Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2998 - Enshrouding Mist Soul Reading Art!  

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Chapter 2998: Enshrouding Mist Soul Reading Art!

Dragonsand was shocked in his heart. He was very sure that the blow earlier was enough to turn Ye Yuan into a mass of slush, unable to get up anymore.

But Ye Yuan stood up.

Then he pointed at his nose and scolded him!

Which was also to say that this guy was talking to him while withstanding a pile of broken bones and enduring a pain that normal people found it hard to imagine?

Was this kid a mad man?

Dragonsand did not expect that this puny little Emperor Cloud Heaven was actually so ruthless to himself!

“Scared? Hur hur, apart from Progenitor, there isn’t an existence that makes this seat scared in this world! Just based on you, a measly little Emperor Cloud Heaven? That blow just now was just teaching you a lesson, to let you know how insignificant you are! The world of Hegemon Realms isn’t what you can get involved in! Also, do you really think that this seat doesn’t dare to kill you?” Hegemon Dragonsand said with a calm look.

Long Ran also did not expect that Dragonsand actually disregarded his status and made a move against the Emperor Cloud Heaven Ye Yuan.

At this time, he flew into a great rage and said, “Dragonsand, do you still want face or not? Bring it on! If you have the ability, kill the few thousand of us! Come on!”

“Shameless thing! If you have the ability, kill us!”

“An exalted Supreme Hegemon actually made a move against an Emperor Cloud Heaven. Do you still want face or not?”

“Come on! Kill us!”

“Kill us!”

… …

The East Billow Region’s several thousand people all exploded!

No matter who Dragonsand messed with, they would not have been so agitated.

Yet, he touched Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan was their savior. Without Ye Yuan, they would still be at that damn place, living a life like hell.

The Hegemons were all extremely surprised. Clearly, they all did not expect that Dragonsand’s blow actually seemed to have poked the hornet’s nest.

In their view, although Dragonsand had the suspicion of bullying the weak, he was not wrong!

A puny little Emperor Cloud Heaven indeed did not have the qualifications to take part in the conversation between Hegemons.

They had always thought that the leader of this group of people was Long Ran.

But now, they discovered that it was clearly not!

Each time that Ye Yuan opened his mouth to speak, their expressions were very different.

“Humph! This seat wants to see what proof you can take out! I’ll say it first. If you can’t take out proof, or it’s simply empty rhetoric, then … this seat will kill people all the same!” Dragonsand said with a cold snort.

He gave in.

Angering the entire East Billow Region, this price was not what he could bear.

The domineeringness from before was a fair use of his status.

Hegemons could not be insulted. This idea was seared in everyone’s hearts.

But now, Ye Yuan had the entire East Billow Region behind him as his backer. It was clearly different.

“Zhao Yue!”

Ye Yuan’s gaze was icy-cold to the extreme.

Zhao Yue became aware of Ye Yuan’s goal and opened his mouth to spit. A remnant soul was spat out.

This remnant soul was riddled full of holes, looking very miserable. However, his appearance could still be discerned.

Long Qianxiang!

“Long Qianxiang! He’s actually not dead yet!”

“He’s pretty much dead like this, right?”

“Consciousness is already blurry. There’s no difference from a fool anymore. Can his words serve as evidence?”

… …

Many Hegemons all secretly shook their heads, feeling that Ye Yuan was extremely unwise.

It was not that he could not have Long Qianxiang incriminate Dragonsand, but he at least had to have a complete origin divinity too, right?

What the hell was this?

When Dragonsand saw this, he could not help laughing and said, “This is the proof that you’re talking about? Do you think that we all, these Hegemon Realms, are very easy to hoodwink?”

From start to end, Mi Zhen did not express anything.

He was aloof from worldly affairs. It was as if everything was under his control.

Ye Yuan did not talk rubbish, his origin divinity directly leaving his body, transforming into a thick mist.

Dragonsand’s pupils constricted, and he cried out in surprise, “Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique! This kid is actually so heaven-defying in the soul path?”

Even Mi Zhen let out a light cry of surprise too.

Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique, known as the strongest soul physique in the soul race!

Even Hegemon Heavenly Soul was marginally weaker in comparison too.

In this place, they actually saw an Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique. How could they not be surprised?

A Hegemon said, “I heard that the Nirvanic Soul Clan has many Pseudo Imperishable Soul Physiques. This kid is probably the same too, right? No need to make a big fuss!”

“No. Ye Yuan has the true Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique. There’s the aura of chaos in his soul body. It’s exactly the same as Imperishable that old ghost! No, wait! This boy’s Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique is very strange. It’s actually even engraved with many origin seeds!” Long Jian said with a serious face.

He and Dragonsand were both the dragon race’s Supreme Hegemons. They were not at all inferior to Hegemon Imperishable. Their experiences and knowledge were naturally extraordinary.

His words shocked everyone.

Didn’t that mean that Ye Yuan’s soul physique had even greater potential than Hegemon Imperishable?

“However, what is he … trying to do?” Many people were wondering with uncertainty.

Amidst doubtful voices, the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique directly burrowed into Long Qianxiang’s dilapidated origin divinity.

“Ugh … ARGHHH!” Strange cries emitted from Long Qianxiang’s mouth.

But very soon, the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique spread out. One lifelike image after another appeared in front of everyone.

“Are these all Long Qianxiang’s memory fragments?”

“That’s Windward Tribe! This accursed brute actually exterminated the entire Windward Tribe?”

“Also, isn’t that Hegemon Dragonriver’s grandson? He … He was captured to Blood Dragon Island too?”

“My God, just how many extremely brutal things has this scum done?”

… …

One scene after another appeared, and the entire Heavenly Dragon Island was shocked.

These scenes were just Long Qianxiang’s memory fragments and not complete memories.

But even so, it was sufficient to set the world on fire too.

Long Qianxiang and Dragonwild, two people, over the years had simply reached a point where all rationality and morality were lost.

It even involved the descendants of several Hegemons!

The expressions of those Hegemon Realm powerhouses gradually turned dark.

Let things drift if they did not affect one personally.

But now, Long Qianxiang had already touched their reverse scales!

Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “Quickly look! That’s Hegemon Dragonsand’s voice. He’s currently giving Long Qianxiang orders!”

Everyone was startled and hurriedly looked toward that scene.

It was only to see Long Qianxiang kneeling on the ground, listening attentively to someone’s instructions.

This person was none other than precisely Dragonsand!

“The development is too slow. I need more powerful bloodlines!” Dragonsand said.

Long Qianxiang trembled and said, “Lord Dragonsand, please forgive our offense. We’re already doing our very best, but … the bloodlines are still insufficient!”

“Then go and kill! East Billow Region has so many tribes. There are always some rare bloodlines! If you kill more people, there will naturally be bloodlines!” Dragonsand said coolly.

“Yes! Subordinate understands!” Long Qianxiang said.

The conversation was not long, but each word cut deep. That indifference toward his own clansmen made people’s hair stand on end.

There were not many scenes with him. It could be seen that Dragonsand was extremely careful.

But he still left behind clues in the end!


All of a sudden, all the scenes disappeared without a trace.

The Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique turned into a wisp of green smoke and returned to Ye Yuan’s physical body.

“Progenitor Mi Zhen, I wonder if this can be taken as proof?” Ye Yuan stared at the true dragon above the void and said coldly.

Mi Zhen nodded his head and said, “The Enshrouding Mist Soul Reading Art has a great reputation. It can naturally serve as proof!”

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