Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 507 - Worse Taste

Chapter 507: Worse Taste

Did she not know what would happen if she offended him? How dare she scheme against him? What had given her the courage to do that?

The reporters looked down and fought to ask them questions. Where else could they find such a good opportunity? The male and female leads of the scandal were present.

Ling Sheng walked over quietly, her eyes spitting fire from anger. Look at Zhen Li’s smug face. She had nearly carved the news on her forehead.

Although she had said that she would rely on her capabilities to become popular instead of relying on scandals or hype, in reality, she had just not found a suitable opportunity to create hype with the right person. She was very ambitious and would not even take a liking to small celebrities she had worked with in the past.

Otherwise, there would not have been any rumors or scandals. However, there had been an eye-catching scandal with her father. She must have taken a liking to him.

She shot an angry look at her elegant father, who was smiling like a spring breeze. Look at him. Why does he have a face that looks completely harmless? Women have evil thoughts when they see him.

Are all the female celebrities in the entertainment circle so thirsty? Do they lack men? They also lack men like my father. Why does everyone want to be my stepmother?

Xiao Ye stood beside her and whispered, “Sister Sheng Sheng, don’t be angry. It must be fake news. How could Boss like her?”

Ling Sheng gave her a look and frowned strangely. “When did I get angry? Why should I be?”

It was not her man who had been involved in a scandal. It was her father. Even if he really liked Zhen Li and he married her and made her Ling Sheng’s stepmother, she would not object, alright?

Xiao Ye pouted and looked at her quietly. Before she could flare up, her anger got to her head and smoke began rising from her head. She looked like she wanted to kill Zhen Li. Who was she lying to?

Upon seeing Xiao Ye’s doubtful expression, Ling Sheng gritted her teeth and explained in a low voice, “I’m really not angry. I’m really not angry!”

Soon, the paparazzi dispersed, and Huo Ci left under the protection of the bodyguards. When he got in the car, he punched the car seat angrily, his eyes full of danger and murderous intent. He gritted his teeth so hard that he wanted to kill someone to vent his anger. “Zuo Ming, investigate this. I don’t care what method you use. I want video evidence from last night!”


He had been tricked!

This feeling was suffocating to the point of explosion!

He had actually been put in such a pathetic state by a woman. Car… sex? Was she worthy? Did she not look in the mirror every day? Did she not vomit from disgust when she looked in the mirror?

“Yes, Sixth Master.” Zuo Ming broke out in a cold sweat.

The woman called Zhen Li was indeed scheming. When she had come yesterday, she had probably planned to be the hottest topic of the day. She had probably taken on the role of both director and actress while being secretly photographed by the paparazzi!

This was the first time he had seen a fool who had dared to cause someone with power trouble. He wanted to tell her that she had gone overboard. She had gone overboard long ago. If she angered the Sixth Master, she would definitely end up in a miserable state.

Normally, the Sixth Master would not care if a female celebrity tried to gain attention. He felt that it was not easy for a girl to survive in the entertainment circle. As long as one did not go overboard, he would turn a blind eye.

However, this woman had actually dared to use him and set up a trap for him. She wanted to use him to climb up the social ladder and had even created an embarrassing scandal, causing him to lose face. This was the first time Sixth Master had suffered such a grievance.

River View Tower was a famous teahouse in M City.

The private room by the window was very quiet and elegant, but there was someone there who was not calm at all. Chen Mo stared at the video of the live recording and said with a cold expression, “Cut! Gu Shen is trying too hard. Let’s do it again!”

Opposite him, the woman put down her phone, her slender, fair fingers curling up slightly as she knocked on the table. Even her frown was so perfect that it was out of this world. She was so beautiful that one could not take one’s eyes off her. She looked at him unhappily. “Ah Mo, are you here to have fun with me or work?”

“Sister, did you see the news about Huo Ci having sex… in a car?” Chen Mo asked as he looked up at her hurriedly.

Nangong Lengyu nodded. There was some disdain on her gorgeous face as her lips curled up slightly. When she spoke, her voice was a little cold. “Yes, he’s getting older. His taste is getting worse. He’s not picky at all.”

Chen Mo observed her expression quietly. He knew better, so kept quiet as he continued to work.

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