The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute. - Chapter 287 - Sister Chu, Save Me

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Chapter 287: Sister Chu, Save Me


Chu Luo looked at her phone and stopped eating. She laughed until she was staggering.

In the end, Li Yan wrapped an arm around her waist and let her lean on his shoulder before securing her in her position.

Chu Luo showed Li Yan her phone. “Look, I loaded a lot of television dramas into Roundy’s program today. Looks like he’s about done taking in most of them. To think he’s applying what he’s learned on the spot. This person is really pitiful.”

Li Yan tilted his head to look at her phone, then put down his chopsticks and moved the communicator on his ear. He said to the person on the other end, “You don’t have to go in. Guard outside.”

After saying that, he put down his hand and picked up a piece of food with his chopsticks to feed Chu Luo.

After Chu Luo opened her mouth and ate the food, she laughed again. “Yan, look. This person really carried Roundy. Hahaha, Roundy pressed him down.”

Li Yan patted her waist. “Eat first. We’ll go watch live after you’re done.”

Chu Luo nodded, put her phone aside, and quickly ate.

The two of them went to that floor after dinner.

At this moment, there were already several bodyguards standing by the door of the manufacturing room, as well as the staff on this floor. These people were all watching the show.

When the two of them walked over, they happened to hear a staff member gloating. “This person was actually tricked by a robot.”

Another person said in a strange tone, “How did this robot become so smart?”

At this moment, the bodyguards standing by the door turned around and greeted Li Yan and Chu Luo, “Master, Miss Chu.”

The staff were shocked and quickly moved aside.

Li Yan glanced at them coldly. Their bodies trembled and they quickly left.

After they left, Li Yan said to the bodyguards in a low voice, “Open the door.”

When a bodyguard opened the door, they saw that person lying on the ground with a red face and struggling with his limbs.

When he saw the door open and Li Yan standing by it, fear quickly surfaced in his eyes.

“CEO… CEO, I… I…” He wanted to explain, but under Li Yan’s powerful aura, he couldn’t complete his sentence.

Li Yan said coldly, “Take him away.”

Two bodyguards walked in.

Roundy came off him.

Two bodyguards escorted him out of the door.

That person was so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat. He quickly said loudly, “CEO, I’m a maintenance staff. I’m just here to do a maintenance check. You…”

Before this person could finish speaking, he was taken away.

Chu Luo and Li Yan walked in and the other bodyguards standing by the door quickly closed the door.

Chu Luo walked up to Roundy and pressed a button on his head. The chip stuck out.

Chu Luo asked, “Roundy, have you detected the use of this chip?”

Roundy said, “Mistress, this is a surveillance chip.”

“Ha!” Chu Luo sneered and turned to look at Li Yan, whose expression was especially dark.

Li Yan took out his phone and dialed a number. The moment the other party picked up the call, he ordered, “Capture all the rat feces in the company immediately.”

With that, he hung up.

“You allowed someone to arrange for them to be here?”

“Mm, I placed a few in less important places.”

After Li Yan finished speaking, he frowned. He didn’t expect that even if he placed these people in a less important place, they would still be able to find a chance.

“If you catch all of them, won’t we alert the enemy?”

“No.” He had plenty of ways to make his opponents not notice.

Li Yan put his arm around her and kissed her forehead. “Since they dare to scheme against you, these people have to be prepared.”

“Hehe.” Chu Luo couldn’t help but laugh. Then, she pushed him. “Aren’t you going to a meeting? Go quickly. I’ll finish the skateboard in two hours. I’ll come upstairs to look for you.”


After Li Yan finished speaking, he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips before letting go of her and turning to leave.

Chu Luo continued her production.

However, she had no idea how big Li Yan’s actions were when he returned to his office.

That night, many people were destined not to be able to sleep well.

Chu Luo finished the skateboard in two hours as she had said. She asked Roundy to help her hold the skateboard and left the manufacturing room with Roundy.

As she walked towards the elevator, a group of technicians hid by the door and peeked at her.

“I wonder what Mrs. CEO has been doing in the manufacturing room for so long.”

“I only saw the robot she brought helped her carry a… skateboard. She didn’t just make a skateboard all day, did she?”

“Not bad. It’s already amazing for a delicate girl like Mrs. CEO to be able to make a skateboard.”

“That’s true. Many women don’t even know how to use a screwdriver.”

Chu Luo brought Roundy up to the top floor. As soon as she stepped out of the elevator, she saw her secretary standing there, obviously waiting for her.

“Miss Chu, Master is having a meeting in the conference room. You can go to his office to play for a while.”

Chu Luo stopped and asked, “How much longer will the meeting last?”

“At least another hour and a half.”

