Versatile Mage - Chapter 2096 - Coming Out of Seclusion

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Chapter 2096: Coming Out of Seclusion

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Even though Mo Fan was looking forward to having a real Heaven Seed, he was still quite satisfied with the three additional effects of his Earth Element. His Earth Element had not reached the Super Level, and it was not as solid as his other Elements, but it was very useful in battles now!

Mo Fan did not waste his time, as there were still a few days left until his duel with Zu Xiangtian. He went back to the Magic City and visited the Three Step Tower to consolidate his cultivation.

There was a benefit for becoming the most talented student of his school. In the past, he had to work extremely hard to earn the chance to cultivate in the Three Step Tower briefly, but now he could visit it anytime , like he was given a free membership!

The Three Step Tower was unique because it had many levels. The pressure of every level was different, so Mo Fan could still cultivate in it even though he was now a Super Mage, and he would continue to Awaken new Elements, too. It was very effective to learn how to control the energy of his new Element while in the Three Step Tower. It was the reason the Pearl Institute had remained at the top of the country’s schools!

Mo Fan went straight to the highest floor of the Three Step Tower. He now had eight Elements, meaning he had a great supply of energy. Cultivating in the Three Step Tower would consume his energy very quickly, especially on the highest floor, but Mo Fan was still able to stay in the tower for around five hours.

The progress he could make in five hours was comparable to a few months outside the tower!

“Why is it glowing? Could it be…” Mo Fan looked at his chest when he noticed the reaction from the Little Loach Pendant.

Any reaction from the Little Loach Pendant would make Mo Fan excited, since it had given him great benefits every time it showed some reaction.

Mo Fan had planned to visit the Three Step Tower to strengthen his Earth Element. After all, it had only reached the first tier of the Advanced Level. If the cultivation of his Earth Element was too low, it would not be effective even with the effects of the Heaven Seed.

To his surprise, Little Loach had reached its limit. It had absorbed a huge amount of energy at the Sacred City, and now had a mysterious and special sheen, unlike its previous dull appearance, like it was turning from a sparrow to a phoenix.

Mo Fan was guessing Little Loach would soon feed him a lot of energy. Mo Fan had already had a few breakthroughs because of it in the past!

“Is it coming?” Mo Fan spread his arms like he was trying to catch something. “Don’t hold back, shoot everything at me!”

Mo Fan could already feel the huge amount of energy Little Loach was transferring to him. There were eight Elements in Mo Fan’s Spiritual World. There was the Lightning Universe, Shadow Universe, Fire Galaxy, Summoning Galaxy, Space Galaxy, Earth Galaxy, Chaos Galaxy, and a little star representing the Demon Element.

The Fire Galaxy, Summoning Galaxy, and Space Galaxy were surrounded by firm walls, stopping them from expanding into a Universe.

The energy from Little Loach immediately shattered the wall around the Fire Galaxy. The Stars of the Fire Element emitted the purest and brightest light as they evolved rapidly!

The light spread as it grew from a red ribbon into a beautiful whirlpool. The light was extremely vivid, as if it would never be extinguished.

“It’s a Fire Universe! HAHAHA, my Fire Element has reached the Super Level too!”

Mo Fan was overjoyed. He was dancing happily, while his flesh was trembling.

His Fire Element!

It had finally reached the Super Level. He had waited a long time for this day!

Mo Fan had been relying on Little Flame Belle to support his Fire Element. It felt like his Fire Element had lost its limbs when Little Flame Belle was not around.

Now that his Fire Element had also reached the Super Level, no one could possibly stand a chance against him once he joined hands with Little Flame Belle, once she came back from the Parthenon Temple!

He could easily become unbeatable with only the Fire Element!

“Quick, I can’t waste even a single drop of the essence from Little Loach!” Mo Fan sat on the ground and focused on cultivating.

Little Loach had obviously evolved, and Mo Fan’s cultivating speed had improved significantly. Therefore, the best time to cultivate was when Little Loach was feeding him energy, not to mention the extra help from the Three Step Tower.

His cultivating speed had multiplied. It was the same method that people used to improve their efficiency in the past.

Mo Fan’s Little Loach Pendant was a Soul Container. The higher its level, the higher its efficiency. On the other hand, the Three Step Tower’s ability to compress the presence of magic and increase its density was like a pond full of mana. Mo Fan’s cultivation was increasing at the speed of a rocket when the two combined!

Mo Fan did not want to waste even a single minute. Not only was the energy from Little Loach able to break the barrier of his cultivation, it could further multiply his cultivating speed. In only a day or two, Little Loach would return to its usual efficiency, so he had to be quick!

Mo Fan spent the whole week in the Three Step Tower. He might have skipped the duel with Zu Xiangtian if he had not told the student outside the Three Step Tower to remind him when it was time for the duel.

When Mo Fan left the Three Step Tower, the school ground was covered in snow after a rare snowstorm, giving the school a different vibe.

Mo Fan was only wearing a T-shirt as he checked the time. He could still make it in time after having breakfast at the canteen.

He bought his favorite meat bun. He seemed very relaxed, even though an important duel was about to take place. He took a sip of the bottle of soy milk.

“Madam, did you buy a Joyoung Sand Mixer? Why does it taste of sand?”

“What the heck are you talking about?”

“Please don’t mix soybeans with sand. I prefer to taste the sweetness of the sand.”

“What do you want!?”

“Where are you from? Why do you have a terrible accent?”

“I’m from Shanghai.”


Mo Fan decided to go back to his apartment and take a shower.

He passed by the women’s dormitory and saw a man sneaking out of it. The man was obviously overwhelmed by fatigue, like he had been up all night.

“Old Zhao!” Mo Fan yelled.

“Damn, you came to sneak into the women’s dorm too?” Zhao Manyan was shocked.

“Piss off!” Mo Fan cursed him promptly.

“I have something to ask you. Why did you stand Zu Xiangtian up yesterday? Did you come up with a better idea to deal with him?” Zhao Manyan asked him cautiously.

“Is your brain malfunctioning? The duel is supposed to take place today!” Mo Fan answered, a certain feeling in his gut.

“Fine, I understand…” Zhao Manyan turned around and called a number on his phone. “Hello? It’s me, I found the guy. He’s at Pearl Institute. Nothing’s wrong, he’s perfectly fine. He just remembered the wrong date.”

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