The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Chapter 95 jealousy makes me unrecognizable

Author: Gu Rong Rong Machine Translation

When she saw Huo Nanchen, the smug smile on Huo Jingjing's face froze and she took a few steps back in fear.

Before her big brother could even get close, she already felt a chill run down her spine.

Even Huo Zijun, who was standing by the side, did not dare to make a sound.

Gu Ruochu's originally calm eyes finally revealed a ripple. Huo Nanchen's steady footsteps landed on the ground and the sound of his leather shoes rubbing against each other was especially shocking in this quiet atmosphere. It was as if he had stepped on everyone's heart.

His every movement looked like a slow-motion scene from a movie. It was so beautiful that it made one's heart pound.

He slowly withdrew his hand from his trouser pocket. His posture was tall and handsome.

His steady footsteps landed on the steps of the garden but he eyes kept his eyes on Gu Ruochu. His gaze was dark and obscure, making it difficult for anyone to see or guess.

Everyone had their eyes on them.

The atmosphere was tense and full of anticipation.


Gu Yanwei had observed Huo Nanchen's movements. Just as she was about to say something to mislead the crowd, he walked past her coldly, leaving her speechless.

Huo Nanchen's attitude was already so obvious. After everyone recovered from their initial shock, they immediately understood what it meant. The rich ladies started gossiping and ridiculing Huo Jingjing.

"Hey, didn't Miss Huo say that Huo Nanchen loves Gu Yanwei? Why didn't I see it? To help someone cheat on her sister-in-law like that, she must have been educated by a mistress. If she doesn't steal someone else's man, then she must help someone steal a man!"

Huo Jingjing's face turned extremely pale.

"That's right, this is hilarious! It must be because some people are restless as assistants and fantasize about their sister's husband, right?"

"How shameless! I wish these vixens who seduce other people's husbands would explode on the spot!"

Huo Nanchen and Gu Yanwei brushed past each other, as he walked straight towards Gu Ruochu. Gu Yanwei subconsciously bit her lower lip as the heartache slowly crept into her heart.

Why did he treat her like this?

She had always been stronger than Gu Ruochu. She was used to getting more favors than her sister. This was the first time she had ever been jealous of her.

Gu Ruochu watched attentively as he walked towards her. She recalled the countless times that he had showed up during her most embarrassing situation. It seemed that he always appeared in her world at the perfect time.

Gu Ruochu felt an unfamiliar feeling in her chest.

'Wow. Huo Nanchen is so handsome, but he's someone else's husband!'

Yang Xi was now jealous of Gu Ruochu.

She felt as if she was watching a live version of an idol drama. The depressed male and female lead had the same palpitations in their hearts, but they were also very cautious.

'Damn! They're such an adorable couple.'

Just as she was thinking this, Huo Nanchen reached Gu Ruochu and pulled her into his embrace under everyone's watchful eyes.

"Honey, didn't you say that you'd be back soon? Why is it taking so long?"

Gu Ruochu knew that he was good at covering his own shortcomings. However, she was still a little shocked when he used such a lovey-dovey attitude to cover up for her.

He had called her "honey" in front of so many people.

She did not know how to respond.

Huo Nanchen did not care about her reaction. Instead, he embraced her slightly stiff body intimately. Gu Ruochu's entire body was pressed tightly in his arms.

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