The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Chapter 86 the banquet began


In the garden, fireworks and bright lights almost lit up the entire garden. Wine was made from tall glasses stacked on top of each other, and exquisite pastries were placed on the long table. Under the illumination of the lights, they gave off a faint luster, casting a dazzling and misty landscape.

There were already quite a number of wealthy ladies present. Mrs. Huo had long been dressed up and attended to the guests with Huo Zhenggang.

Those who attended the banquet had extraordinary statuses. The luxury cars parked outside were almost identical. It was as if all the luxury cars in an Cheng had gathered together, and they were all limited edition.

When hundreds of luxury cars appeared in front of the cameras of the invited reporters, they were so cool that the male reporters were envious. These were the top people in the pyramid, and they finally understood why there were always people who hated the rich!

These people were showing off their wealth without any bottom line!

In the garden

“Mr. and Mrs. Huo, long time no see. ” The person who came was wearing a light gold Cheongsam, and his left hand was linked to a young and handsome young man. He looked very elegant.

“Oh, it’s Mrs. Li. Welcome. This is Qiao Fan, who just came back from studying in the UK, right? He’s very handsome. ” Mrs. Huo looked at Li Qiaofan next to her and asked.

Mrs. Li’s face was full of pride when she mentioned her son. “Yes, I just came back yesterday. I just brought Qiao Fan here today to meet Mrs. Huo. ”

“Hello, Auntie Huo. ” Li Qiaofan looked gentle and polite.

Mrs. Huo Smiled elegantly. “Okay. ”

While they were exchanging pleasantries, Li Qiaofan caught a glimpse of a figure slowly walking out. Under the dim light, Gu Yanwei was wearing a long dress with one shoulder and a tail. She had an elegant and beautiful smile on her face, and her silhouette under the light was unbelievably beautiful.

He was instantly stunned.

Madam Li naturally noticed her son’s gaze. She followed his gaze and realized that it was a girl with a high-class temperament and good looks. It was no wonder that Qiao Fan was moved.

Her thoughts moved slightly, and she also began to observe Gu Yanwei.

Gu Yanwei had long noticed that there was a fiery gaze on her, but she deliberately did not look over. Every move she made was deliberately a little seductive.

The admiring gaze of a man made her feel completely superior. Moreover, the men attending the banquet today were all sons of wealthy families.

At this moment, the other people at the banquet were also attracted by Gu Yanwei’s charm.

“Yanwei, you’ve become even more beautiful after not seeing you for a few days! ”

“even a beauty depends on her clothes. The price of the dress on Yanwei’s body is shocking. Did your BOSS give you a raise again? ” The words of a certain heiress in the surroundings had a profound meaning. The success of the flirtatious words revealed from it made Gu Yanwei blush “You guys only know how to make fun of me. ”

“How is this making fun of you? Everyone is obviously praising you! ”

“That’s right, that’s right! ”

Aside from her status, Gu Yanwei was a rare beauty. Even though she did not come from a good family background, didn’t she successfully enter the upper-class circle?

These people had forgotten that Gu Yanwei had relied on Gu Ruochu to get into the upper-class circle.

On the other hand, the true mistress of the Huo family, Gu Ruochu, had been completely forgotten by them. Instead, they had labeled Gu Yanwei as a lucky and hardworking beauty.

Today’s Huo family dinner was clearly another stage for Gu Yanwei to shine.

Feeling the surrounding gazes of envy, surprise, and even jealousy, the corners of Gu Yanwei’s mouth curled up slightly, and a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

The originally noisy scene suddenly quieted down

As if someone had come out, Gu Yanwei heard the low gasps around her, and everyone’s eyes turned to look at the garden escalator.

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