The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Chapter 92: Never give up on your evil intentions


“It’s really that damned girl! I knew it! I knew that damned girl would never give up on her evil intentions. Last time, Yan Wei even took the blame for her. I never thought that she would still be so unrepentant! ”

Zhou Yunxi looked at Gu Ruochu with a hint of coldness hidden in her repulsive eyes.

This time, she could not be blamed for her mother’s ruthlessness. This damned girl was destined to be destroyed. Now that she had cleared Yan Wei of her previous crimes, she could once again help Yan Wei win Mrs. Huo’s favor.

She was already destroyed. She couldn’t let Yan Wei continue to be destroyed At this moment, Zhou Yunxi had already made up her mind.

“Shut up! ” The fact that such a thing had happened in the Huo family made Mrs. Huo extremely angry. She glared at Zhou Yunxi, who had a big mouth.

Zhou Yunxi shut her mouth and didn’t dare to say another word.

Gu Yanwei teared up, “I thought I was wrong just now. I didn’t expect… It was my fault. I didn’t teach AH CHU WELL! ”

“Sister Yanwei, how can you be blamed for this? You’re such a shameless B * Tch. How dare you seduce my second brother and cuckold my brother! ”

Huo Jingjing also lost her temper and provoked Mrs. Huo, “Auntie, I already said that this woman is promiscuous. Look, now she has even seduced my second brother. What a eyesore! ”


Mrs. Huo’s face darkened.

Without another word, Gu Yanwei rushed forward to separate the couple and slapped her sister across the face She was heartbroken, “Ah Chu, I never thought that you would become so shameless! ” Second young master is your brother-in-law. Last time, you made my sister take the blame, so I admit it. But this time… … What you did was too much, too unconscionable, too hurtful for my sister . . . .”

Gu Yanwei cried almost heart-rending, heartbroken, others do not want to hear all can not.

The people over there who heard the noise couldn’t help coming over here, trying to see what was going on.

Huo Zirui just step back with a half-smile, the water on his lips make him look a bit sexy, and even the kiss just some endless aftertaste.

“Huo zirui! ” Mrs. Huo was furious when she saw her son’s face. She knew that her son could easily seduce any woman, but who would have thought that he would seduce her sister-in-law!

“Mom, it’s just a woman. We’re just having fun. Why are you so angry? ”

“having fun? That’s your sister-in-law! ”

Huo Jingjing scoffed, “what sister-in-law? She’s just a slut who’s been played to death. This kind of trash big brother will never take over again. ”

Of course, Mrs. Huo couldn’t blame her own son. She was so angry that she blurted out these words, but some people who were already close to her heard it.

But, attending a dinner party actually exposed the adultery between Mrs. Huo and her brother-in-law?

Even though she was eager to gossip, she was still embarrassed to find out about other people’s dirty laundry, especially the huo family’s dirty laundry!

“Gu Ruochu, why don’t you get your ass over here and confess? How can you be so cheap! ”

Zhou Yunxi’s throat was torn Finally, “Gu Ruochu” yelled back impatiently, “Damn you, aunt, are you f * Cking crazy? ” Do I know you I wasn’t the one who had taken advantage of you just now. You’ve found out about her good deed and you’re still blindly competing with me, what the F * Ck Am I admitting to You’re the one who’s calling everyone a b * Tch, you’re the F * Cking B * Tch You ran out of the mental hospital, didn’t you?”

Zhou Yunxi stared at the young girl’s face as if she had seen a ghost when she saw the hair covering half of her face being brushed aside.

It’s actually..

It’s not Gu Ruochu!

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