Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2922 - Tempering Soul Body!  

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Chapter 2922: Tempering Soul Body!

“It’s still that sentence; want to posture, do it after passing. Talking until flowers cascaded from the skies here, wouldn’t it be very embarrassing if you get face-slapped in a while?” Ye Yuan was indifferent and said nonchalantly.

Qin Shitian’s face turned black, and he said in a solemn voice, “Then we’ll see who gets face-slapped after getting out of the Soul Controlling Avenue!”

An Emperor Realm powerhouse appeared in front of everyone and said loudly, “Soul Controlling Avenue has a total of ten segments. Passing two segments will be considered passing the test. This Soul Controlling Avenue has the effect of tempering the soul body. It’s greatly beneficial to you guys. But this seat urges you all to act within your capability, or else you’ll die! At present, the best result of the temper entrance assessment is peak fifth segment!”

Qin Shitian trio secretly resolved themselves. This time, they were definitely going to sweep Ye Yuan’s face away!

Since the Scarlet Drill Battlefield, the three people’s present accomplishments were not accomplished overnight.

Their soul bodies were extremely solid.

Great Emperor Eastsun had once said before, with the sturdiness of Qin Shitian’s soul body, he could at least reach the sixth segment too!

This was also to say that there was virtually no suspense in him breaking the shackle of the fifth segment.

He did not believe that Ye Yuan could still contend with him in this round!

Under his word of command, over 300 people entered with a whoosh.

Upon entering the Soul Controlling Avenue, the divine soul attacks that blotted out the skies and covered the earth came over to greet them.

Many soul race powerhouses unleashed various methods to resist these divine soul attacks.

However, many soul race powerhouses started crying bitterness without ceasing.

“The first segment is already so freakish. This is killing people!”

“Just what kind of freaks entered the Nirvana Soul Hall!”

“Ouch, I can’t! I can’t anymore! I’m going to withdraw!”

… …

Coming out from the first round, these 300 over people were naturally all elites.

But very soon, someone could not hold on anymore.

The endless divine soul attacks were like a violent storm, raiding these soul race powerhouses.

Each second, they practically had to answer more than ten divine soul attacks.

It was simply seamless until not even wind could penetrate!

The Soul Controlling Avenue was similarly ten miles long.

Each mile was a segment.

But now, before talking 1000 feet out, someone had already collapsed.

Of course, if there were weaklings, there were powerhouses too.

Qin Shitian three people did not have any reaction to this violent storm-like attack at all.

In fact, they did not even use defensive mystic arts.

The first segment was too effortless for them.

The three people virtually rushed to the second segment’s checkpoint while keeping abreast of one another at the fastest speed.

The checkpoint in front of them was not difficult. They had to conserve soul strength to resist the checkpoints at the back.

At this time, the three people turned around to look without prior agreement and discovered that many people had already caught up.

But they did not see Ye Yuan’s figure and could not help letting out a sigh of relief.

This fellow indeed could not make it anymore!

During this round, it is our turn to perform!

“Heh, that punk seemed impressive, but it’s also nothing more than this! In this round, what it relies on is the soul body! The three of us definitely won’t lose to anyone!” Qin Shitian said with a cold smile.

“After getting out, we have to teach that punk a lesson!” Zhou Yu’s expression also became dark.

“That’s of course! Your Father roamed the battlefield unobstructed and haven’t lost so much face before! This time, I’ll see how that punk can be arrogant!” Qin Shitian said with a cold snort.

Remembering the first round, it was really an utter loss of face.

Not only did he lose face, he even implicated Great Emperor Eastsun in losing face too!

Finished saying, the three people entered the second segment without even turning their heads back.

In the second segment, not only did the number of divine soul attacks increase manifold, the power also multiplied.

To everyone, it was an enormous test.

Qin Shitian three people did not dare to be careless either, displaying defensive mystic arts one after another and continued advancing.

Outside of the Soul Controlling Avenue, Great Emperor Eastsun and the rest nodded with slight smiles, clearly quite pleased with the performance of Qin Shitian three people.

“Huhu, arriving at the Soul Controlling Avenue, Ye Yuan has indeed revealed his true colors! This seat sees that each step he takes is very taxing!” Great Emperor Westdawn said with a laugh.

Great Emperor Eastsun also smiled and said, “In terms of soul body, most likely among True Sovereign Heavens, someone stronger than the three of them really can’t be found. The Scarlet Drill Battlefield is akin to a meat grinder. The three of them fought with real swords and spears, killing their way out a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood! Their soul bodies have already reached the limit of True Sovereign Heaven.”

Great Emperor Woodrelease said, “Dao heart is heaven-defying, but it has to be matched with corresponding strength too! Otherwise, it will be akin to a rootless weed, too weak to stand up to anything. If let Ye Yuan fights with the three of them, he’ll probably not be able to last one exchange with them!”

All the powerhouses nodded one after another, clearly quite agreeing with it.

Sevenfeather’s face was a little ugly.

He also did not expect that Ye Yuan was actually so useless.

In the second round, he actually ended up last!

Most likely, he would not even be able to pull through the first segment.

This time, even Yan Jadetrue was puzzled too.

He knew that in terms of soul body, Ye Yuan was indeed not considered strong.

Ye Yuan’s powerful aspect was his miraculous soul path mystic arts.

Could it be that he was really going to be disappointed this time?

Very soon, many powerhouses passed through the first segment one after another. The people left behind in the first segment became fewer and fewer.

Some were seriously injured by soul path attacks and were already unable to continue the assessment and could only withdraw.

But Ye Yuan was still several thousand feet away from the checkpoint of the first segment.

And at this time, Qin Shitian three people had already passed through the second segment and entered the third segment!

The speed made people tongue-tied.

Great Emperor Eastsun smiled and said, “This Ye Yuan’s Dao heart is powerful, making him rather stubborn. He could actually hold out until now.”

Great Emperor Westdawn chuckled and said, “No matter how stubborn he is, it’s no use too. Even if he can pass the first segment, the second segment’s number and power are all multiplied. It’s simply impossible for him to pass through. In fact, he might directly turn to ashes after entering the second segment! In my view, he’s courting death here!”

Great Emperor Eastsun did not care about Ye Yuan any longer but looked toward Qin Shitian and said with a smile, “Shitian this child still has quite the potential. He has already gradually shaken off the two of them. This seat reckons that there shouldn’t be a problem in him entering the sixth segment. It’s just I don’t know how far he can walk in the sixth segment.”

The moment these words came out, everyone’s expressions changed one after another.

They did not think that Great Emperor Eastsun actually regarded Qin Shitian so highly.

Forget about the sixth segment; the difficulty of the fifth segment was already hell level.

When these big shots in front of them were at True Sovereign Heaven Realm, it was impossible to make it to the sixth segment too!

Qin Shitian was really monstrous!

In the Soul Controlling Avenue, Ye Yuan paused with each step, enduring the divine soul attacks from all directions.

With the Divine Emergence’s methods, it was too easy to want to block these divine soul attacks.

But he did not.

These divine soul attacks actually had the effect of tempering the soul body!

Hence, he did not want to waste this opportunity.

The first stage was useless to him, so he cleared it very fast.

But this stage was different.

These divine soul attacks hammered his soul body continuously, making his soul body become powerful.

Just as Yan Jadetrue conjectured, his soul body was very ordinary.

A human’s origin divinity was not of soul race’s after all.

Ye Yuan’s origin divinity resided in his sea of consciousness the vast majority of the time.

He really wanted to try what kind of level his soul body could attain!

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