. No one wanted to miss a good show.

A hesitant look crossed Yun Youyou’s eyes. She didn’t want to wait for long. However, Su Mo did not even wait for her reply before he flew up to the starry sky.

“Holy Lady, let’s go and watch the battle!” Yang Tiancheng wore a warm smile as he spoke to Yun Youyou.

He didn’t want to miss out on the big battle either and wanted to see first-hand how Su Mo would be defeated. Just the thought of this made him very excited and he definitely didn’t want to miss it.

“Mm!” Yun Youyou nodded her head slightly. She was also curious as to whether Su Mo could defeat Yang Tianwei. She could wait for 15 minutes.

With that, Yun Youyou floated up into the sky and rushed to the starry sky.

Yang Tiancheng quickly followed after her.

In the boundless and dark starry sky, Su Mo and Yang Tianwei stood opposite one another as a large crowd of martial artists watched from afar.

“Su Mo, you claimed to be able to defeat me in 15 minutes. I want to see if your strength pays justice to your words!”

Yang Tianwei looked at Su Mo and yelled. The long sabre in his sword flashed with Sabre Radiance and it looked incredibly terrifying. It was as though Yang Tianwei was gripping a giant sabre from heaven.

At that point, Yang Tianwei was wearing an amused look in his eyes. He did not believe that Su Mo had the ability to defeat him.

“Stop with your nonsense and let’s fight!” Su Mo did not have time to waste. With a fierce shout, he attacked first. Swiping his sword horizontally in front of him, he released an attack on Yang Tianwei.


There wasn’t anything special about this attack. It was a pure, single strike that did not have much power.

In an instant, thousand feet wide Sword Qi shot through the sky towards Yang Tianwei, full of killing intent.

“Child’s play!”

Yang Tianwei saw the strike and immediately started laughing. However, he was actually surprised. Su Mo’s attack was obviously at the stage of a Rank 3 Marital Honorable Realm.

Although this power was not enough to make him sweat, it was a huge achievement for Su Mo to be able to execute such an attack at his cultivation rank.


Yang Tianwei struck out similarly. In a swift motion of his sabre, a terrifying, white-colored Sabre Qi split the air like a bolt of lightning from the nine heavens. Then, it heavily struck against the three colored Sword Qi.

Boom boom boom!

Explosions shook the starry sky as both the Sword Qi and the Sabre Qi were destroyed. The starry sky started to crumble at the spot of the explosion as terrifying auras swept the nine heavens.


Against the destructive back forces, Su Mo retreated continuously. His body flashed brilliantly with gold light, followed by white and glazed light shooting out towards Yang Tianwei.

At the same time, Su Mo activated ten Sword Fighting Souls as well as his Devouring Fighting Soul.

He didn’t want to waste time slowly testing his opponent’s strength. Right now, he was using his strongest powers to kill Yang Tianwei.

Whizz whizz~~~

Boundless Sword Force rushed upwards and, like thunder from the nine heavens, it caused the starry sky to shake violently. The entire space started to break apart as cracks appeared in the sky.

A massive devouring power accompanied by the devouring ultimacy swept through the air like a large wave.

A shocking scene unfolded as the strong devouring power seemed to have stopped time as waves of forces slowed to a stop. Then, everything rushed towards Su Mo.


Shouting loudly, Su Mo sped through the air at lightning-speed towards Yang Tianwei.

Slashing his sword downwards, a powerful three colored Sword Qi that was like a lightning bolt rushed towards Yang Tianwei.

This sword seemed to be indestructible as the endless supply of sword force filled the starry sky. The sharp Sword Radiance caused everyone’s hair to stand on end as strong black waves destroyed everything in its path.

Hearts pumped quickly in the onlookers’ chests. Su Mo’s sword strike had far exceeded what was possible at his cultivation rank. It was extremely terrifying.

“How could this be?” Yang Tiancheng’s face turned pale as he sucked in a deep breath. Su Mo’s strike seemed to be as strong as Yang Tianwei’s strength.

“Strong!” Yun Youyou widened her eyes in surprise as she exclaimed. She could feel a huge force from Su Mo’s strike. It had only been a mere 2 to 3 months’ time since the last fight meet but Su Mo’s strength seemed to have increased by many times.

“Interesting!” Tian Lang’s eyes squinted into a fine line.

“How could he be so strong?” Surprise filled Yi Wei’s face. As the top disciple of the True Path Sect, she had heard about Su Mo’s exceptional talents early on.

However, now that she saw first-hand how Su Mo battled. It seemed that Su Mo was far more exceptional than she had thought.

At that moment, Yang Tianwei, who was the one facing Su Mo’s attack, was the most surprised.

“What!” Yang Tianwei’s face fell and his heart jumped. This was because he could feel a sense of infinite danger from Su Mo’s strike. The devouring power especially made him fearful.

Yang Tianwei was utterly shocked. Was this Su Mo’s strength? How could he be so strong?

Yang Tianwei felt as though there was no way he could block the sword strike from Su Mo.


With the massive Sword Qi and the powerful force about to hit him, Yang Tiancheng immediately exclaimed.

A large, silver-colored, long Sabre Fighting Soul emerged behind him, radiating out brilliant flashes of light.

At the same time, Yang Tianwei’s body rapidly changed its form, taking everyone by surprise.

Yang Tianwei’s entire body started to reform itself. His mind and four limbs turned into white bones that gave off a blinding white light.

“It is the Sky Bones Body!”

“That is Yang Tianwei’s special body constitution!”

“His aura is increasing sharply!”

Many people started to exclaim in surprise as soon as they saw Yang Tianwei activate his special body constitution. It was a rare form of special body constitution and it was an unusually strong one. The Sky Bones Body was ranked 226th on the Archean Special Bodies list.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Tianwei turned into a skeleton. He waved his large sabre once as Sabre Qi exploded out from it and turned into a tall waterfall of Sabre Qi that collided with the three colored Sword Qi.

The waterfall of Sabre Qi was also terrifying as it was Yang Tianwei’s top strength and had destructive powers.

In the blink of an eye, the Sabre Qi and Sword Qi collided with each other.


A ground-shaking explosion that seemed to cause an earthquake ten kilometers wide occurred. The Sword Qi and Sabre Qi almost crumbled apart simultaneously.

Boom boom boom!!

Booming sounds continued without stopping as the Sword Qi and Sabre Qi that exploded apart turned into large waves and tiny rain that spread out in all 4 directions.

“The Sky Bones Body?” Su Mo muttered to himself. He knew clearly what the Sky Bones Body was as it was recorded very comprehensively on the Archean Special Bodies list.

This special body constitution could greatly increase a user’s attack and defense. Especially on the defense side – it could be used to increase a user’s defense many times.

It was also ranked highly, at 226th on the Archean Special Bodies list. Being 2 ranks higher than the Body of the Guardian Warrior, it was obviously a strong special body constitution.

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