Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 3117

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Chapter 3117: Frightening the Gods!

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“Retreat again!”

… . .

Under Progenitor Bloodstone’s order, the blood race army retreated over and over again, directly retreating a thousand miles away.

Although it was very far away, those two powerful auras that were diametrically opposed seemed to be right in front of them.


The 29 layers of apocalyptic tribulation clouds superimposed together, forming a terrifying forcefield that swept across all the heavens.

Several low-level planes actually began to crumble.

Apocalyptic tribulation, only at this time did it really have the power to destroy the world!

Once Heavenly Dao was enraged, one could imagine how terrifying this tribulation would be when it fell.

Within Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven’s realm, regardless of their strength, the people were all quivering non-stop.

Apart from Ye Yuan, they were the people that could feel this terrifying pressure the most!

They clearly knew that if not for Ye Yuan blocking outside, Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven would have already completely crumbled at this time, not even fowls or dogs remaining!

However, at this time, Ye Yuan’s momentum rose several dimensions once more!

Before that terrifying superimposed Dao tribulation fell, Ye Yuan took another step!

“Trampling the Eight Desolates with Two Steps, Inverting the Universe Myriad Extinction!”

Ye Yuan shouted. Only to hear a rumble, an invisible momentum rose to the sky again, rumbling toward the tribulation clouds.

Everyone opened their mouths wide, looking at this scene with shocked faces.

Was this overcoming tribulation?

The one transcending the tribulation was also too arrogant, right?

Before the Dao tribulation came, you actually made a move yourself?

Complaining that you were not dying fast enough?

As if in order to prove everyone’s thoughts, a clap of thunder sounded out, reverberating throughout the whole world.

The momentum of this clap of thunder slammed together fiercely with Ye Yuan’s momentum.


Ye Yuan suffered a heavy blow, being forcibly smashed back onto the boundary wall.


The boundary wall could not bear such a tremendous force, directly having a large hole smashed out, while Ye Yuan was smashed right into the ground.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically, hurrying over one by one.

Progenitor Bloodstone shook his head when he saw the situation and said, “An ant trying to shake a big tree? If the ants in this world could shake a big tree, Heavenly Dao would have long collapsed! Heavenly Dao is a cage. We can only survive inside this cage according to its rules! If you try to jump out of the cage, it will wipe you out without mercy! It looks like you still haven’t understood it!”

The more invincible he was, the more he could feel Heavenly Dao’s power.

Shaking Heavenly Dao, that was something completely impossible.

Cultivators could only comply with Heavenly Dao and act in accordance with the trend.

Those who defied heaven, heaven would punish!


Before Progenitor Bloodstone’s words faded, an even more boundless aura skyrocketed again from within the world!

This imposing momentum rose several more dimensions on top of the basis of the second step!

That heavenly tribulation momentum was actually going to match wits with that 29 layered tribulation cloud!

Progenitor Bloodstone’s pupils constricted slightly, and he said in shock, “Impossible! His momentum has already been interrupted by Heavenly Dao. How can it possibly re-condense within such a short time? That blow earlier, it condensed the power of Great Dao! It already surpassed the boundary of Great Beyond Realm! Even if he didn’t die, it’s impossible to have any more strength to spare too! This … Why is it like this?”

Progenitor Bloodstone, who had been calm and composed all along, finally revealed a shocked expression at this time.

This was because he discovered that Ye Yuan’s tenaciousness had already exceeded his imagination!


A figure rose to the sky, flying out of Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven.

“Three Steps Trampling the Lofty Clouds, Myriad Realms’ Gods and Fiends Lower Their Heads!”

Behind Ye Yuan, an enormous phantom appeared.

That phantom did not look real, but the moment it took a step, the 33 Heavens actually started trembling under this step.


The 29 layered tribulation cloud collapsed with a loud bang under this stomp!

Yi Xue’s mouth opened wide, and he could not close his mouth for some time.

Progenitor Bloodstone said that it was impossible for Ye Yuan to overcome the 20th tribulation no matter what.

