Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2921 - You've Already Worked Very Hard!  

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Chapter 2921: You’ve Already Worked Very Hard!

The assessment was still ongoing. Qin Shitian three people were still advancing at high speed.

Of course, this ‘high-speed’ was in the past.

Everyone looked at the moving light dots on the light screen as if seeing their hard work in the Lucid Forest.

Looking at Ye Yuan again, their hard work seemed so laughable.

Everyone was imagining Qin Shitian three people’s expressions after coming out.

Finally, six hours’ time was up, Qin Shitian’s light dot vanished!

“Hahaha … Six hours! I broke the Lucid Forest’s record! I, Qin Shitian, am Ning Lan Nirvana Soul Hall’s number one!”

The moment his figure appeared, he let out a burst of loud laughter.

He felt invigorated to the extreme in his heart!

Overpowering Zhou Yu and He Chen, he even broke the Lucid Forest’s strongest record!

He was already fantasizing how his master would praise him.

Strongest in history!

How glorious was this!

Before this, the Lucid Forest’s strongest record was six hours and 15 minutes.

He, Qin Shitian, forcibly moved this record up by 15 minutes!

This was already a huge improvement.

This achievement was absolutely enough to ignite the entire Nirvana Soul Hall if there wasn’t Ye Yuan’s existence.

Very soon, Zhou Yu and He Chen came out of the forest successively, the expressions on their faces rather complicated.

The two of them similarly broke the record.

It was just that they lost to Qin Shitian.

Qin Shitian laughed loudly and said, “The two of you, don’t make this kind of expression. Losing to me isn’t some disgraceful thing! After all, you guys broke Senior Apprentice Brother Jiu Yuan’s record too!”

Zhou Yu had an unkind expression as he said, “What are you being smug for? You were merely lucky! If not for encountering several troublesome Daos on the way, I might not have lost to you!”

Qin Shitian said smugly, “Losing is losing; why are you finding excuses? The Lucid Forest is fair to everybody; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been used as a test too. Why? Can’t afford to bear a loss?”

Zhou Yu snorted coldly and said, “What can’t afford to bear a loss? Sooner or later, you’ll be my defeated foe!”

“Oh, right, where’s that arrogant kid?” He Chen, who had not said a word, suddenly said.

Qin Shitian was taken aback and immediately laughed loudly and said, “That kid is probably eating dust behind us, right? Hahaha … But that punk has some capability. It shouldn’t be hard to pass the test.”

The three people chattered like nobody was around, walking in front of the forest guardian.

The three of them were immersed in the joy of breaking the record and did not feel the strange atmosphere at all.

Of course, they also did not see the Ye Yuan in the crowd.

Qin Shitian gave Great Emperor Eastsun a bow from afar and said excitedly, “Master, this disciple thankfully didn’t fail the mission, winning the top spot and breaking Senior Apprentice Brother Jiu Yuan’s record! At long last, I didn’t let down Master’s expectations!”

Great Emperor Eastsun’s expression was strange, and he said with a nod, “Mn, you … you’ve already worked very hard.”

Qin Shitian was stupefied.

W-Worked very hard?

What was the meaning of this?

At this time, shouldn’t Master be lauding him with praises?

Why did it seem like he was consoling him?

This script was not right!

“Master …”

Qin Shitian suddenly lifted his head, and at this time, he finally noticed the Ye Yuan who was beside Yan Jadetrue, and his entire person was immediately petrified.

When did this guy come out?

Clearly, no one came out from just now until now!

Qin Shitian’s head was somewhat disoriented, unable to wrap itself around things for some time.

Great Emperor Eastsun heaved a slight sigh and said, “Shitian, your performance is already very good. It’s just that sadly … you didn’t break the record! Because before you, Ye Yuan has already broken the record!”

Qin Shitian three people were akin to being struck by lightning at the same time, looking at Ye Yuan in astonishment.

This guy was actually faster than the three of them?

