Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 3055 - Storming Formation!  

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Chapter 3055: Storming Formation!

“All go back. I’ll go by myself,” Ye Yuan said to everyone calmly.

“No way! Heavenly Saint Ye is our Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven’s hope. How can you risk your life?”

“My wretched life is not worth mentioning. If I die, I die!”

“Heavenly Saint Ye, let me go!”

… …

Ye Yuan wanted to go himself, but everyone did not let him.

Those Hegemon Realms were all dumbfounded.

Only in life and death could one see human nature clearly.

These people’s words were clearly not fake.

They would never have thought that Ye Yuan actually had such great prestige among these people!

One had to know, even if you were a genius, making me go and die for you, this would be impossible too.

At least, no one here could do it!

But these 50 thousand over people were actually scrambling over each other to go and die for Ye Yuan. They could not help being visibly moved.

“All shut up for me!” Ye Yuan said in a deep voice.

Everyone immediately shut up. Only then did he slowly say, “Who told you that I’m going to send myself to die?”

Everyone immediately calmed down, looks of wild ecstasy showing on their faces.

Could it be that this Great Beyond grand array was actually cracked by Ye Yuan?

Then … that would be amazing!

But, when the Hegemons heard that, they laughed heartily.

Clearly, they all thought otherwise.

Something that even they all, these Hegemon Realms, could not do, could a measly little Emperor Vast Heaven do it?

No matter how amazing you were, you were also just Emperor Vast Heaven!

Ye Yuan did not get started right away, but he looked toward Zhang Hexin instead and said coolly, “I can help you all take the treasures out. But there are two things that I want!”

The moment Zhang Hexin heard those words, he smiled. “I didn’t hear wrongly, right? You’re bargaining with me? Do you really think that you can make it out alive?”

Yun Xiang smiled and said, “Boy, even us Hegemon Realms are at a loss on what to do about this restriction. Just the likes of you, you can make it out alive?”

Ye Yuan just smiled and turned around and left.

Saying any more was pointless, he walked straight towards the forest where the treasures were.

Kong Tan could not help laughing as he said, “This boy has always liked to posture a lot. But this time, he has reached the end of posturing.”

Kong Hai said disapprovingly, “A youngster that doesn’t know how to be restrained, it serves him right to die too!”

Yu Ran smiled and said, “He also didn’t expect that there would be so many Hegemon Realms appearing! However, watching such an alchemy master disappear, I’m quite excited!”

Amidst the mocking, Ye Yuan walked toward the restriction.

Well, the restriction was just what Zhang Hexin they all thought. Actually, this place was just one part of the Heaven formation.

Completely comprehending Heaven formation was naturally impossible.

But fortunately, with the help of Zhang Hexin and the rest, it already let him have a preliminary understanding of things.

In reality, along the way, he had been observing the patterns of these treasures appearing and disappearing the whole time.

As long as it was an array formation, no matter how seamless and flawless the array formation, it operated according to some rules too.

Just like this world, it was also operating with various origins and power of rules.

When he got close to the restriction, Ye Yuan suddenly stopped and started musing.

When Zhang Hexin saw the situation, he could not resist laughing as he said, “Hahaha, this boy also is scared of death after all!”

Another Hegemon mocked: “A person, who isn’t scared to die? However, isn’t it a little late to only wake up at this time?”

“This boy is very cocky. Looking at him pissing his pants in fear is very interesting!”

Ye Yuan was naturally not scared until he peed in fear. He was just observing.

A blade of grass, a tree, a flower, a leaf.

Even a speck of dust, a wisp of spiritual energy, it was all in this Heaven formation.

A grand array that even Hegemon Realms could not see through; it could be imagined how terrifying it was!

Seeing Ye Yuan not moving from start to end, Zhang Hexin clearly somewhat lost his patience and said in a cold voice, “If you’re still not going in, I’ll make others go in!”

Ye Yuan still did not move, turning a deaf ear to Zhang Hexin’s words.

Zhang Hexin gave a cold snort and said, “Cravenly clinging to life and afraid of death! Boy, since he doesn’t dare, it’s your turn!”

This was said to Yang Qing.

Yang Qing glanced at him and said crossly, “Idiot! What the hell do you know! He’s cracking the formation! Cravenly clinging to life and afraid of death, hur hur, that guy’s dictionary doesn’t have these words! Idiot!”

Saying idiot twice in a row, it could be seen how much Yang Qing looked down on Zhang Hexin.

Zhang Hexin was furious and was about to make a move against Yang Qing.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan moved.

It was only to see his body turned, taking five steps to the east.

Then he took a step forward and stepped into the range of the restriction.

A hint of a smile already flashed across the corners of Zhang Hexin’s mouth.

He was waiting for the restriction to activate and smash Ye Yuan to powder.

But very soon, he could not smile anymore.

The restriction had no activities!

With this, the whole place was in an uproar!

“This is impossible! Why didn’t the restriction react?”

“Are you kidding me? A restriction that even Hegemon Realms couldn’t crack, he, an Emperor Vast Heaven, can crack it?”

“Must have hit the jackpot! Right, it must be good luck!”

… …

Coming all this way, the various factions suffered heavy losses.

However, there were also lucky ones that could obtain one or two less powerful treasures.

But those were done by piling on lives.

They discovered that the more powerful the treasure, the more formidable the restriction.

But Ye Yuan’s luck was also too good, right?

Everyone chalked this step from Ye Yuan up to luck.

Ye Yuan could not hear the outside world’s exclamations at all. He was already fully immersed in his own world.

Or should one say, inside the heaven formation.

He did not immediately take the next step and stood still again.

He was analyzing the restriction!

This time, Zhang Hexin did not rush him anymore.

The seven great Hegemons all did not urge.

Because Ye Yuan really made the first step!

Compared to finishing Ye Yuan off, they naturally hope to get the treasures inside the restriction even more!

The treasures inside were too moving.

Otherwise, they would not have easily shown themselves too.

Of course, after acquiring the treasures, then finishing Ye Yuan off, that would be perfect.

Zhang Hexin planned like this in his heart.

An hour later, Ye Yuan took the second step.

Then he disappeared!

Everyone was stunned. Where did he go?

“This guy wouldn’t have run away, right?” Zhang Hexin said with a frown.

But Hegemon Yun Xiang’s eyes lit up, and she shook her head and said, “No! This restriction is connected to spacetime. He was sent into another space! Interesting, this boy actually really figured out the way!”

The Hegemons trembled all over, looking at Hegemon Yun Xiang with incomparable shock.

Hegemon Yun Xiang was the authority on this.

This was because she had another identity; she was a Hegemon level heavenly formation master!

This was also why the offensive acts previously were all directed by her.

But very clearly, she failed.

“Yun Xiang, you aren’t joking, right? An Emperor Vast Heaven brat actually cracked the restriction that Old Man Heavenless laid down?” Another human Hegemon said in shock.

Hegemon Yun Xiang shook his head and said, “How can it be that easy? He just took two steps. The further in, the more difficult it gets! However, being inspired by him, this seat seems to have also seen through something.”

Zhang Hexin said with a look of surprise, “Doesn’t that mean that this boy is more formidable than you?”

Hegemon Yun Xiang’s face turned black, a surge of killing intent rising.

Zhang Hexin’s expression changed, wishing to give himself two tight slaps.

Really rubbing people’s noses in it!

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