Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 1068 - Chess Pieces of All Sides, Darkness Appears

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Chapter 1068 Chess Pieces of All Sides, Darkness Appears

A thousand years later.

Han Jue’s lecture ended. He discovered that although Su Qi’s cultivation level had improved, it was very slow.

It seemed that the Heavenly Dao had really made Su Qi relax.

How should he wake him up?

Han Jue suddenly thought of something.

He wanted Su Qi to seek refuge with the Creation Emperor Court. After his bad luck lost control, he would have no choice but to enter the Transcendent World, just like in the mortal world.

Han Jue revealed a mysterious smile. His descendants were still immersed in Dao comprehension and didn’t wake up.

Han Jue brought Su Qi to the main Daoist temple. He handed this mission to him when he woke up.

“I see that you’re not very willing to cultivate diligently. I’ll send you to the Creation Emperor Court to fight for opportunities. I’ll visit you

in your dreams in the future and

preach the Dao to you,” Han Jue said.

Su Qi looked up with a happy expression. “I’m ashamed to say this. I think so too. If I cultivate diligently, in terms of potential, I can never catch up to others. Only by pursuing opportunities can I have a chance.”

Han Jue said meaningfully, “The Endless Era is about to arrive. Indeed, countless opportunities are about to arrive. However, don’t be used and schemed against like in the Immeasurable Calamity. Remember to visit me in my dreams in any situation.”

Ashamed, Su Qi hurriedly said, “I won’t repeat the same mistake. If I encounter trouble that I can’t resolve, I’ll definitely look for you and won’t force myself anymore.


Han Jue said, “I’m prepared to make you lose control of the Great Dao power of your Death

Fiendcelestial. This way, you can

subconsciously go to the Transcendent World. I’ll erase this memory and give it back to you when you succeed.”

Su Qi was first stunned, but then he instantly understood Han Jue’s intentions. He said, “No problem. It’s a good opportunity for me to suffer and awaken my past temperament. It’ll make me shape up.”

Han Jue was very glad upon seeing his fighting spirit.

Not bad, not bad.

“Cultivate for a period of time here first. I’ll

especially send a clone to guide you. We’ll leave in ten thousand years,” Han Jue said in a low voice.

Su Qi naturally had no objections. Ten thousand years was not a long time for him.

Just like that, Han Jue left a clone to accompany Su Qi. He used his Ultimate Origin Power to fuel the Great Dao power of the Death Fiendcelestial, wanting to awaken the former jinx.

Han Jue began to check his emails after his

main body returned to the third Dao Field.

It was as chaotic as ever. The Chaotic Assembly

did not cause much of a stir this time. The attention of all living beings was still on the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity.

Han Jue suddenly noticed that Pangu and Hong Jun had both begun to become active. He could see that their providence had significantly


It seemed that these two were also about to

enter the calamity.

Han Jue closed his eyes and continued cultivating after reading the emails.

Ten thousand years later.

Su Qi, who had a portion of his memories erased by Han Jue’s clone, left the Heavenly Dao and went to seek refuge with the Creation Emperor Court.

Su Qi just didn’t remember that his bad luck had been strengthened by Han Jue and would lose control. It was still stable now, but as long as he encountered a fierce battle, it was very easy for him to lose control and go berserk.

The reason was that Han Jue hoped to deceive the world. It would be too obvious if he rushed to the Transcendent World with uncontrollable

bad luck.

It would be fine if it was after a period of time. Now, it was not only the Chaos. The Transcendent World was also about to face a

calamity. Chaotic battles were endless, and countless experts had been driven mad. Such a

development was very reasonable.

Time passed.

Ten million years passed quickly.

Han Jue opened his eyes. He was already 180 million years old and automatically obtained a Creation Heaven’s Chosen.

