Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 795 - Is A Daughter (1)

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Chapter 795: Is A Daughter (1)

Huo Ci promised to go home on the first day of the year. Early in the morning, he was nagged at and scolded by Huo Xiao to bring his dear granddaughter home quickly.

Huo Ci agreed verbally, but he only brought Ling Sheng and Xiaoqi back after lunch.

It was a busy first day of the lunar new year, especially for families like the Huo Family. They had many long-time family friends, and also lived together. Thus, the younger generation visited each other to wish them a Happy New Year while the elders stayed at home, waiting for the younger generation to visit them and ask for red packets.

When Ling Sheng and the others got home, other than Su Xiyin and Huo Xiao, the rest of the family had gone out to pay their new year greetings. A few juniors had also come to the house, and had been asked to stay for lunch. They were chatting.

“You still know to come back!” Huo Xiao pointed at Huo Ci’s head mercilessly in front of everyone. “You might as well not come home for the new year.”

“Father, are you serious?” Huo Ci smiled and turned to leave. “Then, I’ll really be leaving.”

“You…” Huo Xiao pointed his walking stick at him, his face turning green from anger. How could he have fathered such a heartless and unfilial son?! Look at whose child eats New Year’s Eve dinner at the hospital instead of his home!

“Brother Ci.”

Some of them were around Huo Ci’s age, and some looked even younger than him. They greeted him and tried to advise Huo Xiao not to be angry. However, their attention was attracted by the pretty girl and the delicate child behind Huo Ci.

“Brother Ci, is this a happy occasion? Why didn’t you inform us beforehand? We came to ask for red packets, so we didn’t prepare any welcome gifts for our first meeting.” The person who spoke was the eldest son of the Ye Family, Ye Xigu. His eyes scanned Ling Sheng and he recognized her. The little celebrity who had been involved in Huo Ci’s scandal and was from his studio. Her name was Ling Sheng!

The young girl was good-looking, her acting skills were not bad and her performance in variety shows was also quite interesting. His parents liked her quite a lot, and they were still following the historical drama “The Legend of Empress Xiaoxian” she had acted in even during the New Year.

“That’s right, Brother Ci. That’s not nice of you. We’re all brothers. You already have a wife and a child, yet you kept us in the dark,” the boy from the Jiang Family, Jiang Jianhong teased him too. He really had not expected that he would amaze the world with a single brilliant feat—Huo Ci came with a complete set of a wife and a child.

“Hi, Younger Sister-In-Law. This child is truly good-looking. He looks exactly like Ah Ci when the latter was young. You gave us such a big surprise without saying anything!” Rong Yu was a few years older than Huo Ci and was a nice person. As the son of the Rong Family’s extended family, he was working under Rong Yin and was well-appreciated by him.

The few of them were still quite familiar with Huo Ci. Their relationship was not that strong, but they were all in the same circle. Their families were also long-time friends, so they had a decent relationship. They all teased Huo Ci.

Huo Ci did not speak either and let them spout nonsense. He looked at his father as though he was watching a show.

Upon hearing their nonsense, Su Xiyin frowned slightly and explained, “Stop making wild guesses. She’s not Ci Er’s wife. She’s our Ci Er’s daughter.”

Huo Xiao’s face darkened as he warned them sternly. “Shut up, all of you. That’s my granddaughter. Look at all of you. Nothing good comes out of your mouths. What wife? Do you think he’s worthy?”

As soon as Huo Xiao finished speaking, the few of them were greatly shocked. What the hell? She was not his wife, but his daughter. Then, what about that brat? His son? His grandson?

How great! They thought that he had brought his wife and son back silently. They had not expected it would be more impressive than this. He had returned directly with his daughter and grandson!

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