The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine exposing the shortcomings in public


Gu Ruochu sat down and glanced at Huo Zhenggang, who was sitting at the head of the table. The head of the Huo family has always been quiet and serious.

“Let’s eat breakfast. ”

The Huo family has three sons, but the second and third sons were not at home for the time being. Gu Ruochu did not know the exact situation.

They had just finished their breakfast when Gu Yanwei arrived on time. She then changed into a Prada handbag. Gu Ruochu could tell at a glance that it was another bag that cost more than a hundred thousand yuan.

She greeted everyone present. She wore a white dress that fell to the ground and looked both celestial and beautiful. Even her face looked clean and elegant.

She was an assistant with 30,000 yuan in her hands. From head to toe, she was a famous brand. It was all thanks to this “little sister” . It was one thing if she did not know how to be grateful to the host, but all kinds of evil thoughts were directed at the host.

“Good Morning, Yanwei. ” A smile appeared on Mrs. Huo’s originally calm face. “You’re here so early. You can still sleep a little longer. Girls don’t have to work so hard. ”

“Why would I have to work hard? It’s still Huo Shao’s hard work. The entire enterprise is pressing on him, ” Gu Yanwei said with a smile.

Hearing Gu Yanwei speak up for her son, Mrs. Huo was all smiles. “It’s really unfair to ask you to be our Nanchen’s assistant. ”

“Mrs. Gu, why would I be wronged? I’m happy to help Huo, ” Gu Yanwei said jokingly. It did not seem like she had selfish motives for Huo Nanchen. Not only was she generous and decent, but she also indirectly made fun of her own sister.

Anyone who saw their husband with a talented female assistant would feel inferior and have a crisis.

She’s an expert!

Huo Nanchen did not show any reaction the entire time. He went upstairs to change his clothes and prepared to go to the office. Gu Ruochu initially thought that there was something fishy going on between the two of them. However, she only saw Gu Yanwei self-orgasmic the entire time.

Gu Ruochu’s expression did not change as she calmly watched Gu Yanwei put on an act.

How could an assistant really mistreat Gu Yanwei? She had graduated from a third-rate and second-rate university. Although her abilities were not bad, she was able to enter the Huo Corporation, a Fortune 500 company in the world. Anyone else would be burning incense. How could she be mistreated?

She was having a good time!

However, a person like Gu Yanwei obviously would not be satisfied. She even used her sister’s private money to dress herself up as a fair, rich, and beautiful woman without any guilt.

The host was really stupid. She was so well-off, yet she was still being bullied!

“sister, your bag is so pretty! ”

Gu Ruochu, who had been silent the whole time, suddenly spoke up and praised her bag instead.

Gu Yanwei was stunned and a generous and decent smile appeared on her face. “Is that so? If you like it, you can ask Huo Shao to buy it for you. Do you think that a Mrs. Huo like you can’t afford a bag? ”

If the original owner had heard this, she would have been heartbroken.

Everyone knows that she, the young Madam, is not pampered by the Huo family at all, okay Not to mention her husband, who has a bad temper.

Gu Ruochu raised her eyebrows, “this bag is not an ordinary bag. This kind of luxury item costs at least a hundred thousand yuan. Even if I can afford it, I can’t spend it freely. On the other hand, sister, how can your monthly salary of thirty thousand yuan be so expensive Why do I remember that you’ve only been working for less than half a year?”

How could an assistant with a monthly salary of thirty thousand Yuan live such a luxurious life on her own Only if she does not eat or drink for the next six months would she be able to afford such a luxury bag.

Gu Yanwei’s smile froze. Is Gu Ruochu trying to make things difficult for me She clearly knows that I’m using all the money that she has given me, but how could I really say such a thing!

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