Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2530 - Heavenly Alchemist!

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Chapter 2530: Heavenly Alchemist!

“Miss Xuezhen, I’ll hand him over to you.”

Ye Yuan waved his hand nonchalantly, gesturing for him to be taken away.

Yang Xuezhen bit her lips lightly, looking at Li Batian full of hatred.

At the same time, she was also endlessly grateful to Ye Yuan.

If not for Ye Yuan, forget about taking revenge, she would probably still have to be coerced and marry into the Li Family and suffer humiliation.

This sort of days, she shuddered just thinking about it.

“Thank you, Ye Yuan!” Yang Xuezhen said emotionally.

Ye Yuan looked at her and smiled as he said, “You should thank yourself! Kindness begets kindness, evil has its just desserts; erhaps it’s talking about this.”

Tang Yu gave Ye Yuan a deep bow and said, “Big Brother, yesterday’s matter was all Younger Brother who didn’t know how to act. I hope that Big Brother doesn’t take it to heart. From now on, Younger Brother will definitely turn over a new leaf!”

The current Yang Family naturally attracted attention from all parties.

Outside the Yang Manor’s gates, when everyone saw this scene, each and every one of them was shocked until they could not close their mouths.

“That’s Young Master Yu! He … He had an arm chopped off by someone and actually still had to apologize?”

“This ascender is really mind-boggling, just what is his background?”

“I heard that he slaughtered the Gui Family by himself, really too terrifying!”

“Heh, you believe this? Just a lower Lesser Sublime Heaven, how can he possibly kill Gui Haisheng?”

… …

Tang Yu apologizing in front of so many people, it could almost be described as making an apology and asking for punishment.

This sincerity was very sufficient.

However, Ye Yuan did not answer, a faint smile hanging on his face, making Tang Yu feel flustered.

His forehead seeped cold sweat, feeling like he was almost going to suffocate.

Tang Yu also did not know why he would have such tremendous pressure facing Ye Yuan!

“I-If Big Brother feels like what Younger Brother has done can’t be forgiven, please punish Younger Brother heavily!” Tang Yu seriously could not bear it anymore and said with gritted teeth.

Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile, “I cut off an arm of yours. Don’t you hate me?”

Tang Yu shook his head like a rattle drum, hurriedly saying, “This younger brother was momentarily muddled. This was just desserts!”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Tang Yu, you’re a clever man. Some things, don’t need me to say, you understand too, right?”

Tang Yu nodded his head again like a chicken pecking for rice and said, “Big Brother, rest assured! In the future, the Yang Family and the Tang Family are of the same breath and branch, bound together for good or ill! Sister-in-law’s matter is my, Tang Yu’s, matter! Even if it’s climbing a mountain of blades or diving into a sea of fire, Tang Yu will complete it too!”

The moment the words ‘sister-in-law’ came out, Yang Xuezhen’s pretty face blushed red.

But in her heart, there was actually a tiny hint of sweetness.

Ye Yuan knew that Tang Yu misunderstood, but he did not explain anything either.

Yang Xuezhen was a woman. It was still very difficult to support the Yang Family in an imperial city surrounded by wolves.

But with the Tang Family, this ally, it would be different.

There was the shadow of the royal family behind the Tang Family.

If other families wanted to touch the Yang Family, they would have to reconsider it.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Forget about what happened in the past. I hope that you remember what you said just now. Otherwise … you know what the consequences are.”

Tang Yu used one arm to slap his chest fiercely and pledged in all solemnity, “Big Brother, rest assured. Tang Yu will keep his words!”

Ye Yuan’s gaze landed on Tang Yu’s severed arm and said coolly, “Does your Tang Family have alchemists?”

Tang Yu was taken aback and said, “Alchemist? Big Brother is talking about … heavenly alchemists, right? Of course, there are! My Tang Family’s main business is the management of heavenly medicine and heavenly pills. So there are naturally heavenly alchemists! Why, Big Brother? Are you actually also … a heavenly alchemist?”

Heavenly Stratum and Mortal Stratum powerhouses were essentially two different orders of life.