But now, the 29 layered tribulation clouds were still brewing an astonishing attack. However, before this attack was successfully prepared, it was directly dispersed by Ye Yuan!

Just what the hell was this Heaven Trampling Five Steps of Ye Yuan’s?

How could there be such a heaven-defying martial technique in this world?

“P-Progenitor, he is … The hell kind of martial technique is this?” Yi Xue asked with a face full of shock.

Progenitor Bloodstone was silent. He did not know either!

Ye Yuan’s martial technique already subverted his understanding.

This Heaven Trampling Five Steps, the power of each step’s momentum grew geometrically!

Although the first step was strong, it was still within the range of normal understanding.

The second step was already ridiculously strong.

The third step just now, it already surpassed everyone’s understanding.

This third step, even if Heavenless and Samsara two people confronted it head-on, they would be trampled into minced meat too!

As for himself … he should be able to suppress it.

But … this was just the third step!

There were still two more steps at the back …

Progenitor Bloodstone was somewhat breaking down. A brat who was transcending his tribulation of Hegemon could already trample him into minced meat with one foot?

Who was he?

He was the envoy of Heavenly Dao, the controller of the Great Dao of Blood!

When did this world become so crazy?

Just as everyone was shocked, Ye Yuan’s imposing momentum increased again!

Heaven Trampling Five Steps, each step was a layer of heaven!

If he did not shatter the broad expanse of heaven, he would not turn back!

Seeing the power of Ye Yuan’s fourth step, the color on Progenitor Bloodstone’s face instantly disappeared!

Although Ye Yuan accumulated power, awaiting release at this time, he had yet to take the fourth step. But, he could feel that this step had absolutely already reached his level!

This … was a freaking joke, right?

Furthermore, the 30th tribulation had yet to take shape. What was this guy going to do?

Rumble …

Above the void, an enormous black hole suddenly appeared.

That black hole was deep and dark, giving people an extremely dangerous feeling.

The 30th tribulation seemed extraordinary!

No tribulation clouds, no lightning flashing or thunder clapping, as if it was coming from another dimension.

But, just as this black hole was gradually enlarging, an angry cry came over.

“Four Steps Trampling The World, I’m Revered at the Ends of All the Heavens!”

Heavenly Trampling fourth step, the phantom behind Ye Yuan already gradually solidified.

That was seemingly Ye Yuan’s clone!


The earth shook, and mountains swayed. More than ten planes collapsed with a loud bang under this step of Ye Yuan’s!

That black hole that had just formed actually evaporated into thin air after being collided by this shocking momentum.


Heavenless, Samsara, as well as Yi Xue, they all virtually swallowed their salivas simultaneously.

The power of this step was utterly terrifying!

Under Ye Yuan’s Heaven Trampling Five Steps, the 33 Tribulations of Apocalypse simply became a joke!

“3-31st tribulation! C-Could he, really …” Yi Xue was even stammering when he spoke.

And this sentence made everyone jump in fright.

Only then did people realize that Ye Yuan succeeding in transcending the tribulation was already close at hand!

Originally, everyone thought that Ye Yuan was transcending the tribulation of Hegemon.

But at this point, it was completely not the case anymore.

Ye Yuan’s existence completely subverted people’s understanding of cultivation realm.

These steps were actually really meeting Heavenly Dao as equals!

What kind of person could clash head-on with Heavenly Dao?

“Impossible! These final three tribulations are the true apocalyptic tribulations! Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s Heaven Trampling Five Steps only has the last step! His cards had been used entirely. What will he still use to transcend the tribulation? This is his final trump card! Heh heh, he’s ultimately lacking by a notch!”

Progenitor Bloodstone was shocked and frightened.

Ye Yuan’s strength made him feel afraid!

However, he did not think that Ye Yuan could transcend the apocalyptic tribulations.

At this time, amidst the chaos, an enormous stone door appeared from the darkness.

Door of Eternal Life!

These final three waves of tribulation were actually coming from the Door of Eternal Life!

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