This … How was this possible?

He forcibly increased Senior Apprentice Brother Jiu Yuan’s record by 15 minutes!

Could it be that this guy actually cleared within six hours?

“This is impossible! How can this punk possibly surpass six hours?” Qin Shitian blurted out.

Great Emperor Eastsun seriously could not bear to demoralize this honorary disciple, but the reality was this cruel!

“Six hours? Huhu, six hours is enough for Ye Yuan to go back and forth several thousand times in the Lucid Forest!” The one who spoke was Sevenfeather.

Just now, Ye Yuan already rejected Great Emperor Eastsun’s invitation.

Very clearly, Ye Yuan already had the intention of entering his tutelage.

After all, he was brought by Yan Jadetrue!

Previously, he was still blaming Yan Jadetrue for being a busybody and embarrassing him.

But now, no matter how he looked at Yan Jadetrue, he found him pleasing to the eye.

Having accepted such a heaven-defying disciple, even the master felt honored too!

“Several thousand times! You’re bull … this is absolutely impossible!”

When the word ‘bullsh*t’ reached the tip of his tongue, Qin Shitian forcibly swallowed it back.

Soul Emperor Sevenfeather was not someone that he could offend.

Sure enough, Sevenfeather’s expression turned cold, and he said in a solemn voice, “With Hall Master here, could it be that this seat will still crack jokes with you, a junior? After Ye Yuan entered the Lucid Forest, he only used five breaths of time before clearing it!”

“F-Five breaths?” Qin Shitian three people spoke in one voice, almost biting their tongues off.

Qin Shitian used a probing gaze to look at Great Emperor Eastsun. The latter nodded his head helplessly and said, “That’s right; it’s five breaths! This seat already examined it. It’s not fake.”


Qin Shitian felt like his soul body was about to explode!

This was too demoralizing.

The three of them killed countless enemies on the Scarlet Drill Battlefield and had long already cultivated their Dao hearts like it was vajra.

Six hours was absolutely a result that was worthy of being proud of.

But someone actually only used five breaths?

Qin Shitian felt that everyone was cracking a joke with him.

There were naturally not just Qin Shitian three geniuses participating in the assessment.

In reality, this batch of soul race geniuses were really quite a few.

Very soon, someone came out in succession.

It was just that after they came out, without exception, they were all deeply shocked by the result of five breaths.

Originally, they were somewhat patting themselves on their backs for having obtained a decent result.

But at this time, they had already begun to doubt life.

Three days later, the Lucid Forest assessment ended.

In the end, there were 372 people who passed the Lucid Forest.

And there were more than 200 people who died in the Lucid Forest.

The people who passed the test arrived at the second stage, Soul Controlling Avenue.

Originally, Great Emperor Eastsun and the rest of the powerhouses came over just to conveniently take a casual look.

After all, this level of test was not really considered a big deal to them.

But now, because of Ye Yuan’s sudden emergence, all of the Emperor Realm powerhouses arrived at the Soul Controlling Avenue.

Soul Controlling Avenue, it was established between two mountain peaks and was a transparent passageway.

The so-called Soul Controlling Avenue was actually a test of the examinee’s defensive ability.

To the soul race, defensive strength was an extremely important ability.

After the physical bodies of other races were destroyed, their soul bodies could exist independently.

But the soul race, once they were exterminated, that was a true death.

Therefore, to enter the Nirvana Soul Hall, one’s defensive strength must pass.

And this was precisely the forte of Qin Shitian and the others!

They slaughtered wildly in the Scarlet Drill Battlefield and had long already tempered their soul bodies like steel.

After these few days of digestion, the three people had already come around to it.

After all, they were powerhouses who had experienced countless life and deaths!

Qin Shitian looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold snort, “Punk, passing the Lucid Forest is no big deal! The Soul Controlling Avenue is the true test of strength! This time, I’m going to let you know what’s called a true powerhouse!”

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