Versatile Mage - Chapter 2115 - The Maidens of the Snowy City

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Chapter 2115: The Maidens of the Snowy City

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The weather was getting colder. Fanxue Mountain was covered in a cold mist early in the morning. The sentry towers were hidden in the mist, and the coastline was barely visible.

It was common for unpredictable events to occur in weather like this. Since it was now winter, the moths were either hibernating or had reached the end of their lifespans in autumn. Fanxue Mountain was relying solely on the Mages for protection.

Mo Fan had already left for Greece. There was only a Russian flight to Greece because of the huge fog, using a Russian air service. Just as Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan boarded the plane, Fanxue Mountain sounded an alarm.

“They should be able to handle it, right?” Mo Fan asked with a worried face.

He could only see nothing but the fog from the window. He had no idea what was going on.

“It won’t make any difference if you stay. Fanxue Mountain must rely on itself. A successful enterprise doesn’t involve the boss managing everything himself. The workers must develop their skills too! Don’t worry, Fanxue Mountain is already stronger than most renowned clans. The Mages can still handle any situation without the help of the moths. If they can’t handle it, you should consider hiring another batch, in case something serious happens and innocent lives are lost,” Zhao Manyan answered easily.

Mo Fan nodded. Zhao Manyan might be a little pompous, but he could spill out wise words at times, as expected of someone who was born in a renowned clan.

“It’s purple!” Zhao Manyan suddenly said sternly.

Mo Fan was startled. He immediately rose to his feet and tried to see the ground through the window.

A purple alert? Was it a purple alert!?

A purple alert means the city is going to face utter destruction! Didn’t they say the sea monsters were hibernating during this season too? Did they really launch a surprise attack?

If it was a purple alert, he could not afford to leave. Many people were going to die!

Damn it, these sea monsters seriously did not give them any chance to catch their breath!

“Tsk tsk, I didn’t think a stewardess with such an innocent face would wear sexy purple underneath. It seems like she’s feeling a little lonely on these flights. A Russian woman, I haven’t tried one before!” Zhao Manyan took out a little notebook with colorful flags on it.

He drew a little line across the Russian flag as he stared at the stewardess in stockings standing on her toes to organize the luggage like he was watching his favored prey.

“Screw you!” Mo Fan swore to Zhao Manyan’s face.

Zhao Manyan was confused. He did not understand why Mo Fan was cursing all of a sudden.

“Brother, if you are interested in her, I can consider giving her to you, but you should mind your behavior. No matter how bad our mouths and our behavior is normally, we should look after our image in front of the ladies, or you won’t be able to hook up with anyone,” Zhao Manyan chided him.

“…” Mo Fan was left speechless. He glanced at Zhao Manyan’s notebook and pointed at their country’s flag, “Why did you write ‘正’ so many times behind our flag? Does it mean the women in our country are hotter?”

{TL Note: ‘正’ can be used to describe a beautiful woman.}

“Don’t you know it can be used as a tally mark? I draw a stroke for every home run I’ve had!” Zhao Manyan answered proudly.

{TL Note: the word ‘正’ has five strokes.} 

Holy crap, this Zhao Manyan is seriously an assh***!

Mo Fan seriously doubted the reason why Zhao Manyan’s face was so pale was because he was suffering from serious kidney deficiency.

“Look at my notebook; I shall pass away in peace once I have a ‘正’ behind every flag!” Zhao Manyan flipped through the notebook to show Mo Fan his achievements. He kept going when he saw Mo Fan looking at him disdainfully, “Your ambition is becoming the strongest Mage in the world, but my ambition is to f**k… I’m sorry, that’s a little vile, my ambition is to spread my love to beauties of all the different countries!”

“That isn’t your ambition, it’s the ambition of every man in the world!” Mo Fan huffed.


When they arrived in Greece, it was covered in a thin veil of snow, sacred and quiet.

The faithful women of the Parthenon Temple wore long icy-blue dresses and walked barefoot on the fresh carpet of snow, leaving lines of delicate footprints in front of the shops and residences as a sacred blessing.

It was a great honor for the believers, but even men who did not really share the faith of the Parthenon Temple like Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan would develop a foot fetish just by looking at them. They were enjoying the view as they followed behind the women.

It was a rare sight in other countries. The streets were crowded with tourists from other European countries who had come just to watch the interesting ritual.

“The one who’s leading the parade. Oh my, I can’t hold myself back!” Zhao Manyan pointed at the leader of the parade.

The parade consisted of twelve groups. They were walking barefoot across the main streets in Athens before gathering around their leader at the city center’s plaza.

Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan could only see their leader’s back from their angle. She was standing in a flexible posture, like she was holding the moon. Her legs looked like a pair of artist’s work, spread elegantly. Her curly brown hair draped over her shoulder.

She was standing still like a statue, with a noble yet approachable aura. It was enticing yet inviolable!

“She isn’t Xinxia, right?” Zhao Manyan asked cautiously as he realized something.

“No, her physique isn’t right…” Mo Fan said confidently.

“Oh, you sound quite familiar with her physique. Who could it be then? It must be some important ritual,” Zhao Manyan went on in relief.

Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan were dying to know who the woman was. It felt like a goddess of the Greek Mythology had descended upon the city.

“A perfect side face,” Zhao Manyan was already giving his compliments as he reached the side of the plaza. He was finally able to see the woman’s face after he moved further ahead.

Mo Fan gasped. Zhao Manyan’s eyes widened.

“Why is she here? That vixen!” Mo Fan almost blurted out.

“Ugh… even though I consider her a peerless beauty across the world, I can guarantee you she isn’t on my list!” Zhao Manyan shook his head.

From the perspective of a judge, Asha’ruiya was indeed a beauty. Not only did she have the golden ratio that every Asian woman dreamed of, her bust was of the perfect size and her bottom was round and firm too. However, it was difficult to describe the woman’s personality with only a few words!

“She’s yours!” Zhao Manyan patted Mo Fan’s shoulder generously.

“Bullsh**, our relationship is so pure that I almost see her as a brother,” Mo Fan countered instantly.

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