Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 925 - Am I That Kind of Person?  

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Chapter 925: Am I That Kind of Person?

Zhou Jing ‘an followed Yu Hanxia, and after a few investigations, they finally confirmed that the account holder was Yuan Keqing.

“Yuan Keqing and Wei Keli colluded in this matter.” Yu Hanxia and Zhou Jing ‘an sat in the car.

In order to prevent their conversation from being overheard.

“It’s impossible for Yuan Keqing to keep a video of her and Wei Keli, as well as Qin Murong and Wei Keli. That computer can only belong to Wei Keli,” Yu Hanxia said, “Yuan Keqing is only here to open an account, to avoid being seen by others. The task is left to Wei Keli.”

“If it’s really the two of them, then they’re quite ruthless.” Zhou Jing’an snorted. “To do such a thing, they actually did it themselves.”

“But there’s nothing we can do about it.” He thought for a while and then said, “The two of them must have done this on their own. They must have hidden it from their families. Otherwise, their families would definitely not allow them to do this.”

“Provoking the Tan family now is equivalent to provoking Young Master Wei,” said Zhou Jing’an. “The Yuan family and Wei Zhiqian are smart enough to not let them do this.”

“They can only do it secretly and keep it a secret from their families. Without the support of their families, what were they? Since they didn’t have the money nor the power they wanted, why couldn’t they have done it on their own? The money in their hands must have all gone to the marketing accounts,” said Zhou Jing’an.

“However, there is still no concrete evidence to prove that the two of them conspired. We can only say that it has something to do with Yuan Keqing,” said Zhou Jing’an, “I need concrete evidence. Otherwise, I can’t tell Young Master Wei. Besides, Young Master Wei also can’t provide concrete evidence to prove that Wei Keli is the one responsible for this.”

“Then let’s go directly to Wei Keli’s residence and take a look at his computer. Yesterday, my brother hacked into his computer. I know everything inside. We just need to confirm it,” said Yu Hanxia.

Zhou Jing’an nodded, “After we confirm it, we’ll keep an eye on Wei Keli. As long as we don’t let him destroy his computer and let Young Master Wei catch him off guard, the evidence is in Wei Keli’s home. He’ll have no choice but to admit it. We just need to confirm that it’s really him and make sure there’s no mistake.”

Yu Hanxia nodded. “This is Wei Keli’s residence.”

Yu Hanxia took out her phone and entered Wei Keli’s address into the navigation application. She placed the phone on the phone rack in front of her.

She asked Zhou Jing’an to directly drive according to her phone’s navigation.

Wei Keli had also moved out to live alone. In fact, it was more convenient for him to live with Yuan Keqing.

Wei Zhiqian and Li Xiangrong also agreed.

After all, Wei Keli was already so old. He wasn’t a child.

Moreover, they also hoped that Wei Keli could win over Yuan Keqing.

Thus, they let Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing live together.

It was simply too easy for them to enter the place where Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing lived alone.

Zhou Jing’an was driving halfway when he suddenly realized something.

“Something’s not right.” Zhou Jing’an asked Yu Hanxia, “Have you seen Wei Keli’s computer?”

“I’ve only seen the things on his computer,” Yu Hanxia said. “Didn’t my brother control his computer remotely last night? I was watching from the side, so of course I saw it.”

“Then did you see the videos inside as well?” Originally, Zhou Jing’an had thought that it was Yu Han’an who had told Yu Hanxia about the videos last night.

He had even grumbled in his heart that Yu Han’an was really unreliable, telling Yu Hanxia every dirty thing.

When he heard it just now, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Yu Hanxia had seen Wei Keli’s computer.

When she faced Yu Han’an last night, Yu Hanxia had been very confident.

But now, she was embarrassed.

She even said weakly, “I didn’t mean to watch it. I didn’t know what was in the video. I only found out after watching it.”

“Besides, my brother and I came to watch it as part of our investigation. We didn’t watch it as entertainment,” Yu Hanxia added.

Zhou Jing’an: “…”

He parked his car by the side of the road.

He couldn’t concentrate on driving.

After parking the car, he turned his head and asked, “Did you see Wei Keli’s thing?”

“No, no!” Yu Hanxia hurriedly shook her head, “Actually, I didn’t see anything. He hid the camera secretly. The angle wasn’t very good, and the distance wasn’t close. Most of the time, we could only see Wei Keli’s back. From that angle, Qin Murong and Yuan Keqing were much clearer.”

Zhou Jing’an thought to himself that even if she could see Wei Keli’s back, she could still see Wei Keli’s buttocks.

“That’s not right.” Zhou Jing’an sensed that something was wrong. “I didn’t say what it was, so how do you what I mean?”

Yu Hanxia: “…”

“I’m not a fool.” Yu Hanxia said through gritted teeth. “What else grows on his body that I’m not allowed to see? Of course, it’s the only part of a man’s body that is covered by a piece of cloth.”

Zhou Jing’an: “…”

What she said made sense. He couldn’t refute it.

“Besides, is there a rule that states only you men can look at it, and we women can’t?” Yu Hanxia said through gritted teeth.

“The main point is that I didn’t look at it,” Zhou Jing’an said wrongfully. “Didn’t you tell me not to look at it?”

Yu Hanxia: “…”

When Zhou Jing’an mentioned it just now, he didn’t know if she had seen it or not, but she knew that Zhou Jing’an hadn’t watched it.

That was because if he had watched it, he would definitely have known the angle of the shoot. In fact, he wouldn’t have been able to see anything about Wei Keli.

However, he would be able to clearly see Qin Murong and Yuan Keqing.

“I really didn’t see anything,” Yu Hanxia said. “It’s only Yuan Keqing and Qin Murong that I saw quite clearly.”

Only then did Zhou Jing’an feel slightly relieved.

He thought to himself, no wonder Yu Hanxia didn’t let him see it.

“You won’t go watch the videos now if you knew you could see them clearly, right?” Yu Hanxia asked again.

Zhou Jing’an’s face suddenly darkened.

It made Yu Hanxia feel extremely guilty.

Zhou Jing’an had never been looked so sombre in front of her before.

“What… What’s wrong?” Yu Hanxia instantly lost her courage.

“Am I that kind of person?” Zhou Jing’an gritted his teeth and asked, “Am I that wretched in your eyes?”

“No, no, no. I just blurted it out,” Yu Hanxia said. “I didn’t even think about it.”

“Does this mean that this is what you think?” Zhou Jing’an asked again.

“Of course not! I’m just used to fighting with my brother. Do you think my brother is bad because I always fight with my brother?” Yu Hanxia raised her voice and explained, “I apologize to you. I’m sorry. I spoke thoughtlessly. You’re not this kind of person. I believe in you.”

Zhou Jing’an was still a little depressed. He felt really displeased.

However, Yu Hanxia had already apologized.

There was nothing he could do.

Moreover, Yu Hanxia had said that she didn’t think that way. He couldn’t pry open her heart to see if it was true.

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