Versatile Mage - Chapter 2123 - The Year of Tyrant Titans

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Chapter 2123: The Year of Tyrant Titans

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Asha’ruiya was Wen Tai’s adopted daughter.

Xinxia was Wen Tai’s daughter. Since they had the same father, they could be considered sisters.

Therefore, it was not wrong to say Asha’ruiya was his sister-in-law!

Asha’ruiya’s mood improved after she was amused by how Mo Fan referred to her as his brother.

“Izisha still holds a grudge against the Tuis. Tuis is only trying to get revenge on me. He doesn’t dare do anything to me directly since I’m a Saintess, but you are a nobody in the Parthenon Temple. I believe he’s going to target you. Tuis might be a little childish, but he’s quite capable. He’s a little like you, both ruthless and fearless. If he’s provoked, he might cause you a lot of trouble, so you should be careful,” Asha’ruiya warned him.

“I’ll keep an eye on him,” Mo Fan nodded, agreeing with her opinion.

“There must be another reason why you came looking for me, right?” Asha’ruiya asked.

“It…it was just a coincidence,” Mo Fan said awkwardly when his intentions were exposed.

“Fine, I’m heading back to my place to have a nap, read my books, and watch my dramas. I’m quite busy too, so please don’t disturb me,” Asha’ruiya prodded him.

“Ugh, fine, I knew I could find you at the library… mm, I just want to learn more about the guy from the Black Vatican you mentioned, Spectre,” Mo Fan sighed.

If Spectre could turn Mu Bai into a soulless corpse without alerting anyone, he could definitely do it again after Mu Bai came back to life. Most importantly, Mo Fan already knew about his existence, yet he had yet to find any trace of him. Mu Bai might be killed again if he did not get rid of him first!

“My information has always been very expensive. I’ve given you a lot of free information since the first day we met!” Asha’ruiya sniffed at him.

“Why are we talking about money? It’s only going to damage our relationship!” Mo Fan protested.

“I asked Tuis for help because I’m after something in the hands of the Tyrant Titans. I chased Tuis away because I was worried you might be jealous. As compensation, you will help me get what I want, and I’ll give you the information about Spectre for free, deal?” Asha’ruiya’s eyes glittered cunningly.

“Deal, I’ll get you what you want, but can you give me the information first? I’m free tonight. You can come to my room. Xinxia is going to be busy, so you can talk to me about it throughout the night,” Mo Fan replied winningly.

“The Snow Festival is the last festival for Greece, since this year is going to be the Year of the Tyrant Titans. There will be disasters everywhere, but Greece will become a hunting ground filled with gold for Hunters. Even the most common Blue Star Tyrant Titans can be sold for a hundred million on the market. If Spectre is trying to kill Mu Bai, he will most likely hide among the Hunters, as it will be difficult to verify their identities. He’s currently hidden, so I have no idea about his whereabouts, but I can promise you, I will notify you as soon as he’s on the move,” Asha’ruiya informed him calmly.

“Sure!” he nodded along

“You should know it’s dangerous to collect information too, especially when the target is related to the Black Vatican. The thing I’m after is difficult to get too, so you should be prepared for it.”

“I’m willing to go through fire and water just to make you happy,” Mo Fan promised glibly.

“Don’t make it sound so noble when it’s only a deal.”


During the Year of Tyrant Titans, the sky in Greece would undergo obvious changes. The stars would become indistinguishable. It was a calamity many fortune-tellers were warning people about.

The stars were very dim. The people in the city were unable to see their lights, so the people in the cities did not even know the Blue Star Tyrant Titans were stirring up troubles across Greece.

After the stars were scattered, the moon would start to change!

The moon hung in the night sky. The people on the brilliant Sacred Mountain could still see its light.

The Silver Moon Tyrant Titans’ appearance was like seeing the turning of the moon. Every city regardless of its scale would panic when the Silver Moon Tyrant Titans showed up.

And there was the sun!

A night sky without the moon was only slightly darker, but a day without the sun was no different from an apocalypse!

The Year of the Tyrant Titans would surely have a Golden Sun Tyrant Titan. It was the reason why the whole of Greece had to be on alert. Humans were unable to survive in a land without sunlight. The Golden Sun Tyrant Titan could even revert a whole country’s development!

After learning more about the Year of the Tyrant Titans, Mo Fan realized the battle against the Tyrant Titans was not as simple as a mere quest or a mission; it was a war starting in the south of Greece which would cover the whole Aegean Sea, and even spread to Athens and the inland cities!

The Tyrant Titans had more space to move around in after the rise of the sea, making their movements harder to track. Asha’ruiya was right. The Snow Festival was the last celebration for Greece. They would be caught up in a war that had endured on and off for thousands of years, similar to the mirages in Egypt!

Every country had its own war to fight. They were like recurring natural disasters!

Someone might ask why these rare natural disasters kept happening in their era.

There were many kinds of natural disasters. Earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, landslides, floods, storms, blizzards, hail, drought, volcanoes…

Different countries had different demon creatures, history, and enemies. Egypt had the mirages, England had magical beasts that would surround the island. Greece had the Tyrant Titans. China had Mount Kunlun. These were the symbolic wars that each country had to fight. The Calamity of Bo City that Mo Fan had survived was only a minor disaster that occurred every twenty or thirty years.

Some cities were extremely lucky. They had stayed peaceful for ten, a hundred, or even a thousand years.

However, some cities and countries were very unfortunate. Their rise and fall were decided by a single battle!

Mo Fan had never bothered learning the number of calamities his country had survived.

In Greece, there were over a hundred and forty disasters, ranging from Thessaloniki in the north to Crete in the south, even when it was not the Year of the Tyrant Titans.

Apart from the natural disasters, there were also man-made disasters, like the ones the Black Vatican were responsible for.

It was impossible to put out the fires. Every country was short on Mages!

Mo Fan did not go to the library just to pretend he was being productive, nor was he forcing a coincidental encounter. He realized he was caught up in something serious after learning about the Year of the Tyrant Titans.

That being said, it also suited his tastes!

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