Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 830 - Disguising as a Pig to Eat a Tiger (1)

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Chapter 830: Disguising as a Pig to Eat a Tiger (1)

“What’s wrong? Why is it suddenly so lively?” Ling Sheng was only familiar with him.

“My mother said that Song Feifei is back with her prince fiancé. They all went downstairs to take a look. She’s already at the door.” Huo Xuanzhou pulled her to his side and reminded her kindly. “She’s been coveting the bedroom you’re staying in now for a good few decades. Be careful.”

“It’s just a room.” Ling Sheng was baffled. It was just a room. Fourth Aunt had already kicked up a fuss in the morning.

“This matter is not about a mere room. It is about who is part of the Huo Family. Grandpa let you stay here to tell everyone that you’re the real granddaughter of the Huo Family.” Huo Xuanzhou looked at her and saw how she laughed uncaringly. “Fourth Aunt has been trying to please Grandpa a lot for this room. Now that the room has been given to you, what do you think they will do?”

“They probably feel that it’s unfair. They’re jealous. But… Grandpa gave it to me. I wasn’t the one who threw a fuss and insisted on it.” Ling Sheng’s facial expression was very innocent.

Huo Xuanzhou knew that she was pretending to be naive, so he rapped his finger on her head exasperatedly. He pouted and lowered his voice. “Fine, I’ll wait to see you play the pig to eat the tiger.”

Ling Sheng went down with Huo Xuanzhou. The living room was already full. Upon hearing that her fiancé was a prince, everyone wanted to come and take a look. To see what was different between a prince from a foreign country and a nobility’s son from China.

When Xiao Hui knew that Huo Feifei was about to arrive, she knocked on the doors one by one and called everyone down. She had a smile on her face, and her whole body was full of pride.

Look, look, look. Who was as impressive as her? The daughter she raised had become successful. She had gone overseas to study and found a wealthy son-in-law for her, who was a prince.

Huo Xiao was asleep, but Su Xiyin was also called out. She pulled Ling Sheng to her side. “Why did you come down? You should go back to sleep.”

“I also want to see if the prince has four eyes and eight legs,” Ling Sheng smiled as she whispered in her grandma’s ear.

Oh my, this scene reminded her of the Jia Manor in ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’, where they were welcoming the Imperial Concubine visiting her parents. All kinds of people had come out.

However, Fifth Aunt really treated her daughter as a consort. Even her grandma had been woken up to welcome her in the middle of the night. How shameless.

Huo Xuanzhou, who was with her, smiled when he heard her words. “Why don’t you go find a king? When the real queen of the Rong Family comes home to visit her family tomorrow, the President and the cabinet ministers will all go to meet her. If you manage to get to that position, the whole Huo Family will welcome you grandly.”

Ling Sheng pouted and thought to herself, forget it. “How can there be so many kings and princes in the world for me to find? She’s the queen of Country Y. How can she be the same as those wild princes who came out of nowhere?”

“You’re not bad either. You have the richest man in the world,” Huo Xuanzhou lowered his voice. “They want to arrange blind dates for you. Do you really not intend to bring him out to escape?”

Ling Sheng was very calm. “What? We broke up long ago.”

Huo Xuanzhou’s eyes widened. “What did you say?”

Ling Sheng pinched his arm and gritted her teeth as she asked, “You were the one who gave Grandpa his phone number, right? I haven’t settled the score with you yet. How dare you ask me this question?!”

Huo Xuanzhou said, “You broke up just because of this? Why did you break up? You should at least bring him home to scare this bunch of inexperienced women before breaking up. Sixth Uncle and Grandpa made you break up?”

“Yeah.” Ling Sheng nodded gloomily.

Upon seeing her depressed look, Huo Xuanzhou felt extremely guilty. In a low voice, he asked, “Is it really because of my call? You know Grandpa’s temper too. Since he asked me to call him, would I dare not?”

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