In the 33 Heavens, alchemists were called heavenly alchemists, their statuses revered!

Ye Yuan had just arrived. It was still his first time hearing of heavenly alchemists, he naturally found it novel too.

He was very curious just what kind of strength this Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven’s heavenly alchemists had.

Him suddenly asking about this was actually planning on letting Tang Yu regrow his severed arm.

However, since the Tang Family had heavenly alchemists, but Tang Yu did not recover, it was likely that it was not so easy for Heavenly Stratum powerhouses to regrow a severed arm.

After Ye Yuan broke through to Heavenly Stratum, he was also deeply seized with a sudden feeling.

He could feel the leap in his being!

The current him, even if it was just using the power of the fleshy body, he could crush Dao Ancestors to death with just one hand!

Even if it was the Heavenspan World’s Dao pill, it would not have any effect on Heavenly Stratum powerhouses too.

Because the Heavenspan World’s spirit medicines were too weak!

When Alchemy Dao reached the level of rule, it actually already exceeded the limits of the Heavenspan World.

Therefore, when Dao pill powerhouses refined ordinary medicinal pills, it was simply effortless.

And the spirit medicines that Dao pill powerhouses should actually refine were heavenly medicines!

Facing a foreign world, with Ye Yuan’s personality, he naturally would not be self-conceited and make promises lightly.

Since Tang Yu was sensible, it was naturally impossible for Ye Yuan to not express anything at all.

The arm was chopped off by him, then he would help Tang Yu grow it back.

It was just that, before understanding heavenly alchemists, he would not say anything, nor would he make promises too.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m not some heavenly alchemist, but I’ve dabbled a little in Alchemy Dao. Since your Tang Family has heavenly alchemists, can you bring me to widen my knowledge?”

Tang Yu hurriedly said, “Of course! Big Brother is modest. What do you mean by dabbled! Before Big Brother ascended, you must have been that world’s alchemy path sovereign! It’s just that … the refinement of heavenly pills is totally different from the Lower Realms’ medicinal pills. The difficulty is on completely different levels! Big Brother will likely have to take some time to dabble in heavenly pills.”

Tang Yu started flattering away with the same line of bullshit.

However, he already put it very tactfully.

The complexity of heavenly pills was completely not what Lower Realms spirit medicines could compare to.

Heavenly pills were naturally also not what ordinary divine pills could compare to.

The complexity was absolutely a thousand times, ten thousand times of divine pills!

Ascenders belonged to the foreigners of Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, their affinity with heavenly medicines was very poor.

Therefore, if ascenders wanted to become heavenly alchemists, the difficulty was a hundred times, a thousand times of native Heavenly Stratum powerhouses!

It was also because of this reason that there were extremely few heavenly alchemists among ascenders.

Among a thousand ascender alchemy path powerhouses, there might not be one capable of becoming a heavenly alchemist!

This was still just alchemy path powerhouses. If placed among all of the ascenders, this ratio would be negligibly small.

Even if one was once a top alchemy path powerhouse in the Lower Realms, they would also fade into the crowd after entering Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven.

The vast majority of the people gave up on the alchemy path.

It was not that they wanted to, but it was just that it was far too hard!

And this was also one of the reasons why native powerhouses looked down on ascenders!

Five Light Heavenly Region was the site where ascenders gathered. But even the supreme powerhouses there also had to be cordial and respectful when they saw heavenly alchemists.

In fact, they even needed to curry favor with heavenly alchemists.

If one used 100 years to refine a heavenly pill that others used one year to refine, how to still live if like this?

When Ye Yuan saw Tang Yu’s expression, how could he not know that he already put it very tactfully?

But it was also precisely so that Ye Yuan was even more interested in heavenly alchemists.

He said coolly, “When talking to me in the future, don’t give me that line of bullshit! Speak the bold truth!”

Tang Yu’s expression changed and he hurriedly said, “Yes, Big Brother!”

Tang Yu immediately talked about the difficulty of heavenly alchemists, making Ye Yuan’s brows furrow slightly too.

He did not expect that it would actually be so difficult!

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