His gaze passed through the Chaos, and,

through the Chaotic crack, he spied on Transcendence. He discovered that Su Qi had already stepped into the Great Dao Supreme Realm. Misfortune had completely erupted. He had already become famous in the past millions of years. To be precise, it was a bad


Su Qi took in a disciple after joining the

Creation Emperor Court. That disciple died

tragically when he went out to fight, causing Su Qi to be extremely angry. Misfortune erupted, and, after realizing that he could not restrain his bad luck, he left the Creation

Emperor Court and began to travel alone. Wherever he passed, bad luck filled the air and the stars dried up. The Spirit Qi dissipated and the living beings found it even more difficult to withstand.

Han Ling and Han Huang tried to help him, but

their strength could not compare to Han Jue’s Ultimate Origin Power.

Although Su Qi lacked his memories, he also

realized that this was his master’s true goal, so

he didn’t visit Han Jue in his dreams. He hadn’t encountered a desperate situation yet. Now, he was no longer a pawn that could be slaughtered at will. He could definitely run rampant in the void as a Great Dao Supreme.

“Not bad.”

Han Jue thought silently. He saw the Formless

Transcendent Deity’s clone preaching everywhere.

The Formless Transcendent Deity did not seem

to care about Su Qi.

Han Jue began to deduce and discovered that

this fellow had also arranged many pawns in the Chaos, Shi Tian, and Consciousnessless. His methods were similar to Han Jue’s. In any case,

he was causing trouble for the other Dao Creators.

It was not only the Formless Transcendent Deity. The Chaotic Consciousness and the Immeasurable Destruction Venerable also had a


Good fellow, they had just formed an alliance

and were already using such methods. Did I lead the way? Han Jue noticed that Yu Yuan, who had

inherited the First Chaos’ Will, had already left

the Creation Emperor Court. He was being

hunted down and by chance, came to the Ultimate Origin World through the


Apart from Yu Yuan, cultivators from the other

Great Dao Worlds also infiltrated the Ultimate Origin World.

Although the Ultimate Origin World had a slow

start, the Ultimate Origin Qi suppressed the cultivation of the outsiders. Therefore, these intruders did not cause trouble for the time

being. They were all very well-behaved and hid in a corner to cultivate.

They didn’t know that they were pawns and only thought that this was their opportunity. Han Jue hesitated to throw them out, but on second thought, this would offend the other Dao Creators, including the Ninth Chaos. In any case, these pawns couldn’t threaten the

Ultimate Origin World at all. Han Jue could destroy them at any time.

“The Ultimate Origin World’s foundation didn’t attract their fear?”

Han Jue thought in confusion.

His Ultimate Origin World was extraordinary.

On second thought, they should have noticed. They wouldn’t have sent so many pawns


“If it really doesn’t work, everyone behind me

can curse. I’ll pretend to be cursed too. In that

case, they won’t have the time to care about me.” Han Jue’s eyes lit up.

Only with common and stronger enemies could

this unstable alliance be united.

Han Jue first sent a dream to the Immeasurable Destruction Venerable and said that he was cursed by the Dark Forbidden Lord. At the same time, he made some cracks appear in the

Ultimate Origin World like what happened in the Chaos.

The Immeasurable Destruction Venerable comforted him and asked him to calm down.

Han Jue came to the main Dao Field after

ending the dream. He took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing the Immeasurable Destruction This fellow was too weak.


Han Jue only used 10 quadrillion years of his

lifespan to damage his Dao heart. He cursed the Chaotic Consciousness next,

causing its Dao heart to be damaged. Then, he

put the Book of Misfortune away. Thousands of years later. The Immeasurable Destruction Venerable gathered them again.

It was still that mysterious space.

He said in a low voice, “The Dark Forbidden

Lord attacked us. Who wasn’t cursed?”

The Chaotic Consciousness said, “I was cursed.”

The Formless Transcendent Deity added, “Me


Oh my god, you really know how to act. I didn’t

curse you!

Han Jue ridiculed him in his heart. His expression was very ugly, and he didn’t say a


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