Versatile Mage - Chapter 2033 - The Fight Between Immortals

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Chapter 2033: The Fight Between Immortals

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“Could it be… Qin Yu’er is the heretic they mentioned?” Mo Fan realized abruptly.

“Very likely,” Mu Ningxue nodded.

“Damn it, I thought it was the dangerous guy I saw on the street!” Mo Fan said.

“Perhaps he wasn’t their main target,” Mu Ningxue suggested.

Qin Yu’er had been judged a heretic. The Heresy Judgment Court must have learned she had escaped from the Scar of Tianshan Mountain, so their people gathered at the City of the Gods before coming here!

Mo Fan was struggling to understand why Qin Yu’er came back to the Scar of Tianshan Mountain. Did the people of the Heresy Judgment Court bring her here?

“Maybe they apprehended Qin Yu’er in the city, but the Realm of Ice here greatly increased her strength after she was escorted to the Scat of Tianshan Mountain. They couldn’t control her anymore, hence the fight?” Mo Fan speculated.

“Perhaps… the people of the Heresy Judgment Court still wouldn’t let her go!” Mu Ningxue hissed angrily.

Mu Ningxue was rarely so concerned about someone else’s business, but she empathized with Qin Yu’er since they had both shared a similar fate. The Heresy Judgment Court had already committed an unforgivable act in the past, yet they still did not want to let her go!

Qin Yu’er just wanted to be free. The Heresy Judgment Court’s overbearing attitude would only worsen Mu Ningxue’s grudge against them.

“Ningxue, that woman…” Jiang Shaoxu whispered.

Mu Ningxue looked further ahead and saw a man and a woman in familiar outfits standing apart from the four Adjudicators from the Heresy Judgment Court and Muse Pelina.

They were standing further away, behind an ice ridge. Their existence had only been exposed after Qin Yu’er destroyed the ice ridge.

“It’s the Ice Luan and Ice Phoenix of the Mu Clan!” Jiang Shaoxu exclaimed.

Mu Ningxue nodded.

Everyone in the Mu Clan knew who they were. They were a brother and sister team who possessed powerful Innate Talents, the power of the Ice Luan and the Ice Phoenix!

They were the symbolic representatives of the Mu Clan, born in a clan of the Ice Element with the perfect Innate Talents. They were just as outstanding as their Innate Talents.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Fan held Mu Ningxue’s hands. He could feel her hands trembling. Even her pupils were flickering.

“It was they who expelled me from the Mu Clan and demanded my father and I change our surname,” Mu Ningxue said coldly.

The competition between Mu Tingying and her was treated like a little quarrel between kids.

Mu Tingying was from the younger generation of the Mu Clan, a potential candidate raised by the clan. However, before the Mu He incident, she was only Mu Ningxue’s substitute.

Mu Ningxue did not feel humiliated and angry because of Mu Tingying, but because of the Ice Luan and Ice Phoenix, who held great power in the clan!

They had a lot of say in many things in the clan, especially raising the younger generations, which they were fully in charge of.

Being abandoned…

Being replaced…

These had led Mu Ningxue to the lowest point in her life, but what she could not forgive was their decision to take everything from her at Venice, including her life and her soul!

Pan Xi was their right-hand man. It was they who had decided to remove the Ice Crystal Bow from her soul and turn her into a cripple who could not even cast a Basic Spell!

The Ice Luan, Mu Feiluan. The Ice Phoenix, Mu Yinfeng.

They had received their nicknames from their Innate Talents. They were brimming with extraordinary power since they were born, and had been aloof for a dozen years!


“The people of the Heresy Judgment Court must be aware of how outstanding Qin Yu’er’s Ice Element is, so they asked the two experts of the Mu Clan to lend them a hand. The Mu Clan is more than willing to fawn upon the Heresy Judgment Court!” Mu Ningxue held a strong grudge against the two.

They were the leaders of the Mu Clan she wanted to destroy! Only by dragging them down from their sacred altar would she be able to get over the humiliation and despair she had endured in Venice!

“We can’t let her escape. She’s going to bring us disaster,” a Judicator in the distance spoke up.

The four Judicators were fighting Qin Yu’er while the Ice Luan and Ice Phoenix controlled the Ice Magic in the area, using their magic to suppress Qin Yu’er’s Innate Talent. One could not deny how outstanding the Ice Luan and Ice Phoenix’s Innate Talents were, as Qin Yu’er’s magic was greatly suppressed by them. Otherwise, the fight would not have lasted for so long in an extreme environment like the Scar of Tianshan Mountain, regardless of how strong the four Judicators were.

“It’s a fight between immortals, my Heavens…” Jiang Yu’s eyes and mouth were wide open.

Their Super Spells were like fireflies compared to the Super Spells that the Judicators were tossing about. Most importantly, each of the Judicators seemed to possess some kind of forbidden power which granted their spells different effects!

“Qin Yu’er is casting spells so frequently. How does she do it?” Mo Fan asked.

Mo Fan thought it was a four-on-one, but he realized it was actually a seven-on-one after he saw the siblings from the Mu Clan and Muse Pelina. However, Qin Yu’er was able to use her magic simply by waving her hands around in the fight. She was able to gather Ice Magic and turn it into destructive spells with a single thought!

“During the years Qin Yu’er was stranded on Tianshan Mountain, she learned how to use Ice Magic without drawing Star Orbits. It’s why the Heresy Judgment Court accused her of being a heretic,” Mu Ningxue stated.

“She doesn’t need to draw Star Orbits? So she’s a magic automatic rifle?” Mo Fan could not believe it.

Star Orbits, Star Patterns, Star Constellations, and Star Palaces were supposed to be the source of energy when using magic. How was she transmitting and outputting energy without them?

If it was possible to cast Advanced Spells and Super Spells with a single thought, Qin Yu’er could defeat her enemies by abusing her casting speed, even if her cultivation was not as strong. It explained why the Heresy Judgment Court was so wary of her. Her ability was inhuman!

“That being said, can’t you see they aren’t trying to win the fight? They are just wearing her out,” Mu Ningxue pointed out to him.

“Yeah, if she only has the Ice Element, it means her energy is limited. Those guys are so fighting so dirty when it’s a seven-on-one,” Mo Fan agreed.

Qin Yu’er had also realized what her enemies were up to. She was looking for a chance to break free from the envelopment!

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