Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 843 - True Ultimate, Increase in Strength!

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Chapter 843 True Ultimate, Increase in Strength!

“I wonder if the Jade Pure Sacred Sect is still around,” Mo Fuchou muttered to himself.

Zhou Fan rolled his eyes.

However, there was no choice. To Zhou Fan, he had lived for more than three million years, but to Mo Fuchou, it had been two million years since then. After reviving, he had been cultivating in seclusion. Their state of mind could not be compared.

Zhou Fan said, “It should still be there. The Hidden Sect disciples mentioned that the Reroll World, where the Jade Pure Sacred Sect is located, is the second mortal world of the Heavenly Dao. The Jade Pure Sacred Sect is also the number one sect in the Reroll World.”

Mo Fuchou smiled. “So powerful? It seems that our Jade Pure Sacred Sect is really lucky.”

Zhou Fan curled his lips. How was the Jade Pure Sacred Sect powerful? It was clearly because of Han Jue.

He didn’t dare to look down on him. After all, he was also benefiting from him.

The two of them chatted as they waited for the Great Dao Tower to reach the Heavenly Dao.

At the edge of the Heavenly Dao, Fang Liang had already begun to wait and was in charge of receiving the Great Dao Tower.

After all, the Great Dao Tower led many cultivators. They had to make arrangements, or it would easily cause panic.

The Great Dao Tower’s arrival also caused a huge commotion in the Heavenly Dao.

The news that Zhou Fan was a disciple of the Hidden Sect also spread, revealing the Hidden Sect’s foundation to the Heavenly Dao cultivators.

The Hidden Sect had always been a major force in the Immortal World, but it kept a low profile and rarely fought for great providence. Usually, cultivators would find it difficult to think of them.

Because of the Great Dao Tower, all living beings began to dig up information about the Hidden Sect. The more they understood, the more shocked they became.

Year after year passed.

Forty thousand years later.

On this day, a notification appeared in front of Han Jue.

[Fusion successful. Primordial Judgment Sword has been upgraded to an Ultimate Dao Treasure.]

Han Jue was a little disappointed.

He had thought that the Primordial Judgment Sword could become an Ultimate Supreme Treasure.

However, it was impossible upon thinking about it carefully. Other than the Heaven-Opening Axe, the grade of the other Dharma treasures was not enough.

Han Jue took out the Primordial Judgment Sword. In an instant, purple-red light burst out, causing the entire Daoist temple to become sinister. A terrifying killing intent spread out.

Han Jue hurriedly used his Supreme Power to control it.

The Primordial Judgment Sword was his Birth Dharma treasure, to begin with. He did not need to refine it again.

Han Jue began to sense the Primordial Judgment Sword’s power and fused it with his will.

Unlike the Heaven-Opening Axe, Han Jue felt extremely close to the Primordial Judgment Sword. He could easily mobilize all the power it contained!

The Primordial Judgment Sword’s blade was red. It was as wide as a palm and five feet long. The sword body emitted a faint purple light that complemented each other. It was mysterious.

After a long time.

Han Jue began the simulation trial to familiarize himself with the Primordial Judgment Sword.

A hundred thousand Foolish Sword Sages!

Han Jue fused the 1,949 Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols into his body and used the Primordial Divine Rage to slash out.

He killed them all!

Han Jue was pleasantly surprised.

The Primordial Judgment Sword was even more ferocious than the previous Heaven-Opening Axe!

Apart from the killing intent of the Heaven-Opening Axe, there was also the power of Primordial Chaos. When fused together, it truly displayed the power of an Ultimate Dao Treasure.

Han Jue’s strength suddenly increased after acquiring the new Primordial Judgment Sword.

Indeed, Dharma treasures were also very important!

Pangu could fight against three thousand Fiendcelestials with the Heaven-Opening Axe!

He could only fight dozens of Fiendcelestials without it!

Of course, this was also related to Pangu’s cultivation.

Han Jue began to increase the number of Foolish Sword Sages.

Two hundred thousand Foolish Sword Sages!

This time, Han Jue felt a suffocating pressure.

After fighting for a long time, he finally killed all 200,000 Foolish Sword Sages.

