Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 841 - Never Lost Before!

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Chapter 841 Never Lost Before!


The Foolish Sword Sage was instantly vigilant.

He felt that it was a trap.

He had asked about Han Jue after his defeat. This child was extremely cautious and never left the Heavenly Dao.

He asked cautiously, “Why do you want to see


“Let’s catch up and discuss the Divine Authority Generals.”

“Not in the dream?”

“Are you afraid of me? You’ve stepped into the Great Dao Supreme Realm twice, after all. Are you still afraid of me?”

“How do you know that?”

The Foolish Sword Sage became even more vigilant.

Han Jue said, “I heard from Red Fate. She has already decided to move to the Heavenly Dao and join forces with me.”

The Foolish Sword Sage’s brows relaxed. “You really want to deal with the Divine Authority Generals?”

“That’s right!”

“Then, how about I come to the Heavenly Dao


Han Jue was stunned.

He didn’t expect the Foolish Sword Sage to


On second thought, this was a good thing.

He secretly asked, “Can I insta-kill the Foolish Sword Sage?”

[400 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]



That was good.

Han Jue said, “Of course.”

The Foolish Sword Sage smiled. “The Divine Authority Generals are indeed impressive. They aren’t ordinary Great Dao Sages. They can even monitor the independent domain of a Great Dao Supreme. I’ve also been thinking about how to resist the Divine Authority Generals during this period of time.”

Han Jue asked curiously, “A Great Dao Supreme can’t defeat ten thousand Divine Authority Generals?”

Foolish Sword Sage rolled his eyes. “How? It’s said that they have the cultivation of Great Dao Sages, but they’re still formed by the Supreme Rule. It’s just that the level of power is equivalent to a Great Dao Sage. It’s essentially very difficult to destroy them.”

“Then, how many Divine Authority Generals can you fight?”

“A… a hundred.”

Han Jue showed a frown.

That was equivalent to a hundred Foolish Sword Sages at the Great Dao Supreme Realm.

Han Jue asked, “There are also Great Dao Supreme existences among the Chaotic Fiendcelestials. Won’t the Chaotic Fiendcelestials have a chance of winning if they all join forces?”

Foolish Sword Sage shook his head. “How can there be so many Great Dao Supremes? There are only a few among the Chaotic Fiendcelestials. As for the other Great Dao Supremes in the Chaos, they are mostly Great Dao Divine Spirits. They are either timid or cautious and have been in seclusion, not daring to come out. No matter how you look at it, they will definitely not be able to stop ten thousand Divine Authority Generals.”

Han Jue was deep in thought.

Foolish Sword Sage asked, “Have you also attained the Great Dao Supreme?”

Han Jue hesitated for a moment but still chose to nod.

He should trust this guy with such a high favorability.

“How impressive,” the Foolish Sword Sage said with a strange expression.

He cursed silently.

No wonder!

This fellow wanted to bully him?

The Foolish Sword Sage was even more shocked.

Han Jue’s strength was already terrifying. How could he be an enemy if his cultivation realm caught up?

“By the way, who killed you the previous time when you were a Great Dao Supreme?” Han Jue asked curiously.

The Foolish Sword Sage replied, “I’m not sure, either. Speaking of which, I was also confused at that time. I had just attained supremacy and thought that I was the only Great Dao Supreme…

“I don’t know who the other party is, but he’s definitely terrifying. He might even be the strongest existence in the Chaos.”

Han Jue didn’t use the derivation function. In any case, he was the Foolish Sword Sage’s enemy.

That ancient deity did not attack now that the Foolish Sword Sage had attained the Great Dao Supreme again. He had probably let go of karma.

The two of them chatted for a while more before the Foolish Sword Sage agreed to come to the Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue opened his eyes after the dream ended.

The feeling of attaining the Great Dao Supreme was really comfortable!

Han Jue directly began to preach the Dao. All the disciples in the Hundred Peak Immortal River were pulled into a state of Dao comprehension by the Great Dao of Extreme Origin no matter what they were doing.

