The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Chapter 90 the person who kisses


If he wanted to destroy her innocence, he would not have come so close to the banquet.

If anything really happened, he would be discovered very quickly. Besides, he had only given her a small amount of medicine.

Huo Zirui, what is he trying to do?

On the other side.

“What happened to Ruo Chu? ” Zhou Yunxi quivered at the mention of Gu Ruochu. She immediately questioned her daughter in a stern voice, “hurry up and tell me! ”

“I saw Ruo Chu Kissing and kissing a strange man under a tree in private. Their relationship seemed to be very ambiguous… ”

“What did you say? ”ZhouuYunxii could not help but scream in extreme shock.Howw could she dare to touch that wretched girl?

“Are you sure it’s a strange man? ” After a few seconds of shock, Zhou Yunxi immediately snapped out of her daze and began to carefully interrogate the entire situation. “Yan Wei, could it be that… you’ve seen wrongly? ”

It was precisely because of the incident between Gu Ruochu and the other men that Mrs. Huo still despised her and Yan Wei even now.

This time, she was clearly holding back. If she were to make a mistake, it would not be worth it!

“Mother, believe me, I’M NOT MISTAKEN! ” Gu Yanwei panicked when she saw Zhou Yunxi’s suspicion.

This time, she will completely destroy Gu Ruochu As long as Gu Ruochu’s reputation does not tarnish, Huo Nanchen will not be able to successfully marry her into the huo family!

This heartless little sister will never give her happiness to Gu Ruochu. She does not have the right to be happy She does not deserve to be better than me!

Gu Yanwei’s beautiful eyes reddened when she thought of how Gu Ruochu had shone in front of all the influential people today.

She could have told Mrs. Huo Directly and lured her to that position to catch her in the act.

However, her position in Mrs. Huo’s heart was no longer the same as before. If she were to report it to her without permission, Mrs. Huo would probably hate her even more.

“Mom, let me show you. ”

Gu Yanwei felt her phone vibrate and immediately understood that Huo Jingjing had sent her a message, informing her that everything was almost ready and that she was ready to take action.

“Okay. ”

Zhou Yunxi thought about it and decided to check it out first. If she really dared to have an affair with the huo family, she would definitely kill this shameless thing!

Zhou Yunxi followed her daughter into the garden and saw a couple kissing under a tree!

Although the night was hazy, Zhou Yunxi could still recognize the person in the woman’s white dress. Isn’t this that wretched girl, Gu Ruochu?

She was shocked, but she felt a sense of excitement as if she had caught the adulterer. This matter has been settled. If it were to be brought to Mrs. Huo, wouldn’t that wretched girl give the position of Young Madam to Yanwei?

“mother, don’t spread this news around for now. If there’s no evidence, those who have been deceived by AH CHU will accuse us of being indiscriminately slandering others. Mother, we can’t let ah CHU CONTINUE TO MAKE MISTAKES! ”

Once Mrs. Huo personally brings Gu Ruochu and her brother-in-law to the scene, Gu Ruochu would never be able to turn the tables in this grand occasion!

“This… ”

Although Zhou Yunxi did not like her daughter from the bottom of her heart and thought that she was here to repay her debt, she was still rational at certain moments.

It seemed that Yan Wei only wanted to convict Gu Ruochu. What if the situation really got out of hand… …

Zhou Yunxi was extremely nervous. When she saw her daughter’s slightly forced gaze, her heart was already in a state of panic.


“Let’s go and tell Mrs. Huo First! ” Zhou Yunxi gritted her teeth and made her decision.

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