Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2529 - Reshuffle

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Chapter 2529: Reshuffle

“Yu-er, who hurt you until like this?! Father will tear his body to shreds!”

When Tang Yu returned to the Tang Family and Tang Jinhua saw that his son actually had an arm severed, he could not help flying into a great rage.

He valued this son very highly.

Disregarding his high cultivation talent, his wisdom was also very outstanding.

Many of the Tang Family’s major things were all plotted by Tang Yu behind the scenes.

The Tang Family prospering with each passing day these few years had Tang Yu’s contributions in it.

Tang Yu’s complexion appeared rather pale because of excessive blood loss.

Seeing Tang Jinhua get angry, he shook his head and said, “Father, don’t! I can’t fathom this person. We’d best not provoke him! At least, before tomorrow, we can’t make a move without careful consideration!”

Tang Yu’s words were like a bucket of cold water, splashing Tang Jinhua from head to toe.

These few years, how fired up with boundless enthusiasm was Tang Yu?

Apart from the royal family, no one could enter his sights anymore.

Whoever provoked him, it was virtually equivalent to being sentenced to death.

But now, he actually did not dare to go and retaliate against the other party, how could this not shock him?

“Yu-er, what on earth is going on? Didn’t you go to help the Li Family annex the Yang Family? How did it end up like this?” Tang Jinhua curbed his anger and said in surprise.

Tang Yu shook his head and said, “This matter can’t be explained in a few words. Allow me to slowly explain to Father later. Your urgent matter on hand right now is to bring people to go and exterminate the Li Family, and capture Li Batian, the faster the better! I keep having a feeling that … something is going to happen!”

The astonishment in Tang Jinhua’s eyes grew even thicker.

Didn’t his son go to help the Li Family? How come after he came back, putting aside that he had an arm severed, he even wanted to exterminate the Li Family?

What the hell was this?

But Tang Jinhua understood this son. He absolutely would not do things at random.

He definitely had his reasons for making him go and exterminate the Li Family.

He nodded his head and said, “Okay, you recuperate your wounds at home. Father will bring people to go and exterminate the Li Family right now!”

Tang Yu nodded his head with weak breathing and said, “Father, remember to leave Li Batian with his life. I have use for it!”

Tang Jinhua’s pupils constricted slightly, nodded his head, and turned around and left.

Looking at Tang Jinhua’s departing back view, Tang Yu’s gaze flickered slightly and he said, “His eyes were too sharp! It’s like I’m a transparent person in front of him! All wits lie bare naked! He dared to offend so many imperial city major clans at the same time. He must have reliance!”

… …

The next day, news flew over like snowflakes. The various major families of the imperial city were incredibly shocked.

The Gui Family’s family head, Gui Haisheng, brought more than a dozen middle Lesser Sublime Heaven powerhouses of the Gui Family, and sneak attacked Ye Yuan in Purplecloud Alley, and was completely eradicated!

Gui Family’s family head, Gui Haisheng, died!

For some time, the various major families in the city were extremely terrified.

Ye Yuan, a mere lower Lesser Sublime Heaven, actually slaughtered more than ten people by himself.

Among them, there was even a powerful upper Lesser Sublime Heaven!

Someone witnessed Ye Yuan enter Purplecloud Alley alone. There was absolutely no second person.

Purplecloud Alley was located in a remote area, where few people tread.

Thinking about it now, he was simply using himself as a lure, to bait the Gui Family out!

When the Lu Family got this news, they were extremely terrified, and moved out of the imperial city overnight!

Actually, the Lu Family planned on ambushing Ye Yuan too. It was just that they did not have time to do it yet.

On that night, they also received news that the Li Family was pulled up by the roots, and Li Batian was directly captured away by Tang Jinhua.

The Lu Family thought that with Ye Yuan severely wounding Tang Yu, the Tang Family would definitely destroy the Yang Family with ruthless means.

But who knew that the Yang Family was not destroyed, but their rival Li Family was completely destroyed.