A hundred years later.

The lecture ended.

Han Jue wanted to continue cultivating, but after thinking about it, he still headed to the 33rd Heaven. He directly entered the Universal Hall.

Only Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du and Lao Dan were in the hall.

Seeing him appear, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du hurriedly asked, “Why are you here, Fellow Daoist Han?”

Lao Dan opened his eyes and sized him up, looking surprised.

Han Jue’s treasures were not simple!

His temperament was even more impressive.

Lao Dan inexplicably thought of Laozi.

Han Jue nodded slightly at Lao Dan to show his courtesy. Then, he said to Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du, “Gather all the Sages for a meeting. The Sages of the Hidden Sect will also be called over.”

Although he was no longer afraid of the Divine Authority Generals, he still had to make his stance clear to prevent some Sages from acting recklessly because they were too afraid.

It was normal for Sages to be afraid of death. At least, Han Jue could understand.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du was stunned. Then, he immediately sent a voice transmission to gather the Sages.

Before long…

South Extreme Heavenly Venerate, Sect Master Tian Jue, Emperor Xiao, Heavenly Venerate Wufa, Qiu Xilai, Fang Liang, Jin Shen, Pan Xin, Xu Dudao, Su Qi, Li Taigu, Primordial Chaos Buddha, Zhang Guxing, Long Hao, Ji Xianshen, Divine Might Buddha, Yang Che, Tai Sutian, Tian Zhan, Han Yu, Qin Ling, Xia Zhizun, World Salvation Buddha, Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, and Jiang Yi all arrived.

Lao Dan looked at the number of Sages and became dazed.

Even the Human School in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End did not have so many Sages.

At first, he did not feel anything, but after all the Sages arrived, the shock was still very strong

The Sages became excited when they saw Han Jue.

The Divine Might Heavenly Sage was the Heavenly Dao’s greatest trump card!

Lao Dan stood up and prepared to leave.

Han Jue glanced at him and said, “It’s fine. You can stay, too. The Heavenly Dao welcomes you at any time.”

Lao Dan was moved and sat back down. He also wanted to hear what Han Jue had to say.

Han Jue was the first to speak, “The matter of the Divine Authority Generals has been in everyone’s mind recently. Although I’m in seclusion, I’ve also heard that the Divine Authority Generals not only want to destroy the Chaotic Fiendcelestials but also the Heavenly Dao created by Pangu is also in their target range. This means that the Heavenly Dao will fight the Divine Authority Generals.

“I hereby express that this battle must be fought.”

He spoke very slowly and softly, but the words were heavy.

He had to fight!

The Sages were excited.

Although the Sages had temporarily reached a consensus, they were still afraid of the Divine Authority Generals.

Han Jue continued, “The Heavenly Dao has no backing ever since it restarted. It’s all thanks to us Sages, the Heavenly Devil Calamity, the Flame Race Calamity, the Calamity Race’s Calamity, the Divine Spirit Calamity, and so on. When has the Heavenly Dao ever relied on the Chaos?

“All along, the Heavenly Dao has won and is constantly becoming stronger. This is our foundation!

“So what if they’re the Divine Authority Generals? In the past, when have we not been in desperate situations?

“Besides, the Divine Authority Generals’ opponents are not only the Heavenly Dao but also the Chaotic Fiendcelestials. We are not alone in this battle. I hope that all the Sages can calm down and stabilize the Heavenly Dao. Who in the Chaos will dare to provoke the Heavenly Dao in the future if we win?

“How can the Chaos tolerate us if the Heavenly Dao is gone? How can we be slaves in other worlds?”

Han Jue stared at the Sages and spoke firmly.

The Sages were all excited. Thinking back to the past, it was indeed not easy, but they survived!

The new Sages also wanted to join the legends and become great Sages who resisted the calamity.

It was not that Han Jue’s words were beautiful, but mainly because of his determination, as if he could definitely survive this calamity!

Who did not know that the Divine Might Heavenly Sage had unparalleled potential and had never lost?

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