Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 926 - Banished from the House within Minutes  

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Chapter 926: Banished from the House within Minutes

Zhou Jingan pursed his lips. He felt hurt and dejected. It was as though his heart had been caged, pressed firmly against the walls of its prison.

The walls seemed to tighten around his heart as it beat.

He felt suffocated and struggled for breath.

“I won’t look,” Zhou Jingan repeated as he drove silently.

For a long time, neither of them spoke. It was incredibly quiet in the car.

The silence proved too much for Yu Hanxia, especially after the unpleasant end to the earlier conversation.

“Zhou Jingan,” Yu Hanxia called out.

“Huh?” Zhou Jingan responded.

“Are you still angry?” Yu Hanxia asked.

“Not really.” Zhou Jingan exhaled. “I just feel a little uncomfortable.”

“I really wasn’t thinking that way about you,” Yu Hanxia explained. “It’s just that… I didn’t want you to watch those videos.”

“I didn’t think of watching them at all,” Zhou Jingan said.

“Got it.” Yu Hanxia’s voice was muffled, and she didn’t speak further.

This made Zhou Jingan feel uneasy.

He began to reflect on himself, wondering if he was being hypocritical.

Yu Hanxia had already said that she didn’t do it on purpose, but he still felt depressed.

But come to think about it, Yu Hanxia couldn’t explain it. How could she prove that she didn’t do it deliberately?

So he didn’t believe it, and she had no way to prove it.

He did seem a little petty and unreasonable, thinking about it this way.

“Why don’t you want me to see it?” Zhou Jingan suddenly asked, his voice sounding hoarse.

He couldn’t help but feel nervous, and tried hard to slow his breathing and keep his feelings in check.

He suddenly felt much warmer than before, even though there was no change to his surroundings.

The stuffy heat caused him to feel smothered.

“There’s nothing fantastic about it. What’s the point of watching?” Yu Hanxia said.

Zhou Jingan was silent for a few seconds, before saying, “What about your brother?”

“My brother had to watch it because of work. If it wasn’t for work, I would despise him if he watched it,” Yu Hanxia replied.

It wasn’t as though she was completely pure, and was bothered by this.

Her brother usually watched some short Japanese movies, but she actually knew all about it.

Those were for business purposes.

However, this concerned invading other people’s privacy.

It was a moral issue.

Zhou Jingan pursed his lips. “I got it.”

So he had been thinking too much.

She only refused to let him watch it because she thought it wasn’t good to do so.

Zhou Jingan let out a breath. In order to lighten the mood, he racked his brain to liven up the atmosphere and make it relaxed again.

As Wei Zhiqian’s assistant, Zhou Jingan was a smooth-talker.

Things like stirring up the atmosphere were too easy for him.

The two of them arrived at the ground floor of Wei Keli’s apartment.

Yu Hanxia took out a small drone from her bag.

This was different from the drones on the market.

Those were usually larger and could be seen at a glance.

The one Yu Hanxia held was barely larger than a golf ball.

Moreover, it was white.

If one did not pay special attention, it would be very difficult to notice it when it was flying in the air.

And usually, no one would look up into the sky for no reason.

Yu Hanxia then made the small drone fly to the window of Wei Keli’s house, circling round to ensure that there was no one home.

On the way here, Yu Hanxia had specially checked the whereabouts of Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing.

She made sure that they were both out and wouldn’t be back for a while.

Then, Yu Hanxia brought Zhou Jingan to the entrance of Wei Keli’s house.

The door was password-locked.

Just as Zhou Jingan was deliberating on how they could obtain the password, Yu Hanxia took out a small light.

Turning it on, a blue light shone on the password lock, and the fingerprints on it were clearly visible.

The only thing left to figure out was the password combination.

This type of combination lock did not have the issue of automatically locking after a wrong input.

Therefore, Yu Hanxia could freely attempt to unlock it.

However, she succeeded after a mere three tries.

They entered into an elevator that would bring them to the house. It required a card, password, or fingerprint to operate.

The security, software, and hardware facilities in Wei Keli’s place would not be too unsophisticated.

Yu Hanxia retrieved a transparent carrier from her bag.

Opening it, she pulled out a transparent sheet.

Yu Hanxia shone the light on it again.

This time, Zhou Jingan saw it clearly.

There was a fingerprint on the sheet.

“This is Wei Keli’s fingerprint.” Yu Hanxia explained, before Zhou Jingan could ask any questions.

“You even have this?” She actually had such an essential item in her possession.

“I collected it previously. Ever since Young Master Wei was disappointed with Wei Keli and sent him to Nacheng, I thought that, with Wei Keli’s thickheaded character, he might do something stupid in the future. It’s better to be prepared. Before he went to Nacheng, I got his fingerprint just in case I needed it,” Yu Hanxia said.

Zhou Jingan was stunned for a few seconds and said slowly, “You can acquire all of Wei Keli’s belongings, right?”

Yu Hanxia seemed to choke and said,”… How is that possible? It’s illegal. I wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Zhou Jingan thought to himself that it wasn’t legal for them to sneak into Wei Keli’s house now as well.

“Your husband wouldn’t dare to do anything to let you down in the future,” Zhou Jingan said. “Otherwise, he’ll be banished from the house within minutes.”

After a pause, Yu Hanxia replied, “Why don’t you say that I’ll first have him firmly under my control so that he wouldn’t even have the chance to do anything to let me down?” Yu Hanxia felt that the sequence of events could be better ordered.

Zhou Jingan replied, “… What you said makes sense.”

Even as Yu Hanxia spoke, her hands didn’t stop moving.

She placed the fingerprint on the identification device.

The ninth floor button on the elevator panel automatically lit up.

It was the floor where Wei Keli lived.

As they spoke, the elevator quickly reached the ninth floor.

Once they alighted from the elevator, they entered Wei Keli’s house.

Even though she had confirmed that there was no one home, Yu Hanxia still cautiously gestured for Zhou Jingan to keep quiet and tread lightly.

After Yu Hanxia had checked Wei Keli’s house, she brought Zhou Jingan to Wei Keli’s study with such familiarity that it was hard not to wonder if this was really Yu Hanxia’s first time here.

“You’ve been here before?” Of course, Zhou Jingan didn’t think that Yu Hanxia had anything to do with Wei Keli.

He just wondered if Yu Hanxia had come to investigate before.

However, Wei Keli had just returned to B City not too long ago, and he had only recently purchased this house.

“No.” Yu Hanxia brought Zhou Jingan to the study. “But I’ve done some research on the layout of his house.”

Zhou Jingan was at a loss for words.

Wei Keli definitely didn’t know that someone had done a very detailed investigation on him.

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