Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2907 - Headed for the Soul Clan!

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Chapter 2907 Headed for the Soul Clan!

The group of Hegemons fell silent. There was indeed this possibility!

Blood slaves being controlled by the blood race were not easy to be discovered when placed in a crowd.

Let alone that Ye Yuan, this ‘blood slave’, was personally assimilated by the mother stone!

“This … I have no way of proving,” Ye Yuan spread his two hands out and said very shamelessly.

He indeed had no way of proving it.

He looked completely like a bloodkin from head to toe currently.

The moment these words came out, many Hegemons’ expressions changed one after another.

While Blacksun smiled coldly and said, “Since you’re unable to prove yourself, then you’re a huge hidden danger to us! Divine Lord, this boy … can’t be kept alive!”

The moment these words came out, Hegemon Cloudmount immediately objected, saying angrily, “F*ck you, Blacksun, you blood thing, do you want to spar with this seat? Come, come, come! If I don’t beat you until you cry for your mother, this seat absolutely won’t stop!”

While talking, Hegemon Cloudmount’s overwhelming aura was monstrous. The entire Absolute Heaven Barrier started to tremble.

He did not look like he was joking in the slightest. He was really going to exert his utmost strength.

This stance, he was already going to rescind his power to the Absolute Heaven Barrier and fight to the death with Hegemon Blacksun.

Hegemon Blacksun’s expression also changed drastically. Clearly, he did not expect that Hegemon Cloudmount was actually being serious.

He turned hostile at the drop of hate, it frightened the other Hegemons badly too.

Hegemon Cloudmount’s function in the Absolute Heaven Barrier was that of the main pillar!

If he revolted, then the consequence would be disastrous.

Divine Lord frowned and said, “Fellow Daoist Cloudmount, please hold your horses first! If there’s anything, let’s discuss it clearly. We mustn’t easily take action and let the blood race have an opportunity to exploit!”

Hegemon Cloudmount bristled with anger and said with a cold smile, “What rubbish! Xue Ziming, don’t think that this seat doesn’t understand, you have this intention too! But have you thought before how many amazing contributions Ye Yuan has made in these short few decades! You guys actually kicked him to the curb like this after he has outlived his usefulness. Do you feel that Your Father is easily bullied?”

Hegemon Cloudmount was not a fool, let alone someone who angered easily.

Him exploding like this, he had naturally already thought it over in his heart./ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Although Blacksun’s words were unpleasant, what he said represented the thoughts of the vast majority of the Hegemons! Was Ye Yuan very impressive?


Too impressive!

But it was also precisely because of this that this bomb was too terrifying to be placed in the alliance!

It was terrifying to the degree that even Divine Lord was fearful of it.

This person had just scammed even the Chaos Bloodstone!

But Hegemon Cloudmount did not care about these at all. Ye Yuan was his disciple, his most valued disciple!

Even if everyone did not stand on Ye Yuan’s side, he had to stand on Ye Yuan’s side too!

No one expected that Hegemon Cloudmount actually valued Ye Yuan so much and actually directly fell out.

Him directly calling Divine Lord’s name was virtually equivalent to making a decisive break away.

This already represented his attitude!

Want to kill Ye Yuan? It was absolutely impossible!

Divine Lord also felt a headache and said, “Fellow Daoist Cloudmount, don’t get angry first. This lord also didn’t say to kill Ye Yuan! It’s just that we’re burdened with everyone’s expectations. No mistakes can be allowed! With Ye Yuan’s state, we have to figure out what’s going on, isn’t that so?” Cloudmount snorted coldly and said, “This seat will vouch for him! Ye Yuan absolutely won’t betray the alliance! If you all can’t figure out what’s going on, then think of a way to figure it out! But, if anyone dares to touch a single hair of Ye Yuan’s, even if I abandon the Absolute Heaven Barrier, I’ll also get justice back!”

The expressions of the group of Hegemons became incomparably awkward.

This was being completely unreasonable.

But this kind of unreasonableness made Ye Yuan feel a warmth in his heart.

From start to end, he had unconditional faith in him and never even asked a word.

Hegemon Blacksun wanted to kill him. Hegemon Cloudmount even directly exploded without even thinking.

With such a master, what more could one ask


At this time, Zhou Pinespring also said coolly, “This set will advance and retreat together with Master!”

Li Clearcloud also stood beside Ye Yuan and said coolly, “I, this eldest senior brother, isn’t a Hegemon Realm yet. My words carry little weight. But, before killing Ye Yuan, you have to kill me first!”

Feng Xiaotian did not say anything. He just stood beside Ye Yuan silently.

The attitude was self-explanatory.

The expressions of the Hegemons changed again.

There was no need to talk about Zhou Pinespring this Hegemon powerhouse. Li Clearcloud was a huge potential stock too.

Once these master and disciples three people withdrew, the Heaven One Alliance would virtually be equivalent to dissolving.

This consequence would be severe.

Ye Yuan felt touched in his heart. Originally, he was still somewhat conflicted about acknowledging a master.

But now, he only felt that this decision was incomparably right.

For a moment, the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Both sides were in a stalemate, neither able to open their mouths.

Did the concerns of Divine Lord they all not make any sense?

Of course it did!

Ye Yuan’s situation was a huge latent danger to them.

His current realm was still low. After he entered Emperor Realm, that impact would be huge!

Presently, Ye Yuan was already the entire Heaven One’s legendary figure.

If this kind of character became a bloodkin, this was undoubtedly a massive joke.

This effect was pretty much the same as the Blood Divine Son.

It was just that the blood race could afford the loss, but Heaven One could not afford to lose!

Ye Yuan suddenly took a step forward and said with clasped hands, “Master, seniors, there’s actually no need to be troubled over this matter. Previously, I said before that I’m going to leave Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven. As long as I’m not here, all the latent dangers naturally won’t exist either. If I’m in the various heavens and can bring back some useful intel, or even the way to defeat the blood race, then everyone naturally won’t need to suspect anything anymore too.”

Hegemon Cloudmount’s pupils constricted and said, “You’re really leaving? You have to know, there are too many perils in the various heavens. There isn’t Master to protect you there! Once you encounter danger, nobody can save you!”

In Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, Hegemon Cloudmount was a god-like existence.

Even if the dozens of Hegemons on the scene wanted to kill Ye Yuan, he could protect him too.

But, if he went to other planes, it would be beyond Hegemon Cloudmount’s reach.

Ye Yuan nodded his head firmly and said, “Yes, Disciple has a reason that I must go!”

His reason was Mu Lingxue!

At present, Ye Yuan’s Divine Emergence had already been cultivated to late-stage second level. It was already not far from the third level!

Once he broke through to the third level, Ye Yuan would be able to re-condense Mu Lingxue’s divine soul and revive her!

He had waited too long for this day!

Over at Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven this side, the blood race was turned upside down, and the Chaos Bloodstone was seriously injured too.

Within a short time, there should not be too many dangers on the Heaven One Alliance this side.

Actually, after Ye Yuan broke through to True Sovereign Heaven, Mi Tian told him that re-condensing the divine soul still needed a series of steps and that he had to make a trip to the soul clan.

Therefore, Ye Yuan did not want to delay a single moment. He only wanted to immediately set off and head to the soul clan.

The soul race did not exist in Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven.

In the 33 Heavens, each heaven had their own unique race.

Such as Mi Tian’s hometown, Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven, there were many chaos true spirits!

And although Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven had many true spirits, there were no true spirits that were truly born from chaos.

The soul race’s most prosperous land was the Nihility Exceeding Balance Heaven!

This was also Ye Yuan’s destination!

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