Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 3088 - Battling Hegemon!

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Chapter 3088: Battling Hegemon!

In the Bloodcloud Grand Array, Chi Shang, You Lei, Meng Jin, three great Hegemons, were currently looking at Ye Yuan with a look of amusement.

In their view, Ye Yuan was already a turtle in the jar.

These three people were top existences among ordinary Hegemons too.

Coming to deal with an Emperor Sakra Heaven was really putting fine timber to petty use.

Emperor Sakra Heaven and Hegemon were lifeforms on two different levels.

No one had ever been able to cross this kind of level, jumping realms to battle!

Seeing these three great powerhouses, Yue Mengli’s complexion turned pale.

And at this time, Ye Yuan had already recovered his cool.

It was only to see a small sword appear between his brows, arriving in his hand.

“Li-er, you hide in the Dao sword’s space.”

Although Ye Yuan’s inner-world had collapsed, opening up a space in the Dao sword to let Yue Mengli lie low until the storm blew over was not hard.

Yue Mengli’s face revealed a look of struggle, and she shook her head and said, “Big Brother Yuan, if you want to fight them, I’ll die together with you!”

Ye Yuan lightly caressed Yue Mengli’s face and said with a smile, “Why would your Big Brother Yuan die? I said that I’m going to marry you. I won’t go back on my words! It’s merely three ordinary Hegemons. It’s no big deal!”

The moment the three great Hegemons heard, they immediately burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, what high-sounding sentiments! Ye Yuan brat, you’re indeed as rumored. A braggart! Want to use this to bluff this girlie, don’t you think that it’s too stupid?” Chi Shang said with a loud laugh.

“In the past, it’s that Progenitor felt that your strength was meager, and he couldn’t be bothered with you. This time, since we’re making a move, do you think that you can still live? Three ordinary Hegemons? Hur hur, today, we’ll let you know what’s called a Hegemon!” You Lei said with a snicker.

With this, Yue Mengli became even more worried.

Hegemon Realms were no joke!

If it was Emperor Sakra Heaven, even if ten origin powerhouses came, Yue Mengli would not even be worried.

But, against Hegemon Realm, even if it was the weakest Hegemon Realm, it was also not what the current Ye Yuan could resist!

Ye Yuan gave her a consoling look and said with a smile, “Relax. When have I lied to you before? Since they dared to come, I’ll make sure that they can’t go back!”

Ye Yuan’s composure made Yue Mengli calm down.

Now that it came to this, they could not escape even if they ran away too. They could only conquer or die.

Saying whatever sharing life and death together, that was a joke.

Her staying here would only distract ye yuan. It was better to hide and let Ye Yuan fight with all his strength.

Finished saying that, she nodded slightly and entered the Dao sword’s space.

In this Bloodcloud Grand Array, there was nowhere that was safer than the Dao sword space.

Unless Ye Yuan died, otherwise, no one could harm Yue Mengli.

The three great Hegemons did not have the intention of stopping either, Ye Yuan’s action was completely meaningless to them.

In reality, they could kill Ye Yuan in one exchange.

Chi Shang smiled lightly and said, “Alright, the boasting is already done. We can send you off already!”

He was just about to attack, but Meng Jin stopped him and said, “Don’t. Either way, we have to be trapped here for seven days. How boring is it to kill him in one move? I’ll go play with him and get some fun out of it.”

Chi Shang was taken aback and said with a smile, “Go on.”

Meng Jin looked at Ye Yuan, and his figure suddenly swayed, disappearing.

Ye Yuan’s expression was solemn, immediately feeling danger coming from all directions. He was unable to discern at all!

His gaze was actually unable to capture the other party’s traces.

This was his first time confronting a Hegemon Realm head-on!

He also finally felt the power of a Hegemon Realm!

Meanwhile, Chi Shang and You Lei, two people, were taking things easy, having the appearance of watching a show.

Suddenly, all the hair on Ye Yuan’s body stood on end. A strong sense of crisis came from behind.

Without the slightest hesitation, all the chaos divine essence in Ye Yuan’s body poured out, turning around to block.

“Hur hur, your reaction is pretty good, but it’s already too late!”

