The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Chapter 88: Making a fool of herself


What is this woman putting on an act again Now that I’ve seen her today, she has become more scheming.

Gu Ruochu’s performance at the banquet was like a fish in water, causing Gu Yanwei, who had been the host of the banquet, to be completely forgotten.

Today, Mrs. Huo had ignored her the entire time. She was too embarrassed to lick her lips and stand beside Mrs. Huo.

In the past, Gu Ruochu had always been by her side. Now, she did not even have the chance to get close to Gu Ruochu, let alone make a fool of herself in front of everyone at the banquet!

Gu Yanwei looked around and realized that Huo Nanchen was not around. Everyone’s gaze was once again on Gu Ruochu. They no longer had any interest in the dinner party that they had been looking forward to for a long time.

After dealing with a few of the young ladies absent-mindedly, she quietly left.

Huo Jingjing saw that Gu Yanwei had left and unintentionally replied to a few words from the young ladies beside her. She then quietly followed behind her.

“Sister Yanwei! ”

“Jingjing! ” Gu Yanwei gritted her teeth and reached out to hold Huo Jingjing’s hand. It was as if the tears that she had been holding back for a long time had finally fallen. “Jingjing, I can’t accept this. I really can’t accept this. ”

“Sister Yanwei, why are you crying? We haven’t even made a move yet, have we? ”

Yes, they haven’t made a move yet Gu Yanwei held huo Jingjing’s hand and a sinister look appeared in her eyes. It disappeared in an instant.

“Sister Yanwei, I’ve already made an agreement with second brother. There are so many people at the banquet tonight. I promise that I’ll make sure that Gu Ruochu’s reputation will be ruined in a moment. Just how glorious she was just now will soon be in dire straits! ”

Before this, they had already come up with a plan. They were just waiting for Gu Ruochu to fall into the net!

“Isn’t this a little too cruel? Ah Chu is my sister after all… ” Gu Yanwei’s face showed a hint of “hesitation” . Huo Jingjing really thought that Gu Yanwei was still worried about Gu Ruochu.

“Sister Yanwei, why are you still so soft-hearted at a time like this? Gu Ruochu has stolen your man. You can’t just be patient and give in! ”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you. ”


Zhou Yunxi knew that the huo family was holding a grand banquet today, but she was not interested in those socialites. She had almost met them at the Huo family home and would rather go to bed early than attend the banquet.

However, it was different for Yanwei. She would marry into the Huo family one day and it would be beneficial for her to interact with those socialites.

Just as she finished her meal, she saw Gu Yanwei knock on her bedroom door with her eyes red.

“The banquet ended so quickly? ”

Zhou Yunxi saw Gu Yanwei randomly dragging her purple one-shouldered dress and the long tail, making a mess.

She seemed to have cried just now. Her eyes were extremely red and swollen, but she shook her head desperately.

“Yanwei, what happened? Who bullied you? ” Zhou Yunxi was anxious to protect her daughter. Seeing her eldest daughter cry so much, her heart ached, “did that wretched girl bully you again? I told you, that wretched girl… ”

Just as she mentioned Gu Ruochu, this jinx of a good-for-nothing, Zhou Yunxi was afraid that she would upset her daughter again, so she could only continue to coax her, “tell me what happened. I’ll make the decision for you! ”

“Mom, it’s not about Ah Chu. ” Gu Yanwei cried for a long time before she said, “it’s my fault today. It’s not about Ah Chu… ”

She kept saying that it was not about Gu Ruochu, but every word seemed to be blaming Gu Ruochu. Zhou Yunxi immediately flew into a rage.

“I knew it! That B * Stard plotted against you again! ” Zhou Yunxi was so angry that her chest hurt, “I’m going to look for Mrs. Huo Right now and find her to reason with! ”

Seeing that Zhou Yunxi was about to leave, Gu Yanwei quickly reached out and grabbed her. “Mom, don’t worry. I have something to tell you! ”

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