Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 1173 - Chapter 1173 Transcendent Compromise

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Chapter 1173 Transcendent Compromise

Blank Domain.

The five Dao Creators looked at the dark pillar of light ahead and heaved a sigh of relief.

Although they didn’t know what had happened, the power contained in the dark pillar of light was really terrifying. It was enough to destroy all existence in the Endless Era.

As the dark pillar of light dissipated, the crack in the blank domain also began to shrink. The five Dao Creators spied on the situation below, but their divine sense suffered a backlash from the basic rules and forced them back.

“Indeed, there’s still a deep power in the blank domain that a Dao Creator can’t come into contact with. Perhaps this is the opportunity to surpass the Dao Creator Realm. Then the one who caused that fluctuation earlier can only be…” the Ninth Chaos muttered to himself. He didn’t finish his sentence, but the other Dao Creators understood.

It was the Lord!

On the other side.

Han Jue had already returned to the third Dao Field. As for Chu Xiaoqi, he didn’t send him back. Instead, he helped him regain control of his body, then he let him face Ji Xianshen and the other two.

Han Jue moved the Ninth Chaos in front of him and asked, “If you’re your mental demon, what other existences will you contact to become my enemy?”

The Ninth Chaos asked, “Could the previous battle be…”

“Yes, I’ve already killed him,” Han Jue said calmly. He was no longer a new Creator Lord. Killing a Dao Creator was not difficult, but he was afraid that the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil still had a backup plan.

It was best to eliminate them completely.

The reason why he told Chu Xiaoqi that he couldn’t kill a Dao Creator was to maintain their divine might and give him the motivation to advance.

If the difference was too great, it was very difficult to have any desire to pursue it.

The Ninth Chaos was shocked. The iron rule that Dao Creators couldn’t be killed shattered in his heart.

He said in a low voice, “Other than the known Dao Creators, there shouldn’t be anyone who can help him. Even if there is, you can definitely deduce them.”

Han Jue smiled and said, “He’s very strong, already far exceeding peak Dao Creators. You

should be able to feel it.”

The Ninth Chaos said in a low voice, “You mean that there’s an unknown force lurking?”

“Perhaps. Just like the white-haired man we talked about previously. From now on, you will especially investigate your mental demon. How he obtained the power to surpass the Dao Creator Realm is up to you,” Han Jue


The Ninth Chaos immediately accepted the


Then, Han Jue sent him out.

“Does the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil have a

backup plan that can threaten me?”

[1 quadrillion years of origin lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]



Han Jue was relieved. Although as a Lord he could see through the entire Endless Era, the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil had previously hidden outside the Endless Era and under the basic rules. Perhaps there was an unknown power hidden there. He couldn’t completely see through the entire blank domain.

He looked at the Origin Space-time. The future had changed.

The Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil had perished. Ji Xianshen and the other two had suffered a backlash from Chu Xiaoqi in advance, and their path as Dao Creators was severed. Their karma with the three Primordial Fiendcelestials had

also ended.

Because the power involved was too strong, be it the future Han Huang or the future Heavenly Venerate Xun, they could not sense the change

in fate.

“Without the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil, who is the white-haired man?”

Han Jue was curious and thought for a while before slowly closing his eyes.

In the Origin Space-time.

Heavenly Venerate Xun’s body was scattered and his soul recondensed. He looked at Chu Xiaoqi in shock.

After Han Jue’s guidance, Chu Xiaoqi had already completely grasped Primordial Despair’s power. The power he was born with

in his previous life combined with his cultivation in this life allowed him to reach an

extremely strong level. Facing three perfected Great Dao Supremes, he forcefully displayed an invincible appearance.

“Hahaha! Is this all you’ve got? Can’t you do without a backing?”

Chu Xiaoqi laughed wildly. Primordial Despair’s

terrifying shadow floated above his body like a Dharma idol, causing his aura to become

extremely terrifying.

Ji Xianshen, Fang Liang, and Heavenly Venerate Xun were silent.

They were terrified. What did Chu Xiaoqi mean?

Their backing was gone?

That mysterious transcendent existence had


“You know who our backer is?” Ji Xianshen asked in a low voice.

Chu Xiaoqi twisted his neck and smiled. “Of

course, I know. He’s a very big fellow and is indeed powerful. I was almost frightened to death in front of him. Unfortunately, he’s not my grandfather’s match at all. My grandfather easily suppressed him.”

Fang Liang couldn’t help but ask, “Who is your grandfather?”

He had an answer in his heart. Chu Xiaoqi was

created by Han Huang. Could his grandfather be…

Chu Xiaoqi said proudly, “Of course, it’s the Lord!”

Ji Xianshen and the other two were shocked.

This matter actually alerted Han Jue. They were immediately terrified.

In their understanding, they didn’t know Han Jue’s attitude towards Primordial Despair and Chu Xiaoqi. They only treated Chu Xiaoqi as an ordinary descendant of the Han family. Even though Chu Xiaoqi was really Han Jue’s grandson, Han Yunjin had given birth to many

grandsons for Han Jue. Most of them had never seen him with their own eyes.

It was different now. Han Jue personally made

a move.

Why didn’t he warn them?

Ji Xianshen and Fang Liang panicked. Heavenly Venerate Xun had mixed emotions.

In his previous life, he had seen how powerful

Han Jue was. In this life, he worshiped him. This situation of facing Han Jue’s dissatisfaction gave him immense pressure. Chu Xiaoqi didn’t know what they were

thinking, but the anger in his chest needed to be vented. He raised his right hand and smiled crazily. “Prepare to die. I’ll kill you first before seizing the spatial river under your feet!”

Terrifying Dharmic powers erupted and overflowed from his palm, condensing into a huge seal above his head. This seal was purple

and was actually similar to the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal.

“Give up!” Ji Xianshen said in a low voice.

Time divine light burst out from his body and wrapped around Fang Liang and Heavenly Venerate Xun. The three of them transformed

into a beam of light and entered the spatial river.

This was the first time Chu Xiaoqi imitated Han Jue’s Mystical Power. He was very excited. He controlled his Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal to crush the River of Space-time. It was instantly dispersed, and the surrounding space began to collapse and shatter.

Mysterious Domain.

The Chaotic Consciousness met Shi Tian’s Immeasurable Destruction Venerable.

The two Dao Creators looked at each other in

silence. After a long time, the Chaotic Consciousness sighed.

Shi Tian’s Immeasurable Destruction Venerable

said, “Let’s pretend that nothing happened. It’s impossible for the Lord to not sense it. Since he didn’t expose us, that means he’s giving us a chance.”

The Chaotic Consciousness said, “I think so


Although they did not say it, they all felt that

the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil might have been defeated.

The dark pillar of light was definitely the aftermath of the battle between the Ultimate

Evil Chaotic Devil and the Lord. If the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil won, he would definitely come to find them. However, he did not. They

couldn’t even contact him anymore. The outcome was obvious.

The Chaotic Consciousness said, “Our era is

about to end. More Dao Creators will definitely appear in the future. The momentum of secession is unstoppable. Let’s join forces so that we can take care of each other.” Shi Tian’s Immeasurable Destruction Venerable replied, “Alright, the Primordial Fiendcelestial and the Dao Ancestor are not under our

control. We have to choose another potential

future Dao Creator.”

The Chaotic Consciousness said, “How about choosing to support a descendant of the Han


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