Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 772 - Together Now

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Chapter 772: Together Now

Lu Yubai rubbed her red wrist gently. “Why? You don’t believe my words? Do you think I’m lying to you?”

Su Yi shook her head, blushing. In a weak voice, she said, “I thought I was dreaming!”

“Silly girl.” Lu Yubai let out a low laugh. His long, narrow eyes were full of joy, and his voice was magnetic and pleasant. “I’m not young anymore. I want to date someone with the premise of marriage. Are you willing to do that?”

Su Yi nodded vigorously. “I want to date someone whom I will marry too!”

“I’m much older than you. Do your parents mind?”

“No! My parents are very open-minded!”

“I might not know how to coax you.”

“I don’t know how to coax people either. We can learn slowly.”

“My family’s situation is a little complicated, but as Mrs. Lu, there are many things you’ll have to face. Will you be afraid?”


“Then, Ms. Su, let me ask you again. Are you willing to be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, I’m willing!”

Su Yi felt like she was in a wedding hall right now. It felt a little unreal. It was as though a priest had asked her if she was willing to marry the man in front of her. As for her, she nodded, smiled happily, and said loudly, “I’m willing!”

When Ling Sheng saw the rankings of Su Yi’s new album soar on the music list made by the latter’s fans, she clicked her tongue and sighed. Facts had proven that the general public’s zeal and enthusiasm for gossip always exceeded their fondness for professional things in certain fields.

They might start paying attention to you because of some gossip or some small point that you had poke at. They might start paying attention to what you like and what you’re doing.

However, they might never pay attention to a person because of a particular professional field he or she liked.

That was why marketing campaigns had been created. That was why celebrities bought the hottest search topics every year and there was endless gossip about bottom-tier celebrities trying to gain attention and scam others. It was a fast-food style culture in the entertainment circle. The masses liked to watch the ruckus. It would be even more interesting if the celebrities tore each other apart.

When Shi Lingyu called, the rehearsals had just ended. “Sheng Sheng! Sheng Sheng, they’re together! They’re together now!”

Ling Sheng was bewildered. Shi Lingyu’s voice was so loud that Ling Sheng moved her phone far away. “What’s together?”

Shi Lingyu said, “Teacher Lu and Sister Su Yi! I just called to console Sister Su Yi. She told me personally that Teacher Lu took the initiative. Ahhh!”

Ling Sheng pouted in disdain. “Sister Su Yi is the one dating him. Those who don’t know might even think that Teacher Lu is with you!”

Shi Lingyu said, “I got too happy! I’m really happy for Sister Su Yi. Teacher Lu! She has clinched one of the most eligible bachelors in China, Teacher Lu!”

Ling Sheng came up with an irresponsible idea and teased her. “Why don’t… you break up with Brother Bei? I’ll introduce my Fourth Uncle to you. You know the Fourth Master of the Jiang Family, Jiang Zhe, right? He’s more impressive than my Fifth Uncle and he’s an eligible bachelor too. When the time comes, even Sister Su Yi will have to call you Fourth Older Sister-in-law!”

Shi Lingyu said, “Stop spouting nonsense! Why would I break up with Yu Bei for no reason? Even if you give Old Huo to me, I definitely won’t break up with him!”

Ling Sheng could not help but laugh. Then, she let out a low cough. “Seriously, if Huo Ci is beside you right now, and he’s dragging you to register your marriage, will you go or not?”

Shi Lingyu hesitated for a moment. It was so difficult to choose. Don’t be like this. She bit her lips, and the two ‘tiny people’ within her fought fiercely. In the end, she said firmly, “I won’t go! Don’t tempt me. It’s useless. Huo Ci can’t possibly marry me for real either!”

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