Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 323 - Digging a Hole

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Chapter 323: Digging a Hole

“Even if they are hosting their event here, I won’t allow them to walk in there by stepping on my red carpet!” Tan Jinqi declared loudly.

“If they want to go in there, just tell them to jump over the red carpet,” Tan Jinsheng held his chin high.

Before the manager could say anything, Tan Jinqi said, “Don’t tell me that because our event is smaller than theirs, we don’t have the privilege of getting a red carpet because it can block the space?”

Even if their event was small, this was the Tan family they were talking about.

The Tan household was no longer the obscure Tan household of before.

Their company was now among the top brands in the entire country.

That was a result of Tan Wenci’s hard work and also their close ties to the Wei family.

Because of Tan Mo, the Tan family and the Wei family were getting closer and closer. Especially the two elders of the Wei family and other close family members of Wei Zhiqian.

With them supporting the Tans, Wei Mingwen had also helped with widening the network of the Tan family, and thus more opportunities had presented themselves.

There was also the promotion of “Legend of Wei and Jin” that Tan Wenci had undertaken, and which had mightily paid off.

The young man Jiang had probably never noticed it before.

But the staff at the hotel surely knew their customers’ information and paid attention to details like that. They surely knew who the Tan family was.

As they had expected, the manager spoke with a polite tone, “Of course not, of course not.”

The manager turned to Jiang Siyong and said, “Mr. Jiang, we are sorry. You reserved a venue inside, but you didn’t reserve the entire walkway itself. The walkway is a public space, and other customers can walk on it as well.”

“Then what if I reserve the walkway?” Jiang Siyong asked in disbelief.

How could they treat someone from the Jiang family like any random person?

The manager thought to himself, is this kid from the Jiang family so stupid?

He had just heard that their last name was Tan. Didn’t he associate them with the Tan family? That last name wasn’t very common.

“Well…” the manager continued with some difficulty, “…this is a public space, and it cannot be reserved.”

“Actually, you can reserve the walkway…” Tan Jinqi said coolly, “…if you pay enough.”

He turned and smiled at the manager and said, “I’ve looked around a bit already. This walkway connects to the two venues inside. Aside from the two of us, it will not affect your other customers. Whoever bids the higher price gets to use this walkway, and the other customer and their guests won’t be allowed to use the walkway.”

The manager didn’t say anything. “…”

Are you sure you want to do this?

He believed that, since Tan Jinqi was the one who had mentioned it, he was surely going to be the one to reserve the walkway.

But if he reserved the walkway, then…no one from the Jiang family would be able to walk through here today.

Just now, he had heard Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi arguing with the guests from the Jiang household. Tan Jinqi didn’t say anything the whole time.

It surely wasn’t because he was timid or easy to bully, and it surely didn’t mean he was about to hold himself in forever.

He had been waiting for something big all along.

Wei Zhiqian was close behind, preventing Qin Muye from going inside. But he was close enough to hear and see what they were doing clearly.

Qin Muye opened her mouth and said after a momentary pause, “Whaaat?”

She knew that the Tan family was always willing to spend money on Tan Mo. Even if it was for this childish purpose like winning an argument, they would spend the money.

Now they’ll have to see how much the Jiang family dotes on their daughter.

Qin Muye guessed that no other family would dote on their daughter as much as the Tan family doted on Tan Mo.

To be honest, even her own family did nothing in comparison to what the Tan family was willing to do for Tan Mo.

Not to mention the Jiang family.

If the Jiang family was willing to bid, then it would be for the purpose of not losing face, not for the sake of their daughter.

But even if they decided to bid, they might not be able to win the bid against the Tan family.

Jiang Siyong hadn’t expected Tan Jinqi to say that either. Even if their family had money, they wouldn’t waste it on something like this. But Jiang Siyong didn’t want to be embarrassed.

It was obvious by the manager’s attitude toward them that these intruders were fairly wealthy.

But to Jiang Siyong, they were still nothing.

“Okay!” Jiang Siyong agreed.

“…” The manager said with some difficulty, “You don’t need to communicate this with others in your family?”

He didn’t expect the Tan children to be so… lavish.

“I agree!” Tan Wenci walked over on the red carpet and came up to them.

There was no one standing guard at the other end of the red carpet, so Tan Wenci had come here with no problems.

“My sons can represent me fully and make their own decisions while they are outside without asking me.” Tan Wenci turned to Jiang Siyong and asked, “Can you?”

“Good call!” Tan Wenci said. “Since you all are blocking the path here, then we’ll just reserve the entire path. Whoever bids the highest price gets it, we’ll just have to see if they dare to bid or not!”

Regardless, he was willing to do anything for Tan Mo.

Jiang Siyong didn’t say anything. “…”

It was the first time that he had ever seen an elder jump into an argument involving his sons.

“What is happening here?” Jiang Siyong’s father, Jiang Jiamao, had also arrived.

He came with a face that looked as if it was ready to reprimand someone. But once he saw Tan Wenci, he was at first surprised, then he put a wide smile on his face, with a touch of diplomacy.

“Mr. Tan!” Jiang Jiamao reached out both hands and took Tan Wenci’s hands and shook them politely.

“Mr. Jiang’s daughter is coming to host her birthday?” Tan Wenci had a smile on his face.

“Yes, and you are also?” Jiang Jiamao pretended not to know what had happened.

“It’s just that your family put a red carpet down here and won’t allow us to use the same walkway because of that. Coincidentally, my daughter is also having her 18th birthday here, so we have a small event at the venue inside.” Tan Wenci looked at the red carpet beneath his feet. “But now you are blocking us here at the doorway. So only your daughter can have her birthday party, and my daughter can’t?”

“Of course not,” Tan Jinqi said politely. “This man here, Mr. Jiang, is quite reasonable. What he said was that once all the guests of the Jiang family pass, and once they take away the red carpet, then we can walk by. And only after all that, can Mo Mo go inside to her party.”

“That surely sounds reasonable,” Tan Wenci said in a weird tone. “To be honest, I have never met such a reasonable person in my entire life.”

Jiang Jiamao’s face sunk, and he turned to his son and asked, “You said that you would plan your sister’s birthday. Is this how you planned it?”

“Dad…” Jiang Siyong lowered his head.

“How many times have I told you, no matter how big our company is, we can’t do anything like this. You have to know, if we bully someone who is weaker than us, then we will also be bullied by someone who is bigger than us. When outside, it is more important to be peaceable.”

“Yes, sir.” Jiang Siyong wasn’t stupid either. Going by Jiang Jiamao’s attitude, he knew that the intruders were just as wealthy as they were.

He lowered his head. But then he thought to himself…if they were wealthy, they why did they reserve such a small venue?

Weren’t they digging a hole for him to jump in on purpose?

“My son is a bit arrogant because of how much his mother dotes on him,” Jiang Jiamao said to Tan Wenci.

Jiang Jiamao turned to his son and ordered him, “Come and greet Mr. Tan!”

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