Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 796 - Is a Daughter (2)

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Chapter 796: Is a Daughter (2)

Ye Xigu knew that Huo Ci used to be pretty reckless, but after so many years, no illegitimate child had come looking for him. Why had an illegitimate daughter suddenly appeared?

Besides, if she had wanted to find Huo Ci, there was no need for her to appear after becoming an adult and having had a child this big. Wouldn’t it be better if she came to find him earlier to con him?

Rong Yu choked and sized them up carefully. This was a big joke. He had skipped right past marriage. His daughter and grandson had already grown so big. He was indeed the number one devil incarnate in China. Besides admiration, he could not find another word to describe them.

Ah Yin had mentioned Huo Ci to him before. He had said that he was already so old, but had not gotten married or had children. He did not know what he was thinking, but he would still worry about him. Now, everything was fine. His family had popped out of nowhere.

However, who was this girl’s mother? Why had she only come to find Huo Ci after so many years? Where had she been for so long before? She did not seem like she wanted to extort Huo Ci.

Jiang Jianhong’s thoughts were a little different from others’. Inwardly, he thought that the Old Master’s words did not make sense. If she was not worthy of being Huo Ci’s wife, how was she worthy of being his daughter? However, on a closer look, their features really did resemble each other, especially their temperament. They were very similar.

“Sheng Sheng, come and greet me. Xiaoqi should come too.” Huo Xiao was overjoyed. He did not even look at Huo Ci, treating him like air.

Ling Sheng led Xiaoqi over and greeted everyone ‘Happy New Year’ one by one.

Ye Xigu and the others picked the two biggest red packets they had gotten for New Year’s greetings. The mother and son each got one. Before the red packets had warmed up, they were passed over to someone else again.

Huo Xiao was so happy that he could not close his mouth. He made Ling Sheng and Xiaoqi accept them, saying that it was a gesture of kindness from the elders. He only gave out red packets early in the morning. He felt very happy to take the red packets back.

Everyone present was smart. Upon seeing the Old Master and Old Madam’s attitude, they knew that the two of them really doted on the granddaughter they had just acknowledged. However, this girl and her son were really sweet. They knew how to talk and make others happy.

Huo Ci became the unwelcome person. After drinking a cup of tasteless tea, he got up to leave.

Huo Xiao pointed at him. “Where are you going? Go out and pay New Year calls. Look, whose child is like you?”

Huo Ci said, “Isn’t it fine so long as all my older brothers go? Everyone knows that I’m a scumbag, an unfilial son. They wouldn’t care if I went to pay New Year’s greetings or not.”

In the past, he definitely had to go home on New Year’s Eve. He could not miss New Year’s Eve dinner or the New Year greetings. Otherwise, he would definitely be punished by the Old Master. This was the first time he had skipped New Year’s Eve dinner and his New Year greetings.

“Take Sheng Sheng and Xiaoqi out for a walk.” Huo Xiao got angry whenever he saw Huo Ci. But he did not want to punish this scumbag on the first day of the new year.

“Exactly. My Old Master talks about you often,” Ye Xi looked at him and said politely. No one cared about these New Year greetings. They were just doing it for fun and auspiciousness.

Huo Ci frowned and sat back down. “I haven’t unpacked my luggage!”

Huo Xiao said, “Do you need to unpack? You can choose not to go to other families but you should go to the Rong, Jiang, and Yan families! Bring Sheng Sheng to meet them.”

Huo Ci nodded in agreement. He was right. He had to go and take a look, and get back the red packets he had given out before. He could not always give more red packets than he received. That was such a loss. He had to take them back. He told Ling Sheng, “Go pack your things. We’ll leave in half an hour.”

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