Beside his ears came Meng Jin’s snicker.

Ye Yuan turned around but discovered that Meng Jin’s face was virtually stuck to his own face already.

It was only to see him bend his finger and lightly flick. Everything seemed so casual.


A powerful force instantly flooded into Ye Yuan’s body.

Ye Yuan’s body flew out like a cannonball, the trajectory virtually unable to see clearly!

With just one hit, Ye Yuan’s chest directly caved in.

The power of a finger flick was utterly formidable!

But, Ye Yuan’s figure had yet to stop when Meng Jin’s voice appeared beside his ear again.

“Do you think that it’s over like this?”

Ye Yuan’s entire body tensed up, chaos divine essence pouring out again, forcibly changing the trajectory of his flight.

But that feeling of danger followed him like a shadow!

Ye Yuan urged his movement technique to the extreme, changing paths several times in the air.

However, he could not shake Meng Jin off at all!

By the side, Chi Shang smiled and said, “Meng Jin is playing the cat catching a mouse.”

You Lei also smiled and said, “Before coming, Lord Yi Xue was talking about how supernatural this boy was. I even thought that he could garner some interest in me. Looking at it now, it’s also nothing more than this!”

Chi Shang shook his head and said, “You can’t say it like that! Just looking at things from now, Ye Yuan’s strength is indeed terrifying! Even if it’s an ordinary origin powerhouse, it would be hard to do anything to him too! Furthermore, here is the Bloodcloud Grand Array. All of the rules are set by Progenitor Bloodstone! His spatial origin is being restrained to the greatest degree here. Otherwise, it would really not be so easy to kill him!”

You Lei’s mouth curled, and he said disdainfully, “So what? In this Bloodcloud Grand Array, he can only be a little mouse and serve as some amusement for us.”

Chi Shang said, “That might be the case, but this chaos divine essence is indeed powerful too. He received several moves from Meng Jin and actually didn’t even die! If it was an ordinary origin powerhouse, they would have died several times over too!”

You Lei smiled and said, “Only then will this be a bit interesting. Otherwise, wouldn’t we be very bored in these seven days?”

The two people exchanged looks and smiled.

This kind of battle also made their vigilance from before evaporated into thin air.

Meng Jin had not even used 10% of his power, and Ye Yuan was already utterly defeated until he did not have an unscathed spot on his body.

No matter how monstrous he was, it was impossible to reverse it too.

Therefore, they could have some fun during these seven days.

Meng Jin and Ye Yuan’s battle was completely one-sided.

This was a game of a cat catching a mouse. Meng Jin was not in a hurry to kill Ye Yuan at all.

Even if he did not make a move, Ye Yuan had to strive with all his might too.

“Hur hur, is this the genius who stirred up all the heavens? Too disappointing! I only used one finger; you can’t even beat my one finger?” Meng Jin’s mocking voice came from inside the blood cloud.

Currently, Ye Yuan was covered in blood all over, panting heavily for air, tired from the constant running. How could he have the energy to care about his mocking?

Suddenly, Chi Shang’s brows furrowed slightly, and he said, “Do you feel that Ye Yuan’s speed seems to be a little faster?”

You Lei was slightly taken aback and immediately laughed and said, “Chi Shang, have you been scared silly by Lord Yi Xue? Is there a need to be rambling like this? This boy is merely a lower Emperor Sakra Heaven. That’s all! He’s fast? How fast can he be?! Either way, I don’t feel anything at all.”

Chi Shang nodded slightly and said, “Maybe I was overly sensitive. Looking closely, it seems like it’s really not.”

… . .

Outside of the Bloodcloud Grand Array, Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven’s battle situation was very bad too.

Half a day had passed. The Extreme Medicine Sect suffered heavy casualties!

This time, when Yi Xue came, he brought several times more force than previously.

Just the Great Beyond powerhouses were as many as ten people!

“Hur hur, being distracted like this, you’re not my match! You don’t need to think too much. Chi Shang the three of them are all top experts among ordinary Hegemons! Ye Yuan doesn’t stand a chance at all!” Yi Xue looked at Mi Tian and said with a light smile.

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