The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Chapter 91 catching adulterers


Seeing that Zhou Yunxi had finally been persuaded by her, Gu Yanwei quickly followed behind, afraid that Mrs. Huo would miss out on such an exciting scene.

However, when she thought of Huo Zirui’s abilities, Gu Yanwei felt relieved. As long as Gu Ruoyun took the bait, she would not be able to escape from his grasp.

She took one last look at the man and woman who were still entangled under the tree. At first, the woman was still pushing and shoving with all her might, but in the end, she seemed to have been coerced and could only helplessly cling to the man.

Seeing this, Gu Yanwei’s lips curled into a cold smile, but the heart in her chest began to throb violently. She could not wait for everyone to see the scene in front of them, so her footsteps became even more urgent.

Mrs. Huo was still chatting with an important guest. When she saw Zhou Yunxi and Gu Yanwei rushing over, especially Gu Yanwei, her expression was extremely unsightly. She looked as if she was still in shock.

“What’s going on? ”

“Aunt Huo, where’s Ah Chu? ” Mrs. Huo was stunned when Gu Yanwei mentioned Gu Ruochu. She subconsciously looked around and realized that Gu Ruochu was not around.

This is strange. He was here just now. How did he disappear in such a short period of time.

“He’s probably resting somewhere else. It’s nothing much. ”

As soon as Mrs. Huo Finished speaking, she noticed that Gu Yanwei’s expression had become more obvious. She bit her lip and didn’t say a word. She grabbed onto the corner of Zhou Yunxi’s shirt in fear.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that something was wrong.

“What happened? ”

Mrs. Huo’s stern voice rang out from the side. Gu Yanwei’s body trembled. It was as if she was truly frightened by her and managed to calm herself down.

“nothing much. I just thought I heard ah Chu’s voice from the East Garden. I thought something had happened and wanted to go look for him with my mother. But, it was too dark, so I came here to see if ah Chu was there… ”

Huo Jingjing said casually, “why did second brother disappear? He was here just now! Why isn’t sister-in-law around and second brother gone… ”

Hearing that Huo Zirui wasn’t around, Mrs. Huo’s heart was on alert. This son of hers had always liked to cause trouble. What if this kid was extremely audacious… …

After hearing Gu Yanwei’s explanation, Mrs. Huo Thought to herself. She then walked over to the guests and said a few words apologetically.

After nodding, Mrs. Huo turned around and looked at Gu Yanwei, “take me there first. ”

“This… ”

Gu Yanwei’s hesitant expression gave Mrs. Huo a bad premonition.

“You little girl, hurry up and leave. ” Zhou Yunxi saw that her daughter was still hesitating, so she pulled her daughter aside and walked towards the East Garden.

The Moment Zhou Yunxi pulled her away, Gu Yanwei’s eyes flashed with a hint of malice.

Huo Jingjing naturally followed her. She wanted to see Gu Ruochu’s sorry state with her own eyes and fan the flames at the same time.

The few women arrived at the East Garden. Gu Yanwei anxiously glanced over and realized that the man and woman were still passionately kissing under the tree. She finally put her heart at ease.

Under the dim moonlight and the lights, everything in front of her was so clear and bright.

Zhou Yunxi and Gu Yanwei widened their eyes as they stared at the woman who was passionately kissing the man.

From Afar, their figures were almost the same, especially the gown she was wearing. Gu Yanwei had personally seen Gu Ruochu swipe a black card at the mall to buy it.

“Ah Chu… why is she… ” Gu Yanwei’s face drained of color as she subconsciously turned to look at Mrs. Huo. She realized that Mrs. Huo’s expression had turned extremely ugly …

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