He frowned.

He was still far from being invincible!

After all, he was still a realm higher. Facing the Foolish Sword Sage, he actually killed as many as came.

Han Jue sighed and opened his eyes.

He suddenly felt an aura.

The Foolish Sword Sage’s aura!

At this moment, the Foolish Sword Sage was staying in the Great Dao Tower.

When did this fellow arrive?

Han Jue was vigilant. He had been careless.

He immediately used the simulation trial to test the Foolish Sword Sage and copied his data again.

Then, he began the simulation trial again.

One-on-one, insta-kill!

A hundred Foolish Sword Sages were insta-killed!

A thousand Foolish Sword Sages took ten breaths of time.

Han Jue continued fighting. After several rounds, he found a way to insta-kill a thousand Foolish Sword Sages.

The battle became difficult after he increased the number to ten thousand Foolish Sword Sages.

Han Jue discovered that the Foolish Sword Sage was indeed much stronger than before, but there was not much difference.

Perhaps the previous Foolish Sword Sage had already attained the Great Dao Supreme Realm. He could also show the level of a half-step Great Dao Supreme with his perfected Great Dao Primordial Chaos Realm cultivation.

The Foolish Sword Sage had said that he could fight a hundred Divine Authority Generals. In other words, Han Jue could kill a million Divine Authority Generals?

In that case, the Divine Authority Generals were not worth mentioning.

It was also possible that the Foolish Sword Sage was bragging.

Han Jue thought carefully. The reason he was so much stronger than a Great Dao Supreme of the same realm was all thanks to the Grand Unity Aspect and the Stellar Primordial Body. The Grand Unity Aspect allowed him to have nearly two thousand helpers, and they could also fuse into his body. It was equivalent to increasing his strength by two thousand times in battle!

Of course, other cultivators would not be able to withstand two thousand idols of the Grand Unity Aspect. Because of the non-coexistence of the Great Dao, it might be difficult for them to cultivate more than one Great Dao power.

Seven Dao Sage was something. He had actually grasped seven Great Dao.

Han Jue thought of the Seven Dao Sage and suddenly felt that he might be someone with great providence. If not for him, with his methods and potential, he might have grown into Laozi or an even stronger existence.

Unfortunately, he was courting death and insisted on finding trouble with Han Jue.

After thinking, Han Jue put away the Primordial Judgment Sword and stood up to see the Foolish Sword Sage.

He wouldn’t die even if the Foolish Sword Sage ambushed him.

As for whether the Chaotic Consciousness would attack, Han Jue was not worried. He could spy on the entire Chaos. He could discover it immediately if the Seven Supreme Rules and the three thousand Great Dao fluctuated.

In addition, he had left a trace of will in the Daoist temple. He could be instantly revived in the Daoist temple even if he died.

It was very safe!

It was perfect!

At the top of the Great Dao Tower.

The Foolish Sword Sage floated above Zhou Fan’s head and observed him comprehending the Great Dao Tower.

Zhou Fan, who was already a Freedom Sage, did not sense the Foolish Sword Sage above his head.

The two sides were less than fifty feet apart. They were so close, but Zhou Fan couldn’t discover him. It was enough to show the difference between the Great Dao Supreme Realm and the Freedom Sage Realm.

Han Jue suddenly appeared behind Zhou Fan and snorted. “Don’t be a peeping tom. Haven’t you heard?”

Zhou Fan opened his eyes and hurriedly turned around to bow to him.

“Master, what peeping tom?” Zhou Fan asked carefully.

This was his territory. What was there to peep


Foolish Sword Sage smiled. “I’m just curious about the Great Dao Tower. Back then, I also had a relationship with the Seven Dao Sage.”

Zhou Fan suddenly looked up, trembling in


There was actually someone above him!

Zhou Fan was instantly filled with fear.

When did the other party arrive?

He actually did not sense anything!

The Foolish Sword Sage landed and looked at Han Jue. “I can’t see through you. It seems that I’m still not your match.”

His tone was intriguing, but Han Jue heard a hint of unwillingness.

You can’t defeat me!

Even ten thousand of you are not my match!

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