Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 842 - Fusion of Supreme Treasures, Really Alive

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Chapter 842 Fusion of Supreme Treasures, Really Alive

“Fight, what are you afraid of!” Heavenly Venerate Wufa said.

The other Sages also began to express their stance.

Pan Xin laughed. “It’s been a long time since we last fought. I hope the Divine Authority Generals can fight us!”

“What are we afraid of with the Divine Might Heavenly Sage on our side?”

“Although we are new Sages, we are not afraid of battle!”

“This battle can show the Heavenly Dao’s power to the Chaos!”

“Tsk tsk, the Exquisite World invited me, but I rejected them without any hesitation!”

“When will the Divine Authority Generals arrive? You make me want to fight now!”

The Sages spoke one after another, and the atmosphere was agitated.

Han Jue glanced at Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du. He understood and took over the authority. He began to summarize the recent development of the Heavenly Dao and deployed the space around it.

Lao Dan, Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, and Jiang Yi listened quietly. Their feelings were very different.

He did not expect the Heavenly Dao Sages to be so harmonious!

At first glance, it was even more harmonious than the discussion of fellow disciples. There were no conflicts of interest.

Lao Dan sighed. “This Divine Might Heavenly Sage has some methods. He doesn’t only know how to enter seclusion.”

He felt that Han Jue might have threatened the Sages in private. Otherwise, how could they be so harmonious?

Dao Sovereign and the other two were even more proud.

The Heavenly Dao already belonged to the Hidden Sect!

No wonder Han Jue didn’t deliberately develop the Hidden Sect. He had already occupied a high-rise building, so the development of the grassroots was naturally casual.

After Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du finished instructing, Han Jue said, “I’ve roped in two Great Dao Sages. One of them will bring their world here. At that time, they will be distributed near the Heavenly Dao. They will develop with the Heavenly Dao and help each other in the future.”

The Sages were shocked.

Two Great Dao Sages?

They already knew of Great Sage Void Soul’s existence. With two more, wouldn’t there be four Great Dao Sages?

The Sages enslaved by the Primordial Heavenly Prison thought of the Divine Robe Daoist. There were five of them!

Li Taigu said excitedly, “Senior Han is really powerful. In that case, we have more confidence in resisting the Divine Authority Generals!”

The other Sages flattered Han Jue sincerely.

Xia Zhizun and the World Salvation Buddha didn’t know much about the Great Dao Sage Realm, but they knew that it was two major realms higher than them. Definitely unfathomable. They looked at Han Jue with reverence.

Zhang Guxing looked at the calm Han Jue with mixed emotions.

He recalled the Sword Dao River.

At that time, he had never thought that this would happen.

It felt like a dream.

He understood one thing. Meeting Han Jue and showing goodwill was the greatest opportunity in his life.

If not for Han Jue, how could he have been elected as a Sage?

Han Jue stood up and said, “In short, everyone, manage the Heavenly Dao well. I will definitely take action when the Divine Authority Generals arrive. There’s no need to panic. As for your connection with other worlds, grasp it well and choose a good path. I can let bygones be bygones, but I don’t want to see it a second time.”

With that, Han Jue disappeared.

The Sages looked at each other and heaved a sigh of relief.

If Han Jue didn’t say that, they would always be nervous, afraid that those things would become evidence against them.

Xu Dudao looked at Yang Che and said in a strange tone, “Be careful.”

Yang Che snorted. “You too.”


I’m already a loyal servant of the Divine Might Heavenly Sage. How can he hurt me? Pan Xin looked at Jin Shen and said, ‘We have to hurry up on the second Chaotic Heavenly Road. Choose one side from the alliance of a hundred worlds as the end.”

Jin Shen nodded.

The other Sages also chatted.

Lao Dan looked at Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du and said, “The Divine Might Heavenly Sage is indeed impressive. It seems that you didn’t choose blindly.”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du replied, “Following Fellow Daoist Han is at least responsible and not inactive.”

Lao Dan frowned.

The two of them spoke without restraint. The other Sages heard it, but they pretended not to.

They knew very well that Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du was expressing his loyalty to the Divine Might Heavenly Sage!

Han Jue sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus after returning to the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

He did not cultivate immediately. Instead, he looked at the Supreme Treasure Fusion Cauldron in the Myriad Worlds Projection.

He had too many Dharma treasures in the system. It was time to fuse them.

The first thing he thought of was the Primordial Judgment Sword.

The Heaven-Opening Axe was still Pangu’s weapon no matter how impressive it was.

The Primordial Judgment Sword was Han Jue’s Birth Dharma treasure and was paired with the Primordial Fiendcelestial. However, its realm had always been lower than his cultivation realm, so it had always been stored in his warehouse.

The Supreme Treasure Fusion Cauldron could fuse all Dharma treasures. This might be able to help the Primordial Judgment Sword.

Han Jue waved his hand and took out all his Dharma treasures.

Qilin Sword, Demon Binding Rope, Burning Fiend Bell, Heart Protecting Immortal Chain, Calm Meditation Mat, Heavenly Spirit Bracelet, Purple Gold Soft Armor, God Slayer Sword, Heaven and Earth Primordial Sword, Nine Elements Ten Thousand Life Sword, and so on.

He suddenly had a bold thought.

Should he also fuse the Heaven-Opening Axe into the Primordial Judgment Sword?

He asked in his mind, “Will I lose control of the Primordial Judgment Sword if I fuse the Heaven-Opening Axe into it?”


“Then, can the Primordial Judgment Sword surpass an Ultimate Dao Treasure?”


Only a possibility?

Han Jue hesitated for a moment and started the fusion.

The Supreme Treasure Fusion Cauldron was not a physical object but a function. Han Jue let the system do it.

Dozens of Dharma treasures fused into the Primordial Judgment Sword, including the Heaven-Opening Axe.

The main item was the Primordial Judgment Sword. The product would still look like this sword after the fusion.

(Do you want to start the fusion?]


Do you need to make sure? Are you afraid that I’ll act recklessly when I’m drunk?

Han Jue found it funny.

[Fusion begins. Please wait patiently.]

It involved an Ultimate Dao Treasure and would probably take some time.

Han Jue was not in a hurry and began to meditate and cultivate.

In the Pangu Hall.

Pan Xin opened his eyes in the middle of his meditation.

For some reason, his heart suddenly felt empty, as if he had lost something. This feeling made him feel very uncomfortable.

He sensed carefully and could not figure it out.

He suddenly thought of a possibility.

“Could it be that the Heaven-Opening Axe is calling me?” Pan Xin frowned. After all, he had used the Heaven-Opening Axe for a period of time.

However, he couldn’t find it.

“Damn it, I’ll kill all of you sooner or later!”

Pan Xin thought hatefully. He could only try his best not to think about it.

In the Dark Forbidden Zone, a majestic pagoda was advancing. Countless cultivators gathered around it, as well as Chaotic Beasts. It was unstoppable.

On the top of the tower.

Zhou Fan had his arms crossed as he looked ahead. It was dark, but he could already see the Heavenly Dao.

“We’re finally going back,” Zhou Fan muttered to himself and smiled.

Mo Fuchou stood beside him and asked curiously, “We’re almost there?”

Zhou Fan nodded.

Mo Fuchou looked expectant.

He had been thinking about the Heavenly Dao after reviving. He had been very confused when he learned that he had been revived in the Chaos. He felt out of place. Everything was like a dream. Only now that he was returning to the Heavenly Dao did he feel that he was really alive.

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