Chu Luo thought for a while and asked, “Where can I play on the skateboard here?”

The secretary thought for a moment and replied, “The balcony on the top floor is spacious.”

After Chu Luo heard this, she turned around and walked towards the top floor.

“Miss Chu.” The secretary stopped her. “I got someone to prepare something to eat and drink for you. Why don’t you bring it up with you?”

Chu Luo nodded and followed the secretary towards the CEO’s office.

There were snacks and fruits to eat, as well as fruit juice and water to drink.

Chu Luo took a bottle of water, some snacks, and fruits and went to the rooftop.

This was the headquarters building of the Blazing Glory International Corporation. The top floor was like a large square, and it was so wide that Chu Luo could play with her skateboard as she pleased.

The biggest difference between her skateboard and ordinary skateboards was that it had a GPS and an avoidance device. As long as she keyed in the location she was going to, she could use the time on the road to study.

After Chu Luo stood up and set up the route, she placed one hand on the railing of the elevator and quickly flipped through a book with the other.

Roundy didn’t follow her. Instead, he stood in the corner of the rooftop. From the display above his eyes, she could tell that he was watching television or an eight o’clock soap opera.

Chu Luo finished reading the books in her hand in half an hour. Just as she was about to stop and rest, a drone suddenly flew over from outside.

The drone flew a few meters away and landed on the ground.

Chu Luo looked at the drone and tilted her head. “Roundy.”

Roundy quickly walked over. “Mistress.”

“Go take a look at that drone.”

Roundy walked over and circled the drone. Then, he extended one of his mechanical arm’s fingers and connected it to a spot on the drone.

After a while, he retracted his arm and turned to Chu Luo. “Mistress, there’s no danger.”

“See if there are any monitors on it. If there are, destroy it.”

“It has been destroyed.”

Only then did Chu Luo get off the skateboard and walk over to pick up the drone.

The drone looked very exquisite. Chu Luo looked at it for a while and quickly scanned the surroundings.

Other than her, there was no one else on the rooftop.

This proved that this drone had flown over from elsewhere.

At the thought of this, Chu Luo curled her lips. She thought that the person commanding the drone must be regretting sending it to her at this moment.

She said to Roundy, “Roundy, go see if there’s anything suspicious nearby.”

Roundy turned and slid around.

Chu Luo studied the drone for a while. No one knew where she pressed it, but a paper roll fell out of a small hole opened by the drone.

Chu Luo opened the note and saw a string of letters.

Chu Luo smiled. “It’s actually a Hill cipher[1].”

Chu Luo looked up at Roundy and said, “Roundy, let me use your control panel.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Roundy slid back to Chu Luo and stood with his back facing her. His back quickly changed, and soon, his entire back became a control panel.

Chu Luo quickly deciphered these letters.

“22 Imperial Sky Park.”

Looking at the deciphered words, Chu Luo tilted her head and thought, ‘We live on the 86, 87, and 88. The 22nd is at least three kilometers away from our place. So what does this person mean by giving this address?’

Although she couldn’t figure it out, she still called the butler for safety reasons.

After the butler answered the call, Chu Luo said to him, “Butler, send someone to 22 Imperial Sky Park to take a look. Be careful not to let anyone see you.”

Chu Luo hung up after the butler agreed.

After hanging up the phone, she called Qin Ming and told him about this matter before continuing to practice her skateboard and reading.

The butler called her half an hour later.

The butler said, “Miss Chu, that building is undergoing renovation.”

Chu Luo thought for a while and prepared to go back to take a look. She said, “Have you found out who bought that house?”

“The name of a real estate developer.”

“Okay, I understand.”

After hanging up the phone, Chu Luo put away the skateboard and returned to the CEO’s office downstairs with Roundy.

Li Yan hadn’t finished his meeting and Chu Luo was about to watch a tutorial when she received a call from Wang Mingtao.

Wang Mingtao asked her anxiously over the phone, “Sister Chu, are you free now?”

Chu Luo asked in confusion, “What is it?”

Wang Mingtao instantly wailed. “I’m about to be killed back to the Novice Village. If you have time, come and save me.”


Chu Luo was silent for a while. She walked over and took the laptop that the secretary had prepared for her. Just as Wang Mingtao thought that there was no signal on her side, Chu Luo said in a cold voice, “Game name, coordinates.”

“Ah… Oh, [Laughing Breeze], on the other side of the Bridge of Helplessness.”


After saying that, Chu Luo hung up the phone and logged into the game to go to the place Wang Mingtao had mentioned.

Unexpectedly, that person was still there.

[1] In classical cryptography, the Hill cipher is a polygraphic substitution cipher based on linear algebra

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