The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 747 - Why Was She So Generous Today?

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Chapter 747: Why Was She So Generous Today?

The Spirit Flower sect gradually gained the upper hand. Seeing that the situation was not looking good for them, the Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spiders fled in a panic.

Although no disciples of the Spirit Flower sect were poisoned or bitten to death, there were still a few disciples and elders whose exposed skin had been stained by the poisonous threads. Fortunately, only a few were affected and treatment was promptly given so there were no serious injuries.

Yun Chujiu took out the giant spider corpses that had been stored in her storage ring then said to Feng Ming and the others, “Come On! We can distribute these corpses now! I didn’t put in much effort, so you guys can distribute them first. Just leave me something as appreciation.”

Everyone simply could not believe their ears. Did the sun rise from the west? Yun Chujiu was usually greedy, but why was she so generous today? They did not know that Yun Chujiu had secretly let Furry extract a lot of poisonous silk, so they naturally did not care about how much they got.

Seeing that Yun Chujiu did not seem to be lying, everyone began to distribute the corpses of the Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spiders. After all, they were tenth-level demon beasts, so they were still worth some Spirit Stones.

The elders naturally would not be greedy for such a small benefit. They all expressed that they would just let the corpses be distributed among the disciples.

The spider corpses were distributed evenly and everyone continued to move forward.

Yun Chujiu managed to advantage of the situation successfully and was in a very good mood. She hopped back to Di Beiming’s side.

Xue Wuji praised, “Little Sister Jiu, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Your movement techniques have become more agile.”

Yun Chujiu giggled, “Brother Wuji, I haven’t used my full strength yet. I will surprise you even more when I meet a demonic beast later.”

Xue Wuji laughed, “Little Sister Jiu, I will wait and see then!”

Di Beiming felt that Xue Wuji was like a noisy crow. He wished that he could kill him with a slap, “Black Thing, the worst thing to do in cultivation is to be impetuous and arrogant. Don’t be too arrogant.”

Yun Chujiu immediately became listless. She puffed up her cheeks and pouted. “Got it.”

Xue Wuji pursed his lips in his heart. Di Beiming had a poker face. He would not please Little Sister Jiu at all. With such a straight face all the time, he looked like someone owed him a lot of money. Sooner or later, Little Sister Jiu would get tired of him.

They encountered a few more groups of demonic beasts along the way, but the Spirit Flower faction had the advantage in numbers so they dealt with them smoothly.

When the sky turned dark, Elder Xiao said to everyone, “Set up camp here. We’ll rest for the night. We’ll set off at daybreak tomorrow.”

Yun Chujiu naturally would enjoy her rest. After eating, she took out her all-purpose small tent. The floor was covered with the Palace Mistress’s snow cashmere carpet, and she lay down on it happily.

Although Di Beiming wanted to lie down and hug Yun Chujiu to sleep, under everyone’s watchful eyes, he was too embarrassed to go in. Thus, he sat in front of Yun Chujiu’s tent and meditated to rest.

Xue Wuji also found an empty space to meditate and rest.

The next day, the sky had just brightened. After breakfast, everyone continued to move forward.

“The swamp area is ahead. Everyone must be careful.” Elder Xiao said solemnly in front.

Everyone did not dare to be careless. The swamp was not a joke. Once they were trapped, even if others wanted to save them, they might not be able to escape. Moreover, there were Swamp Crocodiles and other demonic beasts in the swamp area.

Elder Xiao gave everyone a demonstration at the front. They had to move quickly in the swamp. Before their bodies sank, they had to jump onto some exposed grass. Moreover, they had to be wary of the swamp demonic beasts that would appear from time to time.

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