Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 322 - Red Carpet Problems

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Chapter 322: Red Carpet Problems

Wei Zhiqian: “……”

He had gone to a lot of trouble to order this dress for Tan Mo, and, in the end, she wasn’t going to let him see her in advance.

How sad…

After a while, Tan Mo changed back into the clothes she had had on before and passed the dress to the store manager to get it ready to travel.

She was being very mysterious, precisely because she didn’t want Wei Zhiqian to see it yet.

Both the dress and the shoes were bagged, and then Wei Zhiqian drove them all to the holiday resort where the party was taking place.

As for jewelry, the Tan family had arranged that.

He could not do everything after all. He had to let the Tan family prepare something.

Or else the Tan family would confront him.

He had to give the Tan family some space and let them feel that, although he did many things, they could still contribute.

Otherwise, if he pushed the Tan family into a corner, they would start to guard against him as if he was a thief, and then how could he still be able to treat Tan Mo well?

When the four of them reached the holiday resort, Wei Zhiqian did not take them to the villa.

They went directly to the hotel instead.

The holiday resort’s main attraction was the villa. However, other than the villa, they also had a hotel.

The price of the hotel was naturally cheaper than the villa.

They held all sorts of weddings and banquets at the hotel.

Xu Mingzhen had been waiting since earlier in the day, and when she saw Tan Mo arrive she took her to a guest room in the hotel.

The Tan family had booked a villa in the holiday resort and had also booked a guest room in the hotel.

Wei Zhiqian then took Qin Muye and Ming Yeqing to the small banquet hall where the birthday celebration would be held.

As they had only invited a few people, the Tan family had not booked an enormous venue.

The birthday celebration only involved Tan Mo, her family, and her close friends, and that wasn’t many people.

It was after all Tan Mo’s 18th birthday and should be grand where necessary.

Beside this small banquet hall was a bigger banquet hall.

It was a coincidence that there was another girl who was having her 18th birthday celebration in the neighboring large banquet hall.

Compared to the small banquet hall booked by the Tan family, the big banquet hall was bustling with noise.

There were many people standing around who were just in charge of the reception at the entrance to the banquet hall.

There was a red carpet in the corridor leading to the entrance, and there were personnel whose jobs were solely to check for invitations.

There were also bodyguards standing by the sides of the red carpet with stern expressions and microphones in their ears.

They looked very professional.

This setup was very similar to the red carpet at a movie event.

When Wei Zhiqian brought Ming Yeqing and Qin Muye over, they happened to see the three brothers of the Tan family being stopped at the entrance of the red carpet.

“This corridor is a public space. Do you think that just because you laid out a red carpet, the corridor became yours?” Tan Jinsheng said angrily.

“This red carpet will be walked on by our missy in a while, which is why it is blocked now,” one of the security guards explained.

“Is this hotel yours? You think you can block it just because you say so?” Tan Jinsheng said.

“Our banquet hall is next to yours, and this is the only path,” Tan Jinyi said. “How are we supposed to get there when you have sealed off the path?”

At this moment, a youngster from the other party came over. Judging from how the subordinates treated him, that youngster was probably from the host family.

From his age, it was possible that he was the older brother of the female whose birthday it was tonight.

“What’s the matter? Why is it so noisy?” The youngster walked over and frowned unhappily. “It is my sister’s coming of age today, and there should not be a single flaw. I must give her a good memory. But it is so noisy now. How unacceptable!”

The subordinate started explaining the situation to the youngster. “Mr. Jiang, these people have booked the small banquet hall beside us. They are angry because they cannot get over there now.”

“Angry? What is there to be angry about?” Jiang Siyong asked with a confused expression.

“You have laid a red carpet here and will not allow anyone to walk on it, but we want to go to our banquet hall. If we don’t cross here, where should we cross from?” Tan Jinyi asked.

If there was another way, they had no desire to quarrel here.

“So you want to go next door, and we have blocked your way,” Jiang Siyong looked as if he was quite reasonable. He thought about it seriously for a while.

While they thought that Jiang Siyong was ready to speak reason, they did not expect to hear him say, “How about you wait here for a while? After my sister has finished walking on the red carpet, you can walk after that.”

Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi started laughing from fury.

“Do you think your sister is the only one celebrating her birthday? Your sister is celebrating, so others cannot celebrate?” Tan Jinsheng was livid. “I said earlier that we should have reserved the largest banquet hall, so we wouldn’t have to deal with such nonsense!”

“If not for Mo Mo wanting everything to be low profile…” Tan Jinyi mumbled. He had also wanted to book the largest hall.

Jiang Siyong sneered.

It was not that he was looking down on them, but they had booked such a small banquet hall, whose total space was as tiny as a sesame seed. This was enough to show their financial capabilities.

Yet now they’re saying that if they had known they were going to have so much trouble, they would have booked the largest banquet hall…

If they had known, it meant that they did not book it.

Who did not know how to boast…

Jiang Siyong couldn’t be bothered to look at these three brothers.

The disdain on Jiang Siyong’s face was so obvious, and Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi were livid.

Qin Muye was also angry, and she wanted to step forward and get into the fight, but was held back by Wei Zhiqian.

“Why are you holding me back?” Qin Muye said in anger.

“The Tan family will resolve this,” Wei Zhiqian said quietly. “The Tan family now are not without reputation. How could they be unable to resolve this kind of small matter?”

“We cannot stand by and watch on the side like this! Who is that person to be so arrogant?” People who the daughter of the Qin family did not know were all nobodies!

“I also don’t know.” Wei Zhiqian also would not know this kind of nobody. “You will be of use later.”

Wei Zhiqian did not explain, and Qin Muye didn’t understand. Anyway, it was all right because she was obedient.

Ming Yeqing understood the situation and explained to Qin Muye in a low voice, “The brothers from the Tan family will resolve this small situation. Aren’t the Jiangs arrogant? Didn’t they spread the red carpet themselves and decide to not let others walk on it? Do you think that when the next head of the Wei family arrives and wants to walk across the red carpet, will they dare to stop him? He wants to celebrate Mo Mo’s birthday, and won’t their arrogance then just be laughable? As the daughter of the Qin family, if you also walk across their red carpet and go to celebrate Mo Mo’s birthday in front of them, wouldn’t you say that their arrogance from before is laughable?”

Qin Muye was hit with a realization. “Is that what he means?”

Qin Muye looked at Wei Zhiqian and saw that Wei Zhiqian didn’t say anything, but she knew that Ming Yeqing was right.

Wei Zhiqian glanced at Ming Yeqing. This kid from the Ming family was intelligent.

All of a sudden, the manager rushed over, “Mr. Tan.”

Then he greeted the youngster, “Mr. Jiang.”

From this sequence of greetings, it was enough to tell who was more important to the manager.

Tan Jinqi said, “This Mr. Jiang had spread a red carpet here and will not let us cross. Our banquet hall is further along the hallway. If we do not cross here, we cannot get there.”

“Does your hotel have this rule?” Tan Jinqi asked coldly. “If you do, then our family will also lay a red carpet. It will start from the entrance of the banquet hall we have booked to here. No one can walk on the red carpet laid by my family either.”

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