Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2906 - Forced Fusion! Severely Wounding the Chaos Bloodstone!

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Chapter 2906 Forced Fusion! Severely Wounding the Chaos Bloodstone!

With regards to this trace of blood origin, Ye Yuan had always stayed as far away from it as possible.

After all, it was too powerful.

He had always been studying this trace of blood origin, hoping to be able to pry into the blood race’s secrets.

It was just that this thing was too profound, his realm was not there yet, and he could not understand it.

But this time, he had no choice anymore!

If he allowed it to detonate freely, he would be dead for sure!

Hence, he controlled the Dao sword and chopped toward the blood origin.

This was not for the sake of destroying the blood origin, but … to forcefully integrate it!


The Dao sword was born from Ye Yuan’s lifetime comprehension of Great Dao. It was his supremely powerful treasure that he derived from destroying a world.

How much potential this thing had, even he himself did not know either.

At least, he could accomplish things that many people could not do.

Such as suppressing the blood race’s blood essence!/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

This showed that Ye Yuan’s Dao surmounted many things to begin with.

No matter how strong the origin of blood, it was also just a type of origin power that was born from heaven and earth.

Even if it was all-encompassing, it was also impossible to be greater than heaven!

But Ye Yuan’s Dao sword was an item that evoked heaven’s jealousy.

It was born from Heavenly Dao but also different from Heavenly Dao.

Hence, Ye Yuan had no choice. He could only forcefully integrate it and forcibly refine it, turning this wisp of origin power into his own!

This origin of blood did not belong to Ye Yuan. It was just the Chaos Bloodstone ‘lending’ it to Ye Yuan to use.

But at this time, Ye Yuan was going to seize it for himself!

An all-encompassing aura was released from the Dao sword. That was akin to all roads leading to Rome that belonged to Great Dao!

Under this power, the blood origin seemed to have been hit by a paralyzing hex.

Following that, the Dao sword transformed into thousands of fine strands, forcibly penetrating into that trace of blood origin.

Forced fusion!

The outside world could not see this scene at all.

Each Hegemon’s face revealed an extremely worried expression.

And over at the Chaos Bloodstone there, although he did not speak, judging from his aura, he was clearly proud of himself to the extreme.

That pleasure of taking revenge seeped through the power of origin, showing itself to the Hegemons.

“Damn it! If the power of origin crumbles, a True Sovereign Heaven definitely can’t withstand it! This time, Ye Yuan is really dead for sure!” Divine Lord said agitatedly.

“This damn thing actually did not stint to damage his own strength in order to kill a lower True Sovereign Heaven!” Zhou Pinespring also said with a look of grief and indignation.

Hegemon Cloudmount’s two eyes even turned blood-red, urging his own origin power crazily, fighting back against the Chaos Bloodstone!

“Die! Die! Die! All attack ruthlessly for me! Your Father must make this guy pay the price!” Cloudmount roared. This was the disciple that he cherished the most. Now, he was actually going to die in front of him.

He could not stand it!

Although Ye Yuan became his disciple for a short time, Ye Yuan indeed suited his taste very much.

That imposing aura that showed disdain on the world, that sort of fanaticism and madness toward Alchemy Dao. It was virtually identical to him back then!

But now, Ye Yuan was actually going to die!

Feeling Hegemon Chaos Bloodstone’s lament and resentment, Divine Lord and the rest also urged their origin power crazily, attempting to inflict serious injuries on the Chaos Bloodstone.

He was also hoping to stop the Chaos Bloodstone from detonating the blood origin through this kind of method.

But, this was futile.

If the Chaos Bloodstone wanted to detonate the blood origin, it was merely a matter of a thought.

This was already irreversible!

But it was certainly very hard for the Chaos Bloodstone’s power of origin to want to break through the blockade of dozens of Hegemons.

But it was not difficult to get away!

This guy’s origin power was born from heaven and earth. It was extremely pure and powerful, surmounting all the Hegemons!

