The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 746 - A Good Way to Quickly Collect Poisonous Silk

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Chapter 746: A Good Way to Quickly Collect Poisonous Silk

Yun Chujiu and the other two came to the front and saw a group of Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spiders staring at them.

It was Yun Chujiu’s first time seeing a Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spider. This kind of demon beast was not very likable. Its huge head looked like a human face, and its abdomen was covered with gold patterns. Its claws were as thick as an adult’s thigh.

There were few cultivators in the Endless Wilderness. Although these Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spiders were wary of the feast before them, they were reluctant to give it up.

Seeing that these Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spiders had no intention of retreating, Elder Xiao shouted to the crowd, “Divide into thirty-six groups. Each group will have one elder and two disciples. Each group will deal with one spider. Attack!”

Although Elder Xiao’s distribution was relatively reasonable, the spiritual power of each elder differed. Some elders were only at the first level of the spiritual emperor realm, and even with two spirit cultivator disciples, they were still in a bit of a pickle. The poisonous silk sprayed by the giant poisonous spiders was especially very difficult to deal with. It was impossible to cut it with a sword or a knife. Only fire could burn through it. Moreover, one had to avoid letting it touch the face and hands, otherwise, they would be poisoned immediately.

Therefore, while some teams had the upper hand, some teams were not a match for it.

Yun Chujiu happened to be the extra one. She was not on any team. Seeing that Feng Ming’s team was in a bit of a bind, she quickly joined in. “Hey! You Shameless eight-legged monster! If you can, come and eat me!”

The giant spider was very intelligent. Naturally, it understood that Yun Chujiu was taunting it. It angrily spat out a bunch of poisonous silk at Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu dodged it and waved both of her hands at the same time. Two purple bolts of lightning struck the most vulnerable part of its body of the Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spider, which was its face. The Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spider did not expect that the little human girl in front of it would be able to use the heavenly lightning. It was momentarily stunned.

It was not as agile as other demon beasts. Although it tried its best to dodge being hit in the face, it was still struck on its back by one of the heavenly lightning bolts.

Although the flesh of the Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spider was very strong, it was still struck by Yun Chujiu with all her strength. It let out a miserable cry.

Feng Ming and the other two would not let go of such a good opportunity. They concentrated their spiritual power to attack the face of the Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spider.

The Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spider was enraged. It once again shot a bunch of poisonous silk at Yun Chujiu. This bunch of poisonous silk was thicker than the previous one. It seemed that it wanted to kill Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu had even killed a level 12 Scarlet Poison Frog before, so she felt that this was nothing. With a nimble leap, she dodged the poisonous silk from the Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spider.

Yun Chujiu snorted coldly in her heart. If it were not for the fact that she did not want Furry to be discovered by everyone, she would make the eight-legged monsters kneel and beg for mercy.

With the addition of Yun Chujiu, Feng Ming’s group quickly ended the battle. Yun Chujiu shamelessly put the Venomous Giant Man-Faced Spider’s corpse into the Great Void Mystic Realm. Furry then quickly pulled out all the poisonous silk inside.

“Don’t worry, we’ll talk about splitting it up later! I won’t cheat you guys!” Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

Feng Ming and the other two naturally had no objections. The most important thing now was to get rid of the giant spider. As for splitting up the loot, they would talk about it later.

Yun Chujiu found a good way to quickly collect the poisonous threads. When she saw that the group was no match for her, she ran over to help. After the battle was over, she did the same thing and put away the giant spider’s corpse. Then, she promised to share the loot and rushed to the next group.

Di Beiming and Xue Wuji saw Yun Chujiu jumping around like a hardworking bee. There were bolts of lightning here and there and at the same time, she kept collecting the corpses of giant spiders into her storage ring.

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