What did this show?

This showed that the Tang Family lowered their head to Ye Yuan!

A leviathan like the Tang Family actually lowered their head to an ascender!

How could the Lu Family not be surprised?

They knew that this imperial city no longer had a foothold for him.

But, compared to the Gui Family and Li Family, they were far too lucky.

This time was destined to be a fretful night.

Yang Xuezhen looked at this slightly thin man in front of her, a strange feeling rising in her heart.

She also never dreamed that the guy she casually picked up, actually became her savior.

When she was in despair, Ye Yuan swept across the imperial city with wrathful means, reshuffling the imperial city’s family clans overnight.

Yang Xuezhen felt that this man before her eyes was a little unreal.

He was clearly just an ascender who just entered lower Lesser Sublime Heaven, a rookie-to-the-max rookie.

Yet, he had the strength that shocked the entire imperial city!

When Ye Yuan wanted to use himself as bait to go out and bait the Gui Family, she had a million disagreements.

She thought that Ye Yuan would not be able to come back anymore.

But the news that came back shocked her until she could not close her mouth.

She did not know how Ye Yuan did it, but it was sufficiently shocking!

The Thousand Crane Sect had many young and outstanding talents. Those who pursued Yang Xuezhen were not in the minority.

But these young heroes completely paled in comparison when placed in front of Ye Yuan.

Under Ye Yuan’s dominance, Yang Xuezhen already completely controlled the Yang Family and imprisoned Yang Jin and his mother.

Those clan elders who tried to betray the Yang Family were all expelled from the family by her.

Yang Xuezhen had already become the Yang Family’s family head in reality as well as in name!

“Ye Yuan, I … I’m sorry!” Yang Xuezhen said rather embarrassedly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Why apologize?”

Yang Xuezhen said with lowered brows, “I always thought that you were a useless good-for-nothing, and even felt that I was bestowing kindness onto you. Thinking about it, it feels ridiculous.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “For everything that has a cause, there must be an effect. You were in a difficult situation and still wanted to save someone. This kindness, this Ye naturally remembers firmly in my heart. Otherwise, I also wouldn’t have intervened in this matter.”

Yang Xuezhen was stunned when she heard that, and could not help feeling a sense of loss in her heart.

It turned out that Ye Yuan was just doing it for this little favor?

But this did not count as a favor at all!

Just as Yang Xuezhen’s mind was running wild, Tang Yu arrived.

He personally detained Li Batian and came to apologize.

After a night of medical treatment, Tang Yu’s injuries were already well. It was just that that severed arm appeared very off.

The physiques of Heavenly Stratum powerhouses were special. They were the products of the power of rules to begin with. It could not be regrown by expending some divine essence.

“Big Brother, I’ve already detained the person here on your behalf! Want to kill or dismember is up to you!” Tang Yu arrived before Ye Yuan and said respectfully.

Getting the news of the Gui Family being completely wiped out, Tang Yu was also shocked until he could not close his mouth for a long time.

He knew that something would happen, but he did not think that the news would be so shocking.

He knew that middle Lesser Sublime Heavens were not Ye Yuan’s match, but he did not expect that even Gui Haisheng died too!”

One had to know, his father, Tang Jinhua, was also merely upper Lesser Sublime Heaven!

If they really provoked Ye Yuan, would the Tang Family have also been …

Thinking until here, Tang Yu’s back was already drenched.

Not just Tang Yu, Tang Jinhua also broke out in cold sweat after learning of the ins and outs of the matter.

This ascender was too bizarre!

He could not help admiring his son’s wit. If they clashed with Ye Yuan, the Tang Family might have already been destroyed now.

It was true that the royal family was behind the Tang Family, but it was also merely just behind.

They were merely the royal family’s tool, that was all. They would not care about the Tang Family’s life and death.

If the Tang Family collapsed, there would naturally be the Li Family and Zhang Family that would rise up.

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