That shocking origin of blood gradually faded away.

The group of Hegemons obstructed and intercepted and failed to stop him.

Furthermore, his retreat was unhurried, as if to express mockery to the group of Hegemons.

But suddenly, this origin power suddenly paused, instantly weakening.

How could the Hegemons let this chance go? Origin powers smashed over towards the Chaos Bloodstone frenziedly.

The originally powerful origin of blood was pressed on the ground by dozens of Hegemons at this time and being drubbed!

Even if they were unable to eradicate it, it caused tremendous damage to him!

A confrontation of origin powers was extremely dangerous to begin wide.

With this, it was sufficient for the Chaos Bloodstone to bite off more than he could chew.

It was just that they were perplexed in their hearts. What was going on with this Chaos Bloodstone?


The origin of blood could not withstand such terrifying attacks, retreating like tidewater.

When he came, he was fearsomely powerful, making the dozens of Hegemons feel like they were facing a great enemy.

But when he left, he was panicky like a dog that lost its home!

This battle was a complete victory!

“This … What on earth is going on here? His power of origin seems to have suffered a serious injury!” Divine Lord said with a frown.

Cloudmount shuddered and cried out in surprise, “Ye Yuan! It must be Ye Yuan!”

The group of Hegemons no longer pursued the Chaos Bloodstone and returned to Ye Yuan’s side.

Ye Yuan was safe and sound!

But, the aura of blood exuding from his body made everyone’s faces change slightly.

The forced fusion succeeded!

But Ye Yuan’s body was tainted with a terrifying origin of blood!

This made his aura change drastically.

At this time, the feeling that Ye Yuan gave the Hegemons was like they were facing a bloodkin.

“Ye Yuan, are … are you alright?” Hegemon Cloudmount asked with concern.

Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes. Sucking in a deep breath, he shook his head and said, “I’m fine. Just now, in my moment of desperation, I forcefully integrated the origin of blood! Now … it has already become a part of my Dao sword!”

The Hegemons drew a breath of cold air.

This guy was too crazy!

Fusing origin this sort of thing, was no different from courting death!

This guy actually fused it just like that?

Power of origin was the Great Dao that others comprehended, it could not be copied at all.

The path that each person took was different.

Forcefully combining other people’s path with your own path, this was completely a death-seeking action.

A single misstep and it would be the result of foundation collapsing.

This was also the reason why it was so hard for Hegemon Realms to be born.

Your path, you could only walk yourself!

Ye Yuan actually integrated it just like this?

Furthermore, it even worked?

However, it was precisely because of Ye Yuan’s madness that they could deal a deadly blow to the Chaos Bloodstone, inflicting heavy wounds on the Chaos Bloodstone.

It was just that at this time, the bloody energy on Ye Yuan’s body billowed to the sky. Judging from his aura, he was completely a bloodkin already.

“Hahaha, terrific lad! Master knew that you’d be fine!” Hegemon Cloudmount said with a loud laugh.

Zhou Pinespring rolled his eyes and said, “Just now, wonder whose eyes turned red and said that he was going to avenge Junior Brother!”

Hegemon Cloudmount said in a great rage, “You scoundrel, do you want to betray your master?”

The corners of Zhou Pinespring’s mouth twitched slightly, and he stopped talking. Ye Yuan looked at the master and disciple two people and could not help smiling.

Of course, he felt a warm current flow through in his heart.

This master was acknowledged correctly!

“Ye Yuan, then do you … belong to the blood race or human race now?” Hegemon Blacksun suddenly said in a solemn voice.

The moment these words came out, everyone’s expressions changed.

What was the meaning of this?

Hegemon Cloudmount’s face turned black, and he said in a great rage, “Blacksun, what do you mean? Of course Ye Yuan is a human!”

But Hegemon Blacksun said, “If he has been assimilated by the blood race? If he’s only brushing